But what do you expect man its its december guys its already after christmas? We still dont even have any snow, even though its quite breezy im not even going to trip im going to take what we get, but today guys were looking at the propel, zip nano x2. So, first and foremost, i want to say huge shout out to my father in law tom, if youre watching uh appreciate your time, he actually uh picked this up. For me, the other day dropped us off said uh. He wanted me to take a look at it. Let me know: let him know what i think of it and uh im gon na take a look at this guy today. So uh shout out to tom thanks tom appreciate you, my father in law. Thanks a lot were gon na be taking out this propel. Zip nano x2 and its like any other propellers that ive flown and that i have on my collection, should be a pretty good flyer, so lets go ahead and check it out guys for this breeze keep picking up its not a lot to the box. Um zip! Nano x2 2.4 gigahertz indoor, slash outdoor high performance drone air pressure sensor, locks flight altitude built built in six axis. Gyroscopic chip keeps the zip nano extremely stable in all conditions were going to see that today, new t mode, im, guessing t mode is trainer mode helps. Beginner. Pilots learn how to fly unique.

Switchblade technology allows for three channel and four channel flight modes thats. If youre gon na fly two or three of these at the same time, three different speed settings for slow to high speed flying, so we have three rates, led directional lights. I mean it has lights on it. The zip nano easy to follow: 2.4 gigahertz 2.4 gigahertz radio allows for a 200 foot operational range. You guys thats good, okay, thats, pretty cool the zip x2. Nano is engineered for incredible maneuverability, including 360 aerial stunts, auto takeoff and land is included. So i mean this guys gon na have altitude. Oh you guys look at this one man there theres a red one on the box. I actually have a green one, like i said, theres, not too much in a box thats. Why were doing the unboxing out here? Ive already charged this guy, so you have your little goodie bag. Here, your goody bag actually comes with some little like chrome, looking joysticks. They have like some rubber black ones on there that actually feel pretty decent, some black rubber ones. Now some extra joysticks, some chrome ones – if you want to switch them out a full set of extra propellers, you guys and uh thats, pretty much it right there heres our charging little lead here. We got a usb to this little like prong thing right here to charge that guy and it took about 45 minutes to charge this guy, which is not too bad.

The battery is embedded. Of course, you could tell by looking at the charger ill show you here in a minute when we get to the drone. Here is the remote and its actually like some little like little slide pads it comes with. You can actually slide it on lets see you can slide this guy on and get it in. There right slide it on, and it has like it like extended and make the joystick have like little handles and stuff on there. So thats pretty cool. You can do that if you want to guys its gon na pop back back in there, but here is the transmitter, like i said, heres your three channel four channel, so you can switch different channels if youre flying two or more of these. At the same time, you have your speed, switch here, start and land button here, which is auto takeoff and automatic land calibrated. So you can calibrate it on a level surface for a nice smooth, evo, even take off, and then you have a start button. This button is like a no button. Doesnt do anything thats, probably like for like a camera version, and you have a stun button right here. This is your 360 flip button and then you have your traditional trim buttons right here. You have front back right, left and then your power button here in the center. Like i said, you have these little like rubber, like joysticks, and they give you an extra set of chrome ones in the back, and then you just put two aaa batteries in there which are not included.

So the only thing you need to provide extra for this kit is uh. Two aaa batteries. You guys the wind is picking up im, trying to be quick notice. I have like some little like rubber pads here too. Those actually feel good too, as well with the transmitter so thats that now get into the drone you guys lets get to this guy. This guy is uh kind of unique, looking almost kind of reminds me of a one of the hubs, its got like the hubs and look. It does have a a shell or per protective like a guard around it. It looks like you can take it off, so i would do a follow flight with taking it off and see how it performs without the prop guard frame around it, because you guys know me, i dont usually fly with the prop guy frame, but being that its Already installed on there, i know a lot of beginners will fly it with that on there, so were going to just go for the first flight with it. So it has this green on top black, underneath guys has some leds somewhere in there. I cant see it right now, but theyre in there. It says it looks like we have. Some leds in the eyes here says repel on top black props in the back great props in the front yeah it looks like the led eyes will glow. It might have some on the arms im, not sure heres, the on and off switch in the back here in the rear.

You guys on and off switch. I mean here is our little port for the charger and then on the charger. It has a red light that will be on and then, when this guys fully charged, the rear light will turn off and thats pretty much it. I love the flight that they included on and off switch, so lets go ahead and turn this guy on and see. If we do have any lights, lets check that out lets see, turn it on. So we do have theyre inside the body. We got red lights in the rear and white underneath and then we got white flashing eyes, eyeballs thats, pretty good lets go ahead and turn on this transmitter. Well, do it up down that should bind us yeah were bound to the to the drone lets, go ahead and calibrate it by pressing that button for a few seconds lights flash. So i calibrate it and lets go ahead and see if we can get any any act right in this first rate. Usually these guys dont have any pitch or uh maneuverability. In the first rate, outdoors first rate is usually your indoor rate lets go ahead and see if we can just go ahead and crank it up so yeah i dont have much pitch im already in the second rate i can already tell it was getting blown back. So the wind is blowing towards me. As you can see, the quad is getting pushed back as soon as i let go.

It gets gets blown back, so the wind is actually coming towards me. So yeah were gon na go to the third rate were in the third right now, so were gon na be in the third rate for this flight. You guys propel, zip nano x2. All righty so were able to fly in this breeze in this third rate, thats. Our outdoor rate right here the highest rate that batterys probably gon na tucker, quicker because its kind of cold out here too guys about 30 degrees, Music, uh flips – do some flips for that battery guys. So you just got ta short press. The start button then pick a direction on the right joystick and it will flip in any direction that you pick the wind is kind of getting on it. Music. Oh yeah, look at that come on back to me. The wind is coming from behind me, so im flying directly into the wind and when i guy yells it turns the wind will buckle it. So i dont have to give it any pitch. Thats not im not giving any pitch thats the wind blowing it like that, and then i have to give it pitch into the wind. Good flyer is able to sustain this. This breeze, so its definitely a good flyer Music for a little guy guy go go zip! Nano go whoa like a little dot in the sky had to get blown past me yeah, oh yeah. This thing flies great.

It flys pretty good. I like the little olive green body, honey, so im pretty good. You guys Music, look at that, so Music good flight time out here in the cold too, for a little guy. I know when ive been out here for a while. My fingertips started freezing, i said. Well, you know. The drone has a good flight time when the drone is lasting longer than you Music, oh yeah. This is a good one, as i expected nice and quiet too, not a loud one thats, because its got the direct drive motors with the direct drive props on there. So you dont have to deal with any gears or nothing like that, and these will last a little bit longer than the brushed gear motors yo come on back dont get it blown into the abyss. Oh yeah! This is a good flyer. This is a great flyer. Great flyer, but we got the cops coming in checking on me. Maybe they want to see a drone. Maybe they wanted to see a drone, its okay, you can come check it out, come on check it out. Lps finest. This thing got a heck of a flight time to it and there they go off that way. Maybe they was busting a? U turn. This thing is flying for a long time. All right, i think, theres, our flashing lights guys come on and uh land this guy. On in now its flashing, now what the heck i just hit the land button, it just died.

Oh good thing, i had the pop cars on there, huh propel, zip nano. I didnt know i just hit the land button and it just dropped down. Well thats. It guys excellent little flyer when i appreciate it. I want to say shout out to tom my father in law, for sending this guy over for me to check. Take a look at, i think its a great little flyer propel, zip nano next time. I get this guy out, itll be without the prop guard body frame on it.