Video of the shooting, as the defense kicks off its case. Alex perez is at the courthouse in kenosha wisconsin for us good morning, alex hey good morning robin that drone video was sent to a crime lab to be enhanced, as it was being shown. Jurors were taking a lot of notes this morning, kyle renton houses, defense, calling more witnesses after prosecutors rested their case, tuesday. The prosecution showing jurors new key evidence enhanced drone video that captured the moments written how shot and killed joseph rosenbaum the medical examiner who performed rosenbaums autopsy, testifying he believes of the several shots rosenbaum suffered. It was the shot that entered his back that killed him. If an individual is moving forward and they sustained that injury that entered by the groin and went to the hip, could that cause them to fold forward thats possible prosecutors? Argue rosenbaum fell forward because of his injuries, but the defense arguing rosenbaum wasnt falling but lunging towards written house to grab his weapon. If i had my hands out im even closer correct. Yes, if im lunging and going for your gun, which is an extension away from your body, closer still, yes, the defense calling to the stand, others who were patrolling the streets alongside rittenhouse during protest in august of 2020, some say rosenbaum made threats that night rosenbaum started. Shouting back at us that hes, going to pardon me judge for saying this and everybody else, but hes going to kill us nicholas smith, saw her in house after the shooting describing him as sweating and pale.

He repeats i just shot someone over and over and rittenhouse did at one point in court. Look away when the jury was being shown, some graphic pictures. It remains unclear if hell take the stand in his own defense, robin all right alex. We know youll stay on this case for us. Thank you. Well, hey there gma fans robin roberts here thanks for checking out our youtube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click. The subscribe button right over right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from gma every day anytime.