DRL Nikko Air corrida drone Vision 220 FPV Pro – Reveja & Demo

Do you wish to attempt your hand at flying an FPV Drone? This can be a nice technique to begin. Under are hyperlinks to the place yow will discover this drone:



https://www.amazon.com/DRL-Nikko-Race-Drone-Imaginative and prescient/dp/B0754NZH1S/ref=sr_1_1?ie = UTF8&qid=1507810876&sr=8-1&key phrases=nikko+air+drone+220

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  1. I find $190Cnd for this drone with no Brushless motors a bit expensive
    I got this one for my neighbors kids and it's only $70.00 USD including 5.8Ghz Camera Drone
    Transmitter with 5.8Ghz LCD screen..
    And if you really want googles you could get these at $49.99 USD,

  2. Can you take the prop guards off it

  3. Oi, amigo. Thank You for great video and for our friendship.

  4. Do you know what the battery life time is

  5. Hey just have a few questions #1 é a luz supor para girar sobre e para permanecer iluminado até que está carregando terminado a seguir desligue? #2 Mine doesn't connect to the controller very well do you have any tips? #3 Como você sabe se ele precisa cobrado,Se for carregada, ou é apenas parcialmente carregada?

  6. Just a quick note, the DRL Simulator is no longer free, it was earlier this year. While it is not very expensive, it is an additional charge, $20 Eu acho, and is only on Steam. For those who may want to try drones without worrying about crashing hardware.

    A quick question about this is, can you bind it to another transmitter? I have a Taranis, and would prefer to use that over the toy controller that comes with it. Is this even possible?

  7. I have one but for some reason 3 wings work but the forth dosent and i know the wing works but i think my nephew messed with the setting can i reset it ?

  8. This drone is junk don't buy.its so disappointing.

  9. Is there any way I could boost the signal on this? The range is pretty rubbish.

  10. It's junk don't buy if it's cold out because the plastic is very very brittle I believe there's something wrong with the plastic it's junk

  11. Straight up excellent review..usually I just give a like but this needed more..seen others keep it coming. Seems like you don't leave anything out ..and I like it.

  12. How do I charge my camera
    Display screen*
    The charge at top goes red and then switches off

  13. Have you any reviews on any revell Drones?

  14. How can I get an extra battery for my Nikko race drone

  15. I've got this drone and one of the plastic bits have snapped and came loose. What glue would you recommend?

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