This does have a 1080p camera on it, which is pretty cool for a drone this sizeand i also have some like uh, auto yaw and circle fly features which ill show you during the flight review of this a little bit again, muito, muito pequeno. Let me grab it, you guys can see me and look at that. Its super tiny, realmente pequeno, little foldable drum with the swing out props on this guy. So let me set the box down and well fold out those arms they do. They do snap into place and just a nice little drone, the 1080p camera right here. Uh it doesnt go all the way up. It does have a bit of a downward tilt to it, which is fine um, but you have to manually adjust that to where you want to put it, mas há. Não, no fancy features. You know this is just an altitude hold draw, sem gps, no optical flow, or nothing like that on and off buttons here on the bottom, this lights up red and then there are two white lights in the front. So it helps you with orientation on this little guy and, claro, its just brushed motor powered. Now it uses a 1s lipo. Isto é 500 milliamp hour and there are two of these. I dont have the other one out here. I think i left it in the basement, but you get two of these, so you can, Você sabe, run one pack through when its dead have the other one ready to go.

They just give you one charger, so you have to charge up each pack individually with the charger this guy and it charges on a micro, usb port here on the bottom side of the battery, so ill show you that charger now its just a little uh usb Charger you can plug in your computer or to a power brick or to the wall. You know whatever you got with a usb port on it and they give you got a phillips screwdriver in this bag. I had to tear it open to get the charger out and give they only give you two spare props, mas isso é, not the end of the world, because they do give you prop guards. So if youre gon na fly this drone indoors, which is a small enough to do, you might want to put these on so you dont, scuff up the walls or break your props, but youre flying outdoors and todays a pretty calm day, im not going to use These because one, they add a little extra weight, so youre going to reduce your flight time to smidgen. But you know if you get this up into a tree its going to come like a or you know a christmas ornament, its gon na hang up in the tree and youre not going to easily be recovered if its up very high. Now you got your phone clip holder here and the controller a pretty nice little controller. You got a low and a high so ill.

Try to remember to show you guys both of those rates. You have an auto takeoff here: uh heres, your photo in your video button right here. This is that auto yawand this is a a long pressgoes into that loop fly this little dial doesnt do anything, and this one right here, Eu acho, is your lights, and maybe your headless metal have to double check that, with the instruction manual on the Controls, mas, como você pode ver, preensão de altitude – and i think you do both sticks down to the right. Bem, do a gyro calibration and both sticks down in will actually unlock to unlock the props and just give us some throttle to go ahead and take off, or do your auto takeoff button right here. So let me go ahead and get the app connected. The app is the drc go app, so ill put a screenshot of the app up here from the play store. You use that to see the fpv feed and some of the features in there and, claro, when you press the long press to record or a short presser photo, the app will also notify you that took a photo or that its recording. But you can also start doing either one of those things just by pressing the appropriate photo or video button in the actual app screen itself, so that should cover all the basics of this. It takes three triple a batteries here which are not provided.

You have to provide those for yourself, so let me go and get it all connected and then well come back and get up in the air here and fly it around and just see how this guy flies and how does that video look as well so ill. Be right back all right guys have the controller bound. You have to do your up and down binding sequence, and you first turn it on every time. Dessa forma, it does like a handshake authentication between the drone and the controller, and then you want to go into your phones. Wi fi find the drc setting in there and youre going to go ahead and connect to the drcs wi fi setting in your uh. In your phone and whenever you do that you just if youre on android, you may have to give it some special permissions, also permissions with an app for storage, so they can save to your gallery uh on your uh phone storage. So once you get connected to the wi fi, you may also have to tell it in android that you youre okay with it not having internet access. Caso contrário, you dont want to drop off and go back to your home, wi-fi, if youre at home, like myself. So make sure that you also say yeah im fine with no internet access with this connection so were in the low rate im going to start out with and lets go ahead and see if auto takeoff starts the props or not.

Não, so you need to do both thats. What i said a while ago. You need to do both sticks down in now. Lets do an auto actually before i do that lets start. Recording video so lets do a long press, and now we got a ding and a little red light. Going now. Recording video you can see were filming the driveway. It probably wont see it in my head cam at the moment, mas isso é, because the cameras tilted down a bit so its good little sticks down in and go ahead and do an auto takeoff. Now you may need to trim the drone a little bit here now. The trimming on this drone, i believe you have to push in and and press the sticks, but it looks like its not too bad. It doesnt have your traditional trimming, uh buttons like a lot of them, theres a wind going from left to right here. Então, as you can see its struggling a bit its getting blown back so lets go to high. Now look how much the pitch increased! Now i can fly into the dr into the wind, de modo que é, a pretty quick yaw lets see if i go into low. Is that yall slower no its about the same, so i think it increases is the pitch. The yall is going to be pretty quick, either way Music and we didnt do a gyro calibration lets land them real, rápido, and do that because lots of times on these drones you dont, really need to trim them too much lots of times.

If you get a good gyro calibration, so a nice level surface were going to go down to the right, and hopefully that did it sometimes itll do it. You dont want to get a confirmation there. It beeps. I think that let us know that we did sometimes itll be yes, sometimes youll just get lights and right, you know doing it. Blinking at you and, of course its gon na be hard to see that during the day, so lets go ahead and take back off again and of course, with the wind blowing from left to right. You know you cant really trim in a breeze, because if you trim for the breeze the next time you fly the winds going to be different, you have to trim it again so keep in mind. The trimming on these toy drones is not always going to be youre not going to do a whole lot unless youre flying it indoors, where on a day where theres absolutely no breeze but yeah, it flies really good, really quick yall, but very sporty um. Someone like myself, has flown a lot like this. Obviously this is easy to fly. If youre a beginner, you probably want to go for the lower rate at first and try to keep it close because its sporty enough that its going to be able to get away from you, because that really quick, yall youre going to lose your orientation very fast. So you might want to consider headless mode.

