Since i last did a video on it. I wanted to see how these updates affected the way it flew in my original test flight. I noticed that the drone kind of wobbled when it was hovering and they supposedly have fixed that in the most recent update they’ve done some pid tuning. I imagine to the flight controller to try to see if they can stabilize that. So what to see how that does when we take off here there’s also another update, it did two updates from the main screen in the app. The second one was a update to the camera that’s supposed to stop um freezing issues. I noticed when i was filming my flight review back whenever there was snow on the ground. There was a couple several times in the video where there was a very small, maybe half second quarter. Second pause in the video, which is a big. No, no, you can’t have that they fixed that something to do with. You know the data rates or something on the camera. I don’t know something was causing it to freeze and i have a very fast sd card and other people reported this as well, so it wasn’t something to do with my sd card. Then, if you, you know, those main updates will come up on the app screen when you first uh the synthetic app first loads up. But you always it’s always a good idea to go then into the settings in the about app set section and sometimes you’ll see in there and i’ll put a screenshot of all the firmware versions that i got from that screen in the app i’ll put it up Here, but if you get in there, sometimes you’ll find there’s an update in there that it still needs to do that.

It didn’t do for some reason, and there was a third update – that i found in there that’s for the ptz camera the pan tilt zoom, something to do probably with tuning the motors on the gimbals, but i think, probably a very minor update. But those are the three updates that i’ve done so again. I’Ll show you on the screen there at some point: the different firmware versions of all the different parts of the drone, the camera flight controller, all that stuff. So you can see what version we’re using so let’s go ahead and we’ll. Take it up, hover it and see how it goes. Let’S see, i think we see there’s a long press start the motors yeah and it takes off let’s see how it hovers so. I’M. Gon na take it up a little bit higher after you do this we’ll we’ll bring it back down and i’ll uh start recording some video. I can still see some of that wobble, but it doesn’t appear to be as severe now. There is not a lot of wind today, there’s a little crosswind here – gentle wind right now, let’s just yeah. That definitely does look better. It was almost like it was hopping, though i think it could use a little more tuning, it’s, very stable, it’s, not wandering around or anything. You can just sometimes see a bit of that. You know that little bit of vibration, but it definitely looks better to me, though i would i can’t say 100 certain until i could fly it’s a higher wind, probably that’s, when it was really really bad yeah that looks pretty nice, guys so i’m going to do Now is i’ll, go ahead and we’ll bring it down and land it.

Now, when i start recording some video it’s easier to sync up your video when you’re taking off the ground and try to figure it out at some point when you’re flying so i’ll go ahead and start recording some video we’ll, take it back out that way, we Can test to see not only? How does the video look but we’re gon na be recording at 4k at 30., but do we get that pausing in the video now i’m filming in 4k at 60 frames, a second with my head cam, so i’ll stick with that, but the 4k 30 footage will Look just identical it’ll, just double the frame rates. It’Ll look just the same to you guys, but that way i can keep the 4k at 60. So everything looks nice and smooth to you guys from my head cam, so let’s go ahead and start recording video let’s go ahead and do another auto take off. Okay, we’ll just fly it out here. Always we won’t make this video too long. I’D fly it out. This way a ways towards the uh, the county, fairgrounds let’s, see how it looks i don’t have. I don’t have a real high altitude here, guys i’m up about 50 feet out about 300.. Four hundred now so we’ll go to the onboard video here. So obviously i can’t you guys can’t, i can’t see it in the head. You’Re not gon na see it in my head cam. I could see it here with my eyes, but we’re going to be going out towards the limit of line of sight now i’m.

