I do not have the body attached, yet it is a very cool breeze and we've had a little bit of a snow melt, but we've got an incoming storm and I wanted to be able to at least test out the geometry of these links, and I figure The best way to do that with just me to come out here onto the rocks before it snows again and get it done now. Here is a smaller 3s lipo battery that I've got on this truck. If you've missed the last, video you've got lots to catch up on and in fact, if you guys did watch the last video look at this, I chopped off the outside cover for the spur gear that whole vanquish cover and I also modified the plate. There goes my lifetime works, he hung his super shaft II, but I was able to drop down this whole transmission and motor by almost a whole inch three quarters of an inch so it's much lower to the ground. Now, which is beautiful, look at that it stands. It'S on a little bit of an angle, but yes, it's a deer. In the background, my wife and I like to shoot, bow and arrows. So there you go. I wanted to test it out, give it a little bit of a try on the rocks and see if I need to make any adjustments got a 3300 kv. Hobby winged axe system in here censored brushless and my three brothers RC servo on the front man that's.

My first time out on the rocks and forever it's my first go with my overkill truck it's gon na be smooth smooth, but one handed here. So this is a purpose built truck for the TTC, the twenty20 TTC in July I'm. Just getting an extra early start. Look at that lots of nice flex going on there. One handed steering for the win. Wool, almost lost it there. A battle. I love that exposed spur gear. Just looks mean sorry, guys, it's, not a super high quality video today, but I want to watch this truck in action to see exactly where I could improve it. Look at that amazing belly clearance, great control, okay, a separate one just to do a drop down. Yes, that is gon na be key right there, especially during the hill climb. I wanted to have a little bit of a longer chassis. Some guys have had chas'd sees you know, 16 to 18 inches long. This is only about thirteen point, five, the way it sits right now and, of course, a huge, steep incline right here. I always always always scrape the belly on the trucks at the top. Here, oh yeah, oh oh, oh, I could adjust my reverse throttle. Setting give it a little bit more exponential, beautiful those vanquished portal axles. Doing me proud right now. These things are fantastic and quiet straight under the bridge. A little better light over here. But look at this it's a huge drop into a pinch, not too long I'm.

Not you know I didn't want to be dragging my tail. These voodoo tires kick in, but right now, okay, let's see if I can actually turn this beast around. This is a very difficult drop down here. Oh a little whiskey throttle there. Can I even save that I don't think so, but we can have it drop down and try to recover from that area.