From april 2022, trains belonging to tokyo, railways in tokyo, capital of japan have been switched to energy generated solely by solar power and other renewable sources. These trains will run on lines, including the underground passing through the shibuya intersection known as the most congested pedestrian crossing. In the world, as a result, seven trains line and one tram in tokyo are carbon free. All company owned stations, including vending machines, security, cameras and lighting, will now be powered exclusively by green allergy. As we read at that such steps are crucial for japan, the worlds 6th biggest carbon meter to attain its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 in the next news, well speak about a new product from snapchat the selfie drone. The pixie drone is snapchats new idea for taking photos from birds eye view. The drone is small, lightweight and very easy to use, as it does not require controller once launched it detects the user presence and can even follow its owner at the end of the flight. This selfie drone lands in the palm of your hand, it sends the recorded image to the smartphone. The downside of the drone, however, is the relatively poor image quality. The drone has a built in 12 megapixel camera and can record images at 2592 1458 resolution at 30 frames per second, so its not top of the range compared to the existing drones on the market, therefore, its hard to say that it will be the companys success.

However, the pixie drone can come in handy for various trips out of town adventures or playing with friends. So if you have 230 dollars to splurge, the pixie drone can be yours now lets speak about the innovation that can help with fighting the cancer. A team of researchers from the university of michigan has achieved a remarkable fit by shattering liver, tumors in rats using only non invasive ultrasound waves, potentially changing the way liver cancer patients are treated. Even if we dont target the entire tumor, we can still cause the tumor to regress and also reduce the risk of future metastasis. Soon, you will be able to try our must b2b metaverse platform. You will be able to participate in b2b, metaverse experience, attend events, visit digital booths network and all from anywhere in the world. What you need to do create an avatar that navigates the metaverse nothing complicated, just a few steps and voila. You can immerse yourself into virtual world there you can meet other people chat or video call with them, and dont hesitate to visit one of the many booths where you will not only find plenty of great presentations and videos, but also the opportunity to get in touch With representative of the various companies as a visitor, you can attend a live session where you can ask the speaker a question and they will answer. You live watch replies of previous events where you can still contact the speaker all for free increase.

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