No cap when i killed this, i better hit him with the rest. Let him hear this where this world tour better, be a field trip, and then i doubled it no time for mumbling, guys whoa so dark, but i think we’ll do it today, but i’m reviewing the propel, um propel flex 2.0 drone it’s a pretty good drone and I’M, just gon na do a little review on it. Uh you can take the things out like this. Like grab the bottom of it. I can only do with one hand, so it’s pretty hard. So you know what i mean just take the bottom things out to release the wings and how to start it is so you can put the battery in like that. After, like taking like an hour to charge, i charge it overnight. You can lock the battery in. Ah, see like that, and then other one boom battery is locked in how to start it pretty simple. With this button, two, it starts blinking like that grab the controller you hear a beep, though both this will bleed faster than that one up down and then won’t work until you press the launch button. Don’T want to watch it in here, but let’s go outside. For that, okay, so now we’re outside let’s launch this bad boy.