Now, in complete opposite of that, I did some detailing on the bumper and worked out the front hooks. Also, including a snatch block so what's going on here, is, of course you can double up your power from pulling four winch pulling with a snatch block, so of course, I'd hook up the that the hook on this side or the other side. Whichever decide side I wanted and string this one out, this would actually create a snatch block point for me, which is going to double the strength of my winch, so there you go so hopefully that will help. Also look at this. This is a small bit of Jake chain. This is quarter inch, Jake chain and what I'll show you with that there there are scale chains and hooks right. You can find these on eBay, for you know if you find a good price for just a couple of dollars, even but unfortunately, these chain links are incredibly weak. You know they're, not they have no strength, they're, not actually usable. So, instead, in fact, here check this out a little container. I painted up for a project overkill to keep accessories in for the back bed, and then here here it is here, is a hook that I have already drilled. So it's got a wider mouth area to it. There, where I can put the Jake chain through here, is the chain already fixed onto this one which does move. It is mobile, there's, no way a tenth scale is going to break this chain or even bend.

It see if I can get this done for you here, pretty simple, just bring it around after I drill it out, then I'll clamp. This shut and I've got a usable toe chain that really cost next to nothing. A lot of people that watch the last episode. May note that you'll also see that I did indeed trim the bumper. That was something I hadn't intended to do the entire time, but trimmed up and painted so it fit around, and I don't really allow for a whole lot of full flex. You'Ll see that even with that huge, these are 100 millimeter shocks on here, even with that flex coming down, it's not going to bump, if I'm in full crawl mode, maybe but there's gon na there's, no way I'm gon na be under full load like that, and Even if I am it's barely touching, so that is ready to rock the one thing that has been getting me, though, is what was I going to do with the back bumper, because this is more of a tough truck competition built. You know, purpose built truck. I wanted to make sure that I have every bit of advantage that I'm legally allowed to do for this competition. Now I haven't mounted this body yet I'm, still looking at probably a pin system or a magnet and velcro, but I don't want any extra arms jutting out from the chassis I don't want any Rock sliders or anything there.

That'S gon na hang up on a rant on a branch or rock, or you know, sharp anything while I'm going through the competition because hillclimb tug of war, you know obstacle course mud bog. All of that you can't change your truck for that entire event. For two days now, hopefully, we still see one this year, I'm, not sure, because at the time of this filming the world is going through its own issues but I'm going to continue building my trucks here on the show cuz. I know people love getting away even for a few minutes to see some creativity escaping the everyday and the norm, and I would say that project overkill is certainly out of the norm. This is not a kit. I did not build this from a kit or assemble it, rather than over the last series of 10 videos. I announced that I was doing a build and I've been building this truck as I go so it's been great. I picked out lots of parts from all around the world paid for it brought it all in and I'm bringing my vision together for you now. So the next piece is: what am i doing with the back end? Well, you can see that this is a five thousand milliamp hard case lipo on the front. That is exactly why I've got the dual shocks up front is really to support that weight and you'll see I've got some good articulation in the back there as well.

So, a little bit more of a limited suspension up front, but more free flowing in the back, so I'm gon na be able to control my balance of my truck when I'm going over gaps very easily now. So you guys all watch me put in the reefs RC winch. If you did not, you can check that out in the series of project overkill 2020. This is a servo based, winch, very, very strong, the 422 HD v2 and I had to make a custom mount for it off of a Redcat gen8, which is a different style, a truck and and modify that mount to be able to get that in there. And so you'll see I've got my super shaft II transmission. This is a 5 mil output drive on this 550, through 3300 kv hobby wing brushless Censored motor on a super shaft II transmission with 32 pitched gears, so super strong, extended back. You can see this whole wheelbase is 13.8 inches long. The whole truck itself is about 20 inches on the on the mark, of course, a lot. I did mention this before all the OCD people right now that are freaking out about my messy wire situation. It'S actually very clean, but this is all gon na get cut and lifted up into the body when everything is finished or I'll figure out a way to stack it a little bit higher. Now, the back of the vehicle right when I'm, going on to the track and I'm doing a vertical climb, I don't want my back lexan to be catching on the rocks or sticks or anything like that.

