This is going to be overkill 2020. With my GMC Topkick body, I have masked off all the windows there as you can see, and yes, I know so. Many of you want me to make an Ironhide out of this, but I am NOT because there are hundreds of ironhide's out there, but there is only one project overkill. So yes, it's going to be gold and black. I love it. I have chosen and I'm gon na start off here with this hobby or pardon me: the fly sky, radio. This is the end B, for you guys may have seen this before. Maybe not I've used it on my channel launch. This is a giant battery pack on the bottom. You read that right. Look at that 4300 milliamp hours is a separate battery pack from the one that actually is in here. Watch this, I can actually take this off use this to charge my phone or whatever, and this has an internal battery as well. So this is like an expansion pack. This radial runs up to 10 hours, which is perfect overkill for this project. Ambidextrous. Of course, my wife can use it as no problem at all and it was under a couple hundred bucks, so big score on that guys. Look at this. I know everyone has asked me to do this. Electronics, video and I do have a smoke kit out here. I want to show you because in the original overkill, which is now back up on the shelf, there's optimus overkill up there, he has giant smoke stacks and I wanted to put that into the newer version of overkill 2020, but I'll get to that in a minute.

So we're, starting off with a five thousand milliamp hour, 3 s lipo it's, going into an xt60 connector that rolls right over into this ESC right here now. This is the first time I'm, actually using a hobby wing, run or z, run or ax the fo C brushless esc, which is an electronic speed control. Now this isn't new to the market well generally, but it's been out for a while. Lots of people have been using it. I love how they give you ample ample wire for your brushless motor and then this tiny little wiener for hire for your sensor, cable. So the sensor cable, if you're running this sensor list you could you don't you don't, have to use that, but it's got this great waterproof. Yes, waterproof a censored ESC with this waterproof censored, cable that goes into the waterproof motor. Now look at this. I showed you guys I was using a 540 motor last time. I actually had grabbed the wrong box. I had bought two of them side by side. I didn't even catch myself in the video, but I was running a 550 motor. Now the 2700 kV is decent, but since it's overkill I did order up off of the hobby wing site. Oh I didn't. Actually, where did I get it from some side online store? Where they were all sold out of the 3300 cavies, I couldn't find him anywhere. Thankfully I did its on order and look at this shout out to super shaft II again right now.

I did chop talk about them in the first video. This is an amazing transmission. On the output Drive, I thought it was eight millimeter, my mistake. He sent me a six millimeter. This transmission alone was like almost 300 Canadian, but I know I owe that Saul most as much as a trail truck itself. I want a bullet proof truck. I want something with severe torque plenty of wheel speed, but still the ability to crawl, so I went with 32 pitch gears on here because of the thicker shaft size on that motor. I also have a 14 2 that we nice mess here, but metal on metal will always make it sound a little bit too tight. But regardless here it is the extended output drive on for the rear of the vehicle, because this right here is 13.8 inches in wheelbase, so Center to tire to center to tire thirteen point, eight so I'm gon na need a long drive shaft off the back. So I had AJ custom make me this transmission super shaft II, warranty for life, guys if you can believe that the 550 motor, of course, looking gorgeous in the background, but now let's start moving on now. The reason I mentioned the radio to begin with is because here is the super small antenna lists. You heard that right, no antenna receiver. I got it stuck down, but this is the FG there. You go r4 s. Assam thinking stands for small because it is only four channels now this this.

This radio here will run way more than four channels, but that's the receiver I'm, using right now now. Normally, I would have taken this black ESC, cable and plugged it into channel two because that's the throttle and channel one is the steering hum. Oh here's, the sad walks 1210 SG that I ended up ordering or no. I did not order. I got it from my local hobby store at action hobby try to support my local stores as much as possible, of course, and then everything kind of goes down into this weird unit. What is this I got this at RC Mart. I paid, I think, 59 Canadian, for it. This is a smoke generator and check it out. It'S got three channels on there and then these jumpers on the bottom I've already removed two of those jumpers because it affects how much smoke you get. Then you can see here the smoke chamber that wire right here in the center and then the LED, so the smoke chamber itself actually goes right over to this smoke house unit. Okay, you heard me right. You'Re gon na see smoke coming out overkill from time to time and it's, not the blue Genie smoke that you don't like to release in the electronics, hopefully so this actually I'm giving it because it's overkill, I could easily link it into the original battery. Why not have two batteries? This is a 2200 3s lipo as well, so I've got that independently moved right into the smoke controller.

