Oh thank god. You read the most on the time. Yes, this is an important case now about the material that was provided to them. Yes, uh. Certainly, if i follow through on what you want, i think i warned the other day because i was quizzy very queasy about the this particular exhibit of the from the drone um, and we exchanged a lot of emails over the weekend about it. Uh id like to see those emails, and i think i warned you the other day that youre putting uh an awful lot of emphasis on this. I think he made a reference to it: email technology yesterday, sound or two days. This is, i referred to it as a the situation as a house of cards. This is just more weight if i now allow them to review it come on. This is right at the juiciest part, why does it always happen like restriction as to the number of times now, if i, if i can respond at least to that portion of the emotion to dismiss its its its factually inaccurate? So i let me go back to the first friday of trial, uh whos, testifying in the middle of his testimony. I got a notification that there was someone at our office who was refusing to give his name with a drone video. This drone video was shown on fox news a couple days after the incident. It was apparently it was on the internet briefly and then taken down uh the defendants.

First attorney mr pierce appeared on the tucker carlson, show and discussed the video and seemingly brought the video. The weve been told since then by the person who took the footage that theyve sold the video to fox news. Now we have had this weve had a poor quality of this video, the entire time its actually in exhibit 41, which the defense submitted on friday. The individual who took the footage we were had been unable to find, came and air dropped. The footage to detective howard air dropping is a way that it just goes from phone to phone. It doesnt go through text, messages or email. It has to be iphone to iphone, so in the middle of mr lakowskis testimony. I asked mr howard to go and our investigator to go speak with this individual to see what he had. I suspected it was this video from the tucker carlson show it was detective. Howard got a air dropped copy. He brought it into court as soon as the next break happened, which i believe was just minutes after he arrived i as soon as the next break occurred, which i believe was just minutes after detective howard arrived. I took all three defense attorneys in the back to discuss a couple of issues which are not relevant, and i also indicated that we now had a much better quality drone video detective howard asked them how they would like to receive it. Miss wisco asked: did it be emailed to her he emailed her the file now somewhere along the lines whether it was uh it appears.

The issue is, i believe ms wisco could not have an airdrop, because she has an android phone going from an iphone to a android. It appears somehow compress the file. Somehow we did not know that this would occur. If i, if i knew how to compress files and new other technology things id, have a much better job at this point, they should be tested given to us. You just see anybody on the internet. Well, we fully believe the full file to ms wisco. This is an acknowledgment conversion. It was the the office authenticity was stipulated to it came in without objection. Weve heard many times this trial. How there is no objection, it was an exhibit for four days and played and shown to the jury and on the screen for four days and then on friday is when i think we all discovered that something had happened to ms wiscos file. She played it on the big screen. It clearly looked different than the copy we all had. I believe we offered to airdrop it to the other attorneys and i think it was declined because they didnt know how to use airdrop, and then we got her. The full copy we cannot be held responsible for the software on ms wiscos phone um. It was he didnt, compress anything that would have been something that happened in the transfer that we had no knowledge of compression. We of i did is. I took an email from detective howard.

He emailed me the file, it was not compressed, i dont know because, probably because its apple to apple or i was using gmail at the time, it was the full. As far as we know, the only the only copy of the video we were ever given the only copy thats ever been had, and then i put it on a thumb drive to give the state crime lab. So i cannot explain a thumb drive. That is not something that we can be held accountable for. We didnt know it, though. If ms wisconsin brought up until friday copies there was no different copy. What is your sent email, software on ms wiscos phone or whatever software she used to view it compress the file? The only compressed file is the one ms wisco has all the ones that we have seen and we did not alter the file. None of us know how to alter the file. None of us know how to compress the file we wouldnt have had time to do so. You can probably go back on the footage and see when mr howard, uh or sorry detective howard brings it in and while mr lakowskys being questioned were looking at it to see if its the drone footage that apparently the defendants first attorney had or or was aware Of and i understand, hes different attorneys now, but this is still the defendants attorney at the time knew of this three days after the incident and was talking about on national television.

It wouldnt change aspect, ratio, accuse us of compressing a file and somehow being able to do this technical wizardry to somehow. I think this trial is a great showing of the legal professions. Mastery of technology yeah, yes, defense, im literally looking at the professionals, not highly enough television that is now being used, technologies honestly and embarrassing, and now all of a sudden to come back and say yeah. Well, we had a bad copy, they could have checked. They could have asked for a thumb drive. They could have asked for whatever. Why would they you until is amazing? Why you think youve done it? You got it on november 5th 2021 um i received at 10. 33 am an email from detective martin howard with one videotap file attached. It was a four millibate video that was titled img underscore 001.59.mov. I have never looked at that video on my cell phone as soon as i received that video via email – i downloaded it to this laptop, which is the evidentiary laptop weve, been using through the duration of this trial. This is a lenovo and um thatll, be relevant. Later i re labeled it after it had been brought into evidence by the state, as exhibit 73, because it was exhibit 73 for ease for bringing it up, showing it to the jury after we found out in friday that there was this discrepancy after the videos being Shown and for the record, we did not buy that tv because of this drone video we actually brought it in for um.

John blacks slowed down testimony. That was the reason we brought this tv in, however um when we were in court, i played the exhibit 73 on my computer, because the states computer wasnt here ada krauss – was the one who brought up the fact this isnt the good quality video. No, we didnt realize, oh, we did side by side, mine and then the states that there was any difference in quality that was friday after friday happened. I emailed both winger and ada krauss, and i asked for an exact forensic copy of what they had given to the state crime lab ada krauss responded back to me forwarded me, the email hes talking about to detective howard and that also contained one file named as Img underscore 0159.mov, that was a millibate megabyte file simultaneously adam came in contact with me told me. I could come pick up the file from a flash drive. I drove here. I had him take me inside, and i confirmed that this file that he said was directly provided to the state crime lab was an 11 millibate file megabyte file, not four gotcha, so the information contained in the flash drive has really prompted but thats a great explanation. Three times the size yeah she corrected it, though she said megabytes when ada krauss followed up to me with that email, burying him right now. I know its a great experience same four millibyte file that i had gotten previously stopped.

I love you know, shes nervous, i emailed its. Not i didnt write out my software, you know what i i i for excuse me. I forwarded has been provided to us via dropbox dropbox, provides an exact forensic copy of what they have exactly the same as the one provided to the state. If it was the exact same copy, the file name was nowhere near similar, the one that was provided to the crime lab. That attorney finger gave me a copy of on saturday and a very wrong title that involves lots of letters and numbers that are the type that are usually associated with my god, thats, actually accusing of deliberateness, because they indicate yeah a lot of different information like the Locations, it might still be incompetent. The file i received originally on friday. The fifth was not labeled that same and was not the same file amount theres, no way that what ada kraus is saying is true, because the file name would not have changed. If my computer was compressing anything, it was a different file that we were provided from. What was provided to the state, at least for what attorney banger gave me on saturday thats completely different, i think, were getting here help the work project did all the videos that they worked on in the photos they worked on. The email from my personal gmail account is the file that went to the site crime lab. I was told to bring to the state crime lab.

I was already home on saturday. I did not have access to anything, but my computer. I had detective howard email it to me and i put it on a thumb drive at home and i took it to the crime lab. Oh thats, his gmail account thats, not secure. I dont know if mr binger somehow retitled it, but the image i gave the crime lab going banger into the box, offense that what im saying is the untrue between the two videos is that if you look at the metadata from the file that we received from The state is their create. Date is 11. 5. 20. 21. At 15, 10. 31.. If you look at our video that we were provided, the metadata, the create time is 21 minutes and 19 seconds later everything that guy just says.