I don't want to risk breaking this body. In fact, this body has been discontinued and it's very difficult to get, although there are some floating around out there. To this day I backed my entire body lexan body, with some Gorilla Tape to give it that didn't sound like listen to that yeah. I don't have that lexan sound because it's all backed already plus it gives me extra flexibility and rigidity and longevity. So I want to be able to protect the back bumper here and I did use a piece of my old original overkill build. This is the back bumper and hitch off of that I went through and I lined up you'll be like oh, my god. What are the holes in there? Well, this is actually pretty insane guys look over here. This is an old RC. Four wheel drive bumper for their Toyota Hilux that I bought years and years ago. In fact, I used it, but I also noticed that it and it's all made of metal right all metal steel. I believe I don't think that's aluminum look at this. I lined it up perfectly and I can slide in to exactly where I want so much innuendo in this hobby it's hard to ignore okay. So if I slide that in there I could pin this up no problem because on those posts you can drill down and put pins and then so right. There full bumper wrapping perfect flush with the wheel itself with the outside wheel.

Well, going around to the back, and now this is giving me excellent protection, so I can screw this in. I don't have to worry about anything getting caught there now granted it might get caught along the back bar but that's up to me what if it did get caught along the back bar and say I couldn't reverse and I couldn't go forward because I was going Up an incline and look at how much room I have right here, there's a gap here now I was gon na put a small kid in it just for like fun, and I still might do that, but I don't think I'm gon na do that right now. In fact, I like this Reese RC, servo winch, so much that I went on RPP and I ordered myself up on other one. This is project overkill. Overkill has always had the the the reputation for being over the top and extra beefy, and I think an extra servo winch is absolutely required right. So why not tough truck competition going balls out? You want to have the toughest biggest baddest, most legal rig. You are allowed to have on course, and so, with all of my center of gravity being below the whole shock. Hangar. Look at that that's, where the body posts go, except for the servo sticking up a few millimeters. Everything else is nice and low down. Okay, extra skinny GCM racing chassis, which means much like the other video I'm gon na, have to cut this down, so it fits inside the rails and basically I have to cut this entire aluminum piece off right there and then upside down because it's kind of offset.

I have to cut this lower block on the outside you'll note that when reefs RC does this mount, they actually have threads that go all the way through. You can see the hole there on one side, but not the other, so you'll have to use a shorter screw if you're doing this same mod on this side compared to that side. But it is threaded, so there's lots of room Music just considered that maybe some of you did not see the other video just in case you didn't and are wondering the specs on the servo. It is waterproof, of course, has tons of lift weight and look at that seven point: four volts at four hundred and fifty ounces that's crazy, six volts. There is four hundred and five ounces. There is plenty to pull me out of any situation. No none of this stuff was sponsored or given to me as some youtubers like to discredit my stuff, but some sometimes I do get cool stuff, but this whole project was something I wanted to do on my own and build it. A hundred percent on my own fund, it all on my own, do it the way I wanted to do it because then I didn't have anybody suggesting what I should or should not do with my own, build and voila here we are today so now going on With the last part, well, one of the last parts will it slide in look at the Hat like a glove right into place, so you'll notice that this actually has a spool area in here.

I don't want to cover this too much unless there's some people that you know are just joining us I'll briefly touch on it, because I covered all of this in the other video, but basically I'm, going to open this up, it's going to have a spool on It the school's gon na, go inside here and I'll. Show you how I mount the servo quick. Another thing to note: this is the cable that comes with the winch itself. This is seven feet of nylon covered. Actual wire. Cable here is the wire wrapped onto the spool. This is basically your servo horn if you've never seen a servo winch before. Basically, this is a servo that will continue turning in one direction or the other one, depending on what you tell it to do now. This is the reefs. Rc is known for their quality servos. You can find them in several different areas of the internet and if you need to make a cheap servo winch, you can go on YouTube check that out there's tutorials there. But this is a pretty cool setup so far, so basically I put the the line through the center. You guys can't see it in there. Maybe you can so there. It is so that goes right through the middle, and then you spool it all around and then, when you cinch it down on the servo horn itself, you can actually cinch that cable down, while you fix it to the to the splines of the servo there.

