DJI MAVIC AIR or YUNEEC TYPHOON H. Which drone is right for you?

Which drone is best for you? The Hurricane H or the Mavic Air. This video ought to provide help to resolve.
TUFÃO H (primary):

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  1. What place is this? Please reply back

  2. The Typhoon looks like a professional outfit,more comparable in features to the Inspire. Great review/demo.

  3. LOL the typhoon is massive and its controller is hilariously massive. It looks like it's better for more windy conditions over the mavic air. I am still learning with my cheaper drones to hone my skills before I make a bigger purchase but I can't wait to buy the little mavic air. Graças para o vídeo!

  4. Both are very nice drones but I’ll pick typhoon, thanks for the video 👍👍👍

  5. You make very good videos. Watched about a dozen of them this week gearing up for Cyber Monday. Today I purchased the Typhoon H for $599.00. Your reviews on a slew of different drones was very helpful. Basically flight time and video quality are the key factors for me. Size was not a factor. But actually seeing the Typhoon H at Best Buy in person was a bit shocking -LOL 😜

  6. The goose must be more louder than the drones😂btw amazing vid

  7. One thought on the Typhoonfault tolerance. You can lose a motor and still maintain control to get it safely back down on the ground. A friend in Austria who recently got his drone license told me that you need a Hex (or better) copter to fly over populated spaces for precisely this reason.

  8. In which situations would you choose to use the Typhoon over the Mavic Air?

  9. Obrigado Capitão Drone. At around 9:30, what is the action-cam (Head) that you are using? The Yuneec's whiteness, and clarity is by far,
    superior……… edit. the mavic air seems to have same cam quality as your action-can

  10. For portability, I'm planning to replace my Typhoon H with Mavic Air. The only thing that worries me is the line of sight. I doubt if i will still be able to see the Mavic Air from a 200 to 300-meter distance.

  11. Great informative Video. obrigado. After watching i 1st subscribed and than asked myself, wich one do i want ;.-)

  12. You stated one is more professional than the other. Both great drones but for professional shots, Typhoon H. Portability, Mavic Air. They really shouldn't be compared side by side. grande vid, stay warm from sunny Arizona.

  13. It was your channel that helped me make my decision on my first drone. I decided on the Typhoon H. This was about 6 meses antes, but I have to admit, since then, I've purchased the Mavic 2 Zoom. I love them both and use them for different things. Thanks for all your insight. 🙂

  14. My gosh,ur video its soo cool

  15. anyone else has problems with usbc always falling out and giving you disconnections with DJI drones my Samsung s8 is terrible for giving me disconnections with my Mavic pro controller

  16. Correct first drone is called a Spark.

  17. Excellent and informative review. Like the portability of the Magic and the speed of the Typhoon. I'm surprise you can get those kind of distances with Wi-Fi.

  18. I got super lucky. Found an open box Mavic air fly more package for 712 out the door. In PERFECT condition and picked up another battery open box for fifty bucks more out the door. So I have four batteries all together. NOICE!!!!

  19. grande canal! I've been catching up with a lot of your videosthank you for your efforts!

  20. Hello how are you you always do great videos in great reviews I have a question I have the DJI spark I'm thinking to step up to the mavick air everyone says that the Mavic air is a little different from the Spark but not by much that its all on how you upload a video that this spark does just as great a video as the Mavic air. I only do a little YouTube I do travel to other countries and I catch 7 para 8 minute videos do you think it's worth upgrading from the spark to the Maverick air?? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

  21. looking forward to cooperation with you in future.

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