If you are looking for drone accessories yourself and then also as a double whammy um, i will actually be giving all of this stuff um to you at least most of it so uh. Let me put sway. We have remote controller holder for a bicycle. Remote air drop system, silicone pouch for the controller, low noise, propellers propeller guards landing pad landing pad landing pad range extenders, so lets take a look why we would need any of those Music. Alright lets start off with the most exciting one, at least in my opinion. Um, which is the air dropping system for the mavic air 2, and apparently also where it works with the air 2s, basically um its also a landing gear extension, but thats, not why i bought it. What you do with this is you put it underneath your drone and then um by turning on and off the auxiliary light you can or by turning on the auxiliary light, you can drop something theres like a little hook that then lets go. So what am i going to use this for drone fishing super excited about it. I hope this works as promised, because it wasnt even that pricey and then dont need this anymore. Then these are range extenders. Are they falling apart? Applause huh, i dont know its supposed to be like that. These are range extenders um, i dont think really need them for the mavic air 2, because the range is amazing and were trying to be responsible drone pilots that only fly within visual line of sight, but we might be able to tell if the signal is stronger When we are quite far away so um could be useful and then propeller guards well um, probably not the most useful thing for drone.

In my opinion, but um i was hoping to maybe get some cool unique indoor action going one of these days so um ill. Take a look at these propeller guards that were very inexpensive and see if you can fly your drone against the wall like a crazy person and it still flies, so that should be fun. Music Applause, oh yeah, and then here we have a silicone pouch for the controller for the mavic air 2s. Why i bought this is that i was hoping that it comes with a little hook or so that you could put a carabiner on and then attach it to your pen. So when you do like self tracking shots and then you can get the controller out of the shot and just put the controller, i dont know on the side of your pants and then have your hands free and then this i dont know looks better than like A person always with a controller, in my opinion, so this might be cool and then oh low noise, propellers im, hoping that these make a significant difference so that um yeah your drone is not so noisy and then in these last two boxes here, um so ive Helped a lot of people with drone purchasing decisions which im very happy about um, but ive gotten a lot of comments where people said great now: ive ordered the drone. Now all thats left is a landing pad. Ive never really understood why um one would need a landing pad, but um so thats why i went ahead and i bought one two and i bought this one again.

Apparently i dont know if i meant to do that so thats. Definitely a giveaway right here and so yeah ill. Take a look at these um, most common landing pads that you can find on amazon and see if theyre worth it. This ones heavy see if theyre worth it and then ill give them away to you. So youre welcome and then last but not least, i think thats everything we have this remote controller holder for a bicycle um, because im going on vacation tomorrow to nantucket and masters vignette and were gon na rent bikes and then were gon na like cycle around the Island and i thought it would be really cool to like film myself, like on a bike cycling around the island or along the beach um. But then you always have to control the problem. You dont want to put the controller back in your backpack, because then, who knows what happens you accidentally push a button and off it goes. So i think, having the ability to mount your controller on your bicycle so that you can ride the bike and still see everything thats going on and maybe make some adjustments real, quick um. I think thats very witty and also obviously could work with like a like. An electronic scooter, if you have one of those, i think that would be so fun that would be so fun, but i dont have one of those but ill. Do it with a bike.

Anyways um. This is all the stuff that um were gon na, be reviewing over the next couple of days well, probably weeks, and then the idea is that um for each of those videos, um ill, do a little giveaway, so ill review. The product. Tell you my honest opinion and then ill give it away to you, so you can enjoy these as well. Anyways um.