Now, with the modded carrier, basically what I'll do is I'll just hold the camera here kind of show you how I'm going to string it through the center. I haven't put the hook on yet and, of course, this will be your hanger point now, on my other one on my front, I actually used a small collar and grub screw and I figured I might as well additionally how this one fits together. I do have another caller and grub screw. I'Ll. Probably do that a little bit later, because I do like having the ability to switch my hooks out, depending on what I'm doing but here's the caller comes over both pieces of that cable and then I'm. Just gon na crimp that down and then basically I can cinch this down with the four screws on top. This crossbeam is part of the GCM c max chassis that I have here. What I have to do is this. Actually, this beam allows me to attach this old mounting plate from project overkill 1.0. So I have to go and drill a center hole through this cross beam, so the winch mount or the winch line can go straight through this without any issue. So you are following the project. You must be thinking. Deja vu, they've changed something in the matrix because it's certain we seems like we have done this before up down and if you've been watching along with the project, you must be thinking.

Deja vu they've changed something in the matrix, because we've seen this before up down down and a nice little trick. The YouTube viewers told me last time I did this is to get a larger bit and just kind of you know introduce it to this new piece. So it creates a bit of a beveled edge, so it doesn't scrape the cable at all like that, not too deep. Nothing like that now it's got a nice little beveled edge to it then four screws to mount it up, two on either side. I'Ll, probably take it out a little later on paint that up nice and black, but I'll cover up the reefs RC with some tape. Before I do that, then I get that bar right on the inside. Thankfully, I've done this before so I did not crimp up that that hook. Winch line goes through the middle like that: okay, two on either side for a total of four. So now, let's have a look underneath this back bumper there it is. There is the rear. Servo winch so going through the crossmember going right through to the back, and so my front winch is set up on this dial right here now. This is the beauty of this radio. If you don't know be this an ambidextrous, this thing weighs a good amount, not too much, but it feels like quality so anyway, over there on the other side, it's got the same dial because it is ambidextrous, but you can actually program each one individually, so I've Actually programmed the back went to the other side, so this one would be my normal winch and then, if I want my back winch it's a little bit more inconvenient, which is fine cuz, I don't want it to go off accidentally and I can use it with My thumb now, the other thing I've done temporarily – is I've put in a straw.

Until I get a fairlead there it's, you know more of like a tube, but that is going to not hurt that winch, cable and, of course, that I'd have to have a gold on there. There'S just no way, I'd use the red one. So we'll turn it on sound, so nice they even slowed my steering servo down to about 40 because I enjoy more of a scale turn, but when you're crawling hills you still want to have back and forth motion, so you can get traction so here it is Let'S see on the dial, I'll just turn it one way, I've programmed it to be a three position switch, and this is the first time I've ever unschooled it so it's gon na be a little bit there cuz I manually spooled it before so I'll Reese pull It now look at that all seven feet. It just keeps coming on there we go and then I'll wind it back in and then now I can get a good spool on it. No problem whatsoever gon na be getting me out of some tough spots at the TTC, tough truck competition. I am sure there we go so now. My hook is up out of the way. Now my bumper for the rear is installed. The front is perfect good to go with the snatch block and the proper hooks just in case I don't really need a snatch block in the back of the vehicle.

I don't think I'm gon na get wedged in that hard. But look at that. My friends who's still with me, if you're still watching at the end of this video and you didn't skip to the end. I want you to comment right now. If you have the ability or if you can't comment at least smash the thumbs up button because boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, from all around the world, I have had the pleasure of building and entertaining you guys with radio controlled hobby products for more than a Decade, in fact, twelve years a generation of kids have come and gone from school watching rcadventures all the people that helped make this show possible by watching with your support right, active viewer ships comments. I love all of you. Thank you so much for tuning in giving us the support over all these years. Look at what we have built, my friends more to come on project overkill. I know that this is not completed yet, and I have a ways to go so we'll see in the next episode of rcadventures now get outside my friends and have fun with RC or if you like me and you're quarantined, stay inside and build one might as Well, test him out: Music, Music, he's pound. These trucks are 30 pounds in gear Music. That looks about right off the front. Tighten the back one up, Music! Everything is strung out. You can't see it because basically the line is invisible to you guys.

I do have some 100 pound yellow test line on the way fishing braided line, so we can actually see the winch line for safety purposes. Of course, shall we see the front one how it pulls that truck is in gear at 30 pounds here we go let's turn on the back one look at this they're pulling together one battery right now, yeah pure power. Ladies and gentlemen, look at that front and back no problem reefs, RC right there, folks yeah project overkill 2020.