I dont typically uh demonstrate that uh, that that is actually where your inputs stay the same, no matter which way youre facing, but that does not teach you how to fly a drone its for beginners, but its a lazy, and i dont recommend it because you dont Ever learn how to actually fly a drone. All right so were going to do now, im just kind of peeking at the fpv here you know its a little choppy its, not lets see breaking up or anything, but theres always going to be some lag in these wi fi fpv drones because you have to Process that signal coming in and its going to be a bit just a hair behind some are uh. It just depends, some can be quite a bit and some can be really fine. You know unacceptable, so really fighting that breeze right now. Once this lets up, i want to show you guys those uh, Bocejo, auto yall, looping features, which again, Eu acredito, is the same as that holy stone drone that i reviewed, Ah, maybe three weeks or a month ago. So let me try to go over here and see if i get between the houses here, even though its not windy today, this drones so lightweight that its just the slightest breeze that were going to drift. If we get down here, i think we can get below the we can block the wind see now im, not drifting as much lets, go ahead and press a short press here and see what that does, and that is that auto yall just give it a stick.

Input to cancel, let me get it closer, so you guys can see its auto yaw and just give it any stick input and it canceled it. And then you have this longer press which i think was more of a loop lets. Do that see its sort of doing a little a uh funnel with that? Na verdade, i said a loop, but more of a funnel ill show you that again. So if you dont know how to do funnels its like auto, Automático, yaw and auto funnel so here is the auto funnel im gon na crash lets. The wind started i kind of got out of the shelter of the house. Let me get up here again and well: do that long, press and there you can see its doing those funnels and i canceled it to bring it back very sporty and very quick, precise control. So im not you know some of these drones if theyre, not as precise as this youd crash youre just trying to come out of these funnels, and i havent done that and then again lets show you getting that that auto yaw, which is just all that soon, Its just you and a yaw i can we can do that. Just by doing this, Ver, though it may not have been quite as quick. Sometimes all of yall will be quicker than if you just held the yall. Stick yourself like this thats, probably the same now to do a funnel manually.

You can do that yourself, like this see and ive, actually probably doing a more sharp or uh tighter funnel than the auto funnel was doing, see thats a really tight funnel. If you let off and didnt yall um, you didnt have the sticks in extreme positions. It would do a little wider like that see thats a a really large funnel there, but you could do a tighter uh tighter, but not as tight, funnel see like that. Im. Not giving it as much yaw and as much pitch forward motion and well compare that to the auto one thats, the yall long press. You can see thats almost a full uh uh funnel like tight funnel, but its tighter than the last one i did, but not as tight as doing it all the way sticks up and over uh manually. But when you first start flying that funneling will not be something youre going to know how to do or youre going to be comfortable trying to do, but as youve flown like me, for you know, six actually about seven years, ive been doing these youtube videos for Six years nowand you know this stuff becomes sort of second nature to you, and these little drones are easy to fly, but they can still get away from you and this breeze right now, como vocês podem ver, it is not much but a drone thats. So light like this and ive not weighed this, but this thing cant be more than i mean i dont know if its 50 60 grams im just guessing on the weight.

You know its not gon na be much its. I i cant imagine its over a hundred grams um. The slightest breeze is going to make it drift there. You can see that red power light there and, claro, you probably already noticed when you turn around. You get the white lights in the front. So those white eyes have the insect look to it, its certainly going to help with orientation. I can see those here, even the bright middle of the daytime right approaching the longest days of the year here in north america, so were still even in the afternoon. Aqui. I think its around three oclock or so still very, very bright sunshine, and i can still see those lights because theyre, nice and bright, even on a 1s lipo, i thought the camera looked pretty decent um again. I can see some um choppiness and stuff to it, and now we got a warning low battery on the screen. So let me see if i can Music, i think it may have 360 flips here that i was mentioning and if it did, i just forgot to demonstrate those, because i was so caught up in the funnels and stuff i dont. I dont know that i dont see a button for that, so i guess it doesnt. Most of these will have a 360 flip as well, but it just had those auto yaw features. I dont see a an actual button that mentions and i actually got out of the app.

I hope the app lets see if i can land the drone now and go back to the app and hope that were still in it and we are so hopefully now. I can just stop recording, so you want to do a long press on that and we should have some video saved now its going to continue to beep. Just letting us know that we are on low battery, but overall this guy is is pretty decent. It looks like it may be according again im going to go ahead and stop make sure that i do get this saved. I could just bump something as well, but when youre doing these videos, se você não, stop that video at the end on a wi fi recording youre, going to end up with a corrupted video and lose everything. Então, geral, this guy flies great im going to go ahead and turn off the drone and the controller, because that beeping is just gon na drive us i did. The uh speed switch turn it all off that that beeping is super annoying. But i do like the app saying: hey in yellow text, low battery its letting you know its time to land, so that was a pretty decent flight time. I dont know what that was. That was eight minutes or what im just guessing, but we got an idea when we look at the length of the video recorded but yeah overall, a sporty fire can handle a light breeze outdoors uh the funnels and yall uh you auto yawning works really.

Bem. I dont think it has 360 flips because i dont remember seeing that instructions. So at the end there i was thinking. Maybe it did, but it just doesnt have that but thats fine. You dont need to do that and overall nice little drone. So if youre interested in this therell be a purchase link to this on amazon a lot of times, drc is kind enough to send out um a coupon, and i think they may have so if they do ill include a coupon to this. If i have it in the video description, so you can use that at checkout to save some extra savings on this guy. Então, se o seu novo no canal, please consider subscribing why you got ta click that bell that way you notified every time.