This is the propel navigator. Twister finally got my hands on one of these things. Now these were available at target. I originally saw someone got one at a gas station stop or something on the road, but i found out that these things were exclusive to target the red version and i finally got my hands on one now. They were sold out for some months now, and this thing is a really nice flyer. I was surprised to find out that this thing is made of foam, so this thing has foam on the bottom and it has sort of like a plastic covering over top of it very thin and flexible, and that makes for a bad outdoor flyer this thing. Well, i can’t say it’s bad, but combined with altitude hold. I would say that this thing doesn’t fly very well in wind because of the light foam and the fact that its motors are aligned this way in the rear. It causes it to yaw. Unexpectedly, when you’re uh encountering or fighting someone, this thing will just yaw on you sometimes, but it does have a very deep pitch deep enough for you to get this thing moving pretty fast, but for the most part, this thing, i think, is built to be indoors. It’S, a really nice indoor flyer, very stable it’s, stable to the point where you’re flying forward, and then you stop take your hands off the inputs and it’ll stop and level out and try to maintain a hover.

It seems it only drifts a little bit. You might have to do some tuning some trimming on it here and there, but for the most part, this thing is a really stable stay put flyer just drifts a little and the yaw on it is a little slow. You can’t really do really tight nice funnels, but it is fast enough to get around indoors so and this thing isn’t as large as the last one that i reviewed that guy back there on the avocopter. This one is a little smaller and i don’t. I guess this is still a plus configuration it’s, an irregular plus configuration, because the rear motors are almost aligned. The two side motors here left and right to the point where they almost look like they’re all rare motors, but it is flying in the plus configuration it resembles something i’m, not sure what it is, but it’s a pretty cool looking craft in my book. In my opinion, it’s a really nice color, i like the gray and red scheme and uh just a really nice flyer from propel now i must say that this thing does have the same exact design, language of another aircraft that i have i’ve been working on. Now i got this off amazon. I can’t remember the name of this. Exactly i’ll have it on the screen here, uh when i do find out what’s the name of this thing, but this little aircraft is modeled almost the same.

It has the same design language. I want to say so check it out check out the bottom almost the same, and it has those four holes on the top there. So it leads me to believe that this company, here, i think, it’s called sb ego, not sure how you pronounce that but uh. I think that company had a hand in making this for propel. The transmitter also looks the same. I don’t have that transmitter near me, but the transmitter looks exactly like this, but a different color scheme and so bringing us to this transmitter here. This transmitter does not press in it does have altitude hold, so the left stick here is uh, auto centering spring loaded. There we have the speed button on the top label on the left shoulder button. If my cam would focus there, it does say speed there, and this one is the stunt button. So you hit this and you can flip it forward or backwards or to the two sides, so it flips in all directions except for diagonal. This is the automatic takeoff and landing button, and this does make it pop off the ground after you press this, the motors will start and then it’ll take off and it’ll maintain the hover at about uh two and a half to three feet. I think it is that it’ll rise up and so be mindful of that. It does have forward and backwards trim labeled with the f and a b here, and we have left and right trim label here with the l and the r and that’s just about it.

You control the direction that you’re flying with this stick over here and we have the on and off button. You have to press and hold the on and off button to turn it on or off, and it does take three aaa batteries. So this is the charger that it comes with the charger when you plug it in there’s, a red light that comes on and when you plug the battery into it, then the light goes off and the light turns on when it’s done charging and it takes about. I would say: uh 10 minutes to charge 10 to 15 minutes, and this is the battery here. It’S a 500 milliamp hour. Well it’s a 530 milliamp hour. They added a few extra little milliamp increments on there and it does have a jst connection. So jst connection on here it is a 1s pack, of course, the battery bay pops open like this, and so you kind of have to stuff this battery in there once you plug it in so let me show you guys how i usually stuff it in there. So there we go that’s how i usually stuff it in check it out. This is the on and off button here, this little gray button there you see the only led that it has no night flying for this guy. It does come with an extra set of props, you get a full set and they are three bladed props and unfortunately i lost the instructions.

The instructions really aren’t needed really it’s, pretty much straightforward, but let’s go check this guy out in flight all right, so let’s test out this navigator, twister, so we’re gon na start, the motors so we’re in the first rate, let’s, look at the side flying forward flight Backwards, flight, Music and let’s look at the love Music, y’all, Music, flight Music. This is side flying Music forward strike Music backwards forward side flip the other side. The back is flipped and upward Music. With the curtain there on the forklift let’s, do it again: Music Music flying check it out. Music Music got ta, give you a sense of how fast it’s pretty stable, Music Music moving forward Music on the wall, Music stuck against the wall, because it will get stuck against the wall. If you’re leaning forward like that, you hit the wall, sometimes you can go up against the wall and get stuck slide down the wall. You look like you need a little let’s, give it Music on the bottom Music, so that’s it quick demo flight from propel’s navigator. Twister, pretty stable, decent indoor flyer, not bad at all.