Now this has a very small harness. This is actually the wire that heats up the element in here that will help blow some smoke out the end tube. This tube actually comes out a side port and if you see there's two ports where you can actually cut the tube the shorter, the tube, the more the smoke, the data, you could actually have two separate ports, which I really like that, because, on the back of My GMC Topkick body, there are two stacks one here and one here, so I would like to run those tubes up to the stacks there for exhaust. Why not right might as well have some decent diesel. So the way this is all laid out, you can see it's very simple, the steering and the throttle cable. They actually go into steering and throttle just like they say, but then you get return, plugs that go back to your receiver. Still leaving me open with channel 3 amp 4, so everything's linked in right now and I'm, just gon na start it up. Hopefully you guys understood that look at this here are two LEDs that can actually these are controlled. You can either have them on random, or only when the throttle is on that will simulate fire in the stacks for you or, if you're running a drift car or whatever you can put them in the rear exhaust your truck. Whatever one thing, I notice now the fans and true viewers of rcadventures that remember overkill, an HD overkill that thing billowed smoke and it's, because I got a tugboat smoke, kit, that's right, one for a boat or a train, and that thing pushes major smoke almost too Much that's why I went for this more compact, one and I'll fire it up right now and show you how much it does smoke number one let's have a look at this transmission here, I'm, just gon na put on the throttle a little bit.

Look how smooth that is you're hearing the fan over here on the small kit now get in here for the light, listen to how smooth that is metal on metal as well. Okay back over here to the smoke kit, let's have a look so now you're gon na understand why I've got that box back there. So you can kind of see, watch this full throttle. It'S blowing and here comes the smoke. Ah, so it's not very much smoke. Whoa – and it really does depend on how much how much of the how much of the smoke you've actually put into this little unit here. I don't have a ton of experience with this yet, but I don't see it moving a whole lot of smoke, but how much smoke do you really need coming and since we don't have black smoke like proper diesel smoke, I know signal loss. Thank you very much. Since I don't have the ability to make black smoke over long periods of time, nor do I really want to because the earth has enough black smoke as it is. You know a lot of people say: oh looks like your head. Gaskets blown if you're just blowing pure pure white smoke, I tell them every one. I tell everyone. My diesel engine is just burning exceptionally efficient, there is no black and so having less smoke coming out. I think will actually help that it'll kind of add that little neat factor of the smoke coming up through the stacks, but I don't need to actually roll coal, even though that would be pretty darn cool.

A lot of people are like can't, you just put in like dirty oil and have it smoke like that, and the answer is no: it doesn't work plus it's poison right. So there is that factor there's. The other thing look it down here. This is what happens if you overfill it a little bit. You get extra fluid blowing up through that tube, the less fluid you have in there. The more smoke you're going to get, which is kind of cool, except you run out quickly. I think it's a cool added effect, but there is one thing: I'll mention one thing: I've learned, after all, these years of using smoke kits in trail, trucks and you'll, see like you can see here that there's no real way to keep the smoke oil in there. You know as well as I do if you've been on the trail, guess what the trail isn't flat you're, either going like this or you're going like this or you got a tumble or whatever has happened. Then you have oil everywhere, so it's nice to use it as an option when you know that you're going out on a trail like walking with your buddies or whatever. But if you know you're going to be going into a hardcore competition like a tough truck or something like that best thing just to remove it altogether and the best part about that is, I don't really have to worry too much. All I have to do is undo that undo that and take it out right.

Everything else can stay there. I can go ahead and waterproof this with some conformal coating or whatever you guys like to waterproof with. I wouldn't suggest a balloon. It just wouldn't work on this. You know a nice little unit. You want to keep it working for when you can have it and take it out when you don't have it so there you go guys a video for you. Hopefully, you guys have a better understanding of how the electronics are gon na work inside my project overkill and guess what yeah I did order the axles, but you're gon na, have to wait and see what they are guys thanks. A lot leave a like click.