Just in regular mode, we can kick it into sports mode here in a second. If we want to and that’ll really pick up the speed we’ll probably get some props in the video, though, when you do that all these fair grounds here is where they’ve been doing. The vaccination clinics for covid, so people would come in on their cars to the county, fairgrounds pull in and they get vaccinated. I think out of your car window on your arm and then they uh make you wait: 10 minutes or 15 or whatever to make sure you have no adverse reactions and then you’re good to go. Let’S click it over into sports mode sport mode and see how much we pick up. I can really see it’s uh picking up there in speed so we’re out towards the end of this field, even in sport mode. This drone doesn’t seem to be the fastest, but again this is a drone meant for filming. So it’s not uh meant to be a sport drone. In my opinion, but yeah we got a nice solid feed, there’s a little video lag but it’s not much different than what i get on like say. My alto excuse me also evo, trying to keep line of sight where i can barely see that out there, but also to get a good path between the remote and the drone. If i stood behind my house here – and i did this, it would be it’d.

Be tough to be able to keep a good signal, let’s turn it here kind of turn it around this way, we’re getting some break up now, let’s see which way we’re facing here i think i’m facing away now. I had a bit of a breakup, so i think i’ll just call it back home guys got a bit of break up so it’s we’ll see if it come there we go. I was kind of facing away, but some of the breakup was causing me to lose. It and i couldn’t see Music. I don’t know who that is there Music. Here we here, we go i’m sure there’s, someone pulled in my driveway, i don’t know who that was, and i can’t i can’t go talk to him because i’m flying my drone, so i don’t know who that was yeah here we go guys just flying back our Way, sorry about that was a bit thrown off by that. I don’t know too many people around here, especially in this new subdivision, so i don’t know who that was it pulled into the driveway. Maybe he had the wrong house all right here. We go it’s flying back now, so i did lose visual and that’s. Why? I wanted to make sure i turned around because you want to stay in line of sight, but i was when you turn the drone. The antenna on the drone will often become orientated differently so as it’s coming back as you turn it may not, you may lose video feed.

This happened to me last time. I flew over this way. Once i turned the drone, then i lost the video feed. So here we’re coming right up here i can hear it. The drone should be somewhere right up in here i’m trying to spot him now here he comes. I wasn’t too worried because i know i’m within line of sight for certain now fly it back here and we’ll land and see what see how it does here. Let me come on down and land, and that should be good enough to end this video. We can see the uh this flight stability and, of course, the camera to make sure we didn’t get any freezes in this video let’s see. I don’t know i didn’t mark where i took off whoa. That was pretty close. I think that was over to the left. Maybe a few feet: let’s go ahead and stop video all right guys. That should be a pretty good test. If you have intensity dreamer pro owner – and maybe you haven’t updated the drone yet because sometimes people are worried, you update a drone and then you uh, you know you were to do it because you think it might actually cause problems and trust me. That does happen. Even to dji, sometimes the firmware updates best almost weight, and sometimes you feel like you’re, a beta tester, but we’ll see i mean flight wise. It looked great we’ll, just see how the video looks on board on the drone or, if you’re interested in purchasing this drone and you won’t want.

You want to know how it works. Some of you may be checking out this because you are been browsing. Amazon and you’ve been considering this drone i’m super impressed with it. You can’t find another amazon exclusive, and by that i mean this, drone is pretty much only sold on amazon with a gimbal, the film’s as good as this you’re not going to find yeah the dji drones in that you can find out anywhere. Those are fine and those are the best of the best, but if you’re interested in maybe something besides dji and you want to get some amazon, this drone is about as good as you’re going to get. It is a little bit pricey it. I think it’s in the upper 300s or something so basically, if you’re looking for a really nice filming drone that can do 4k with a good sony sensor, it’s going to kind of be between this and the mavic uh, the mini 2. In terms of really good drones at this price range, this is a lot like the thingies. The femi x8sc, like 2020, is also in this price range, but this drone, i think, is probably a little bit better. I believe it or not. Doesn’T have quite the range, but i don’t have any crooked horizon and that femi x8 and the x8 sc and sc2020 both have crooked horizons at time, which is just a real deal breaker at times, and this drone doesn’t have that.

So if you’re interested in this drone guys a purchase link down to amazon, if you do purchase anything through, my channel help support my channel it’s, just a very, very tiny commission from amazon. I mean it’s literally nothing, but it does help support the channel to where i can continue to get things and show you guys always give you guys a nice honest review so that wraps it up guys be sure.