Do You Need A Landing Pad for your Drone?

On this video I give the the reason why I exploit a Touchdown Pad. You should buy the touchdown pads seen on this video on these websites:



SKATEBOARD (my transportation):

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  1. Am I the only one annoyed that most all of these pads have a giant H on them? Por quê? We're not flying helicopters. Deve ser…

    Q for quadcopter or
    M for multirotor or
    U for UAV or
    D for drone.

    The only reason I can really think of for putting an H (other than thinking you have to put an H on a pad where flying vehicles take off and land vertically, cause that's how it's always done) is that the H is generally recognized by the public. Onlookers will understand that's where the drone is going to land, and stay clear of it. I really don't see that being a factor at all though. If I had an identical pad with the only difference being there is a Q instead of an H, I don't think many people will think it's ok to step on or over it when they see you with a remote flying a drone right there.

  2. A landing pad is especially important for UAVs like the Mavic or other models with short landing legs. Cameras and gimbals are vulnerable to damage and also motors which are open and can suck in dust that is kicked up. A landing pad is about $15 dólares, A Mavic is a $1000.

  3. Super gay, just do a hand launch and hand landing

  4. Up your game and get a 5’ hoodman.

  5. Helicopter pilots are notorious for coming out of nowhere. If you fly with a large 5’ or 8’ landing pad other pilots in the area of an open field will see your landing pad and be on the lookout for small craft. It is a good extra step for safety on the ground and safety in the air. The tiny landing pads are too small for alerting manned aircraft and are really too small at even keeping people away. We use the larger hoodman products with low rise orange cones in a large perimeter around that. I would rather be safe than deal with courts and lawyers over an incident involving my drones.

  6. Also it helps with the RTH function as it gives the drone a clear point of reference for landing.

  7. Extremely stupid accessories with some kind of plastic to get into the ground so as not to accidentally blow the wind. I have another better solution, as with a dron carrying some minimal accessories in the suitcase you need to use it so that the landing pad is lid from the suitcase 🙂

  8. Very nice infoI made my own out of light weight cabinet sheetsvery light…4' by 4' with compass indications and sits on 1 inch PVC pipepad itself folds in half with a hidden hingeI have it at 12 inches above groundand use small orange cones to let others know it is an active takeoff and landing area….pad is painted orange and black with a drone depiction in the middle….definitely helps….

  9. Another option: Your hand is the easiest landing pad to useHold it out flat and the Air will land perfectly on it 🙂 Ian in London

  10. Thanks Steve as always very informative tutorial .

  11. I can see a 4th reason to use one. It gives a clear visual reference for the sensors to use for auto landing.

  12. Vídeo incrível! You should view my aerial videos when you get chance and let me know what you think.

  13. I kinda wish you had done an RTH to see how that would go, but truth be told I have the same Freewell you do and I'm going out with it today, so I'll give it a go 👌

  14. Universal Foldable Drone Landing Pad 2 Sides Used for DJI Mavic Pro/Mavic Air Spark/Phantom 3 Fantasma 4 Inspirar- 1 Quadrotor,please visit here:

  15. Cut out a piece of cardboard. What's the difference. ???

  16. Should've used a Yuneec Typhoon H for size comparison.

  17. My mavic was in a field over night in the rain

  18. i have one from rcinhobby, and works fine with any drone i had, keep it clean from dust.

  19. I tried mine today the orange side first my air seem to land next to it the blue side it landed on the spot it took of from 🤔

  20. Would you dare attempt a RTL test (Return Home) with those 2 pads ?

  21. I have the large PGYTECH foldable square landing bad, reasonably expensive, but a weighty and good quality pad.

  22. Obrigado mano. Very informative and well presented. Thx from Australia 🇦🇺

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