DJI FANTASMA 4 PRO+ Winter Mist Frozen Beach Flight

Aviso prévio: If you happen to see pixilation within the video, it is because of YouTube & the bit charge of the uploaded 4K file. The uncooked video footage from the Phantom four Professional is pristine in comparison with what you might be seeing on YouTube. YouTube typically reduces 4K 60FPS to 1080P 60FPS (test your settings within the backside proper of the video). In a single day the temperature modified from -20 Celsius to +four Celsius which created a wierd crackle sound within the snow and a moist mist. Phantom four Professional flys via the moist mist trying out one of many native frozen seashores.

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  1. grande vid! I haven't heard bacon snow since I left New York as a 12 ano de idade! Boa viagem, nicely narrated. Thanks again for posting cool and interesting vids.

  2. I wish I can fly above the s ow

  3. Breathtaking video! Obrigado por compartilhar.

  4. Isso foi incrível! obrigado! Did your Phantom weather the wet OK? That is always my fear, going out in the cold, and then bringing it into the warm, internal condensation will form and cause damage.

  5. I like your review. I live in Orleans and I am familiar with this area (Pétri Island). I will certainly buy a Drone in the near futur. Have a look at this one from from Evo Tell me what you think about it.
    Keep doing good reviews they are very interesting.

  6. agradável, and I have a question. What was the temperature when you shot this video? I ask because I experiened some cold weather shutdowns of my ipad and Iphone while flying recently and the temperatures was in the single digits. Have you encountered these types of cold weather shutdowns before?

  7. thats a definitely cool footageawesome winter views.. I enjoyed it very muchbig thumbs up and a great weekend for you 👍😉

  8. That was great! Obrigado por isso!

  9. It’s called sleet. I’m surprised the props didn’t ice up and crash your drone.

  10. Great video thanks for sharing, I live in Houston TX now where snow of any significance is rare and I prefer it that way. I grew up in Thornhill just north of Toronto if you know where that is. I don't misss the snow and ice at all, great to watch on you tube though!

  11. Imagens incríveis. Down here at the bottom of the world it's 30 degrees centigrade.
    My p4 and Typhoon H still both flying great.
    Really enjoy seeing the sights of Canada.😎

  12. Surprisingly beautiful for just a foggy winter day! How do you get the drone to stop while it's in your hand? I thought it had to hit the ground.

  13. Video legal….cool looking area. What's your gimbal speed? The movement is nice and easy.

  14. Video legal. Narration was really well done

  15. Lol I was gonna say what beach 😂😂😅

  16. Boa viagem! Muito bem senhor! I'm really bummed because we've got no snow on the ground here. We had a big snowstorm in late October and another one in November but not much since, so the scenery is pretty drab and unappealing. (hopefully soon though.) Obrigado por compartilhar & mantenha o bom trabalho! 👍

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