I really do appreciate it if youre new to my channel, welcome and thanks for stopping by remember, hit that subscribe and that notify button for me. So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos. Today i got a good one. Were gon na check out my newest mini drone, and this is literally a mini drone. Its potentix a20w firefly 720p camera has vr mode as well, so you can slap them goggles on your eyeballs chase, your wife, your kids, your dog around the house, its a ton of fun to do the price, not bad, either 46.99. Right now on amazon, but theres, a 10 off clickable, coupon dont, know how long itll be there for, but its there right now, 36.99 plus tax youre still getting this dude for just under 40 bucks or right around 40 bucks. Anyway, great little drone were gon na unbox. It well check out everything well get with. It then well set it all up its not hard to do its really simple. To set this thing up, then, were gon na put it up in my drone arena, my wifes living room and were gon na see how much havoc we can cause out there and see how good this thing flies. So, im ready lets go, get started, Music. All right here we go, we are going to unbox the potency a20 w firefly. This is the box. It comes in. You can see here on the front.

It does show these three different colors it comes in. You have orange blue and black. Ours is checked orange. So there better be an orange drone in this box. Something makes me think, though you guys, i did see a yellow one on amazon as well. Um im, not dont, quote me on it, im not sure, but i believe i did. It may not be the same. Lineup as the firefly, but it was by potensic, so im not sure how to look into that some more on this side. Here you have, as you can see. Yes, you can fly this little dude in vr mode, its absolutely a blast to do uh what it is. The apple uh has a split screen um, so you can put your phone into the vr goggles and you can fly it around its like youre sitting in the cockpit of this drone. It is so cool major learning curve if youve never done it. So it will take some practice to get used to it, but its super cool to do, especially in your house. I love sitting in my recliner and flying it through the house and into each room and back out and trying to just kind of map out my house with it its really cool to do and not very hard once you get used to it over here on The other side, it has all your features, your qr codes for your app. It is the potensic app and well get into that in the next chapter.

Ill show you guys everything the app does how to set it all up, all that good stuff, but for now were going to open it up and see what we got so it looks like we have one foam padding. You could probably use this as a landing pad. Thatd be cool right on the top. There we go the owners manual, your operation guide for the a20w. This is not a manual. This is a novel or a bible. Look how big that thing is oh thats huge, but what 130 144 page manual boy youre gon na have to study this. This thing here, big time, im kidding you guys its in a bunch of different languages, but im not kidding about read your manual, even though this isnt some high tech drone, make sure you know what the drone can and cant do, how everything works on it. How to calibrate it pairing the controller to the drone itll, tell you how to connect it to the wi fi im, going to tell all of you that here in this video as well, but just make sure you read the manual dont, be a drone dummy and Put this thing up in the air before you know what it can and cant do so, whats that, oh so it looks like we have a yellow calibration strip im starting to see these more and more now in the manual. So this must be something new theyre. Adding to it this one just tells you how to pair the controller to the drone and then hear how to calibrate the gyro, so thats pretty cool something new.

I guess some of these companies are adding to their manuals. Thats, like the third or fourth one ive, seen now so pretty neat stuff, one more layer of foam padding there. He is look at this little thing. Oh my god, hes! So small. Look at that boy! He is super tiny. I like the orange, i wasnt sure. If i was going to like that color orange, but i actually do it its pretty cool looking so on the top, it says potensic, of course, and then down here it says: navigator 2.. So this little dude actually has three names to it: a20w, firefly and navigator. 2., im going to call it the firefly, because it sounds really cool so right off the bat here i can tell you. I love the way that the training wheels are built right onto the drone, your propeller guards. This really helps keep. This will make your motors last a lot longer when you crash into something these motors are going to keep wanting to spin and its going to tear them gears up in there. They are not brushless motors. So i like the fact this is built right into it, plus, if youre flying it around the house, you hit the wall or you crash it into your wifes 500 fancy bars or base. It wont, break it um and you probably wont break your drone either. So pretty cool feature to it. This is the bottom of it.

So weve got a little uh breather event here, uh, probably to help the uh circuit board in here breathe a little bit, but so back here we have our on and off button, and we have our led light right there right here is your battery compartment door And theres a little notch here i know you probably cant see it, but you just take your finger or your nail pop it open, oh and look at there. It opens up and you can see right here. They already have a battery in it and its already plugged in wow and ready to go. Oh, this does come with three batteries um. So when you open it all up – and you only see two batteries – dont freak go to your battery compartment thats, where the third battery will be a lot of drone companies will do. This is just to minimize the packaging and shipping size of the box, so dont freak out. If you order a drone its supposed to have a couple batteries youre only seeing one or two check the battery compartment. First before you start freaking out its probably in there. So well close this up, you just push it up. Click that little button up that little tab, you pull it open, just push it up. It locks it right in there nice and secure on the front is your camera. Now it is a 720p camera, so youre not going to get the greatest of videos, it wont be 4k or 1080p, but youre really not using this little dude to record video with or take pictures youre its really just something fun to practice.

On uh, your maneuvering and your fpv flying um, i love sitting in the recliner and just flying around the house chasing the dog and the wife around and going in and out of each room and all that thats really cool to do so. This little dude weighs a whopping 25.8 grams. That is actually only 0.91 ounces, so he barely weighs an ounce thats pretty cool. Now i dont know if that is with or without the battery in it, but thats the specs. They give you on it. The range on this little dudes not very far its 10 to 15 meters or right around 49 feet for the max distance. Your fpv is the same range but thats pretty good for indoors youre not going to be in a a 50 foot bedroom to fly it around and if you are, it would still be able to fly around in there. So pretty cool great for starting out and learning it doesnt get it too far away from you now i like to fly my minis indoors, its just fun to do. You can absolutely fly this little dude outside. I would not do it if theres a lot of wind, though um i probably wouldnt, recommend doing if theres any wind the slightest bit of breeze or wind really tends to affect the flight of these little mini drones, so that is pretty cool thats. Our drone lets get into some other stuff here and see what we got in here.

I like the way its packaged its packaged really well, so you got your little drone stand here, so you can just put it on your shelf just like that. Keep everything secure little carrying case no im kidding dont. Do that. That would be weird all right. So lets open it up here and see what weve got inside put that here, so it doesnt get in our way all right so lets see. What have we got on this big side lets. Do that? First, oh its, our controller, all right, so thats really cool. So the controller it actually has a cheat sheet attached to it, as you can call it tells you what all the buttons do, really cool its a really simple, laid out controller im gon na take this off, so you guys can see it but thats pretty much. The controller um it does take four double a batteries, and i just happen to have four double a batteries right here, so were going to go ahead and put them in now, while we have it open and you just pop them in helps, if we do it, The right way, though, come on ready. All right, weve got to go this way with it. There we go boy theyre, really in there, its a tight fit all right so well. Do that one that way this one! This way, i think we got it and thats where they go right in the back and then just slide your cover back on its real simple to do and it locks on pretty good.

It got some pretty decent weight to it with the batteries in it and it fits in the hand really good. You have your power button on the top there you go press it on press it off on the top of it. Here we have your video button, so you can push this to start recording this one. You can push it itll. Take your picture over here. This top button in the top up here is your headless mode. Yes, this drone actually has headless mode pretty cool the other button here. This is your auto take off and then your auto lan button. This button also acts as your emergency stop button. So if youre flying that drone and youre on a b line to the wife hit this button, the motors will shut off and the drone will explode in the air im kidding, it will fall to the ground. It does shut all the motors off right away, so make sure you only use this button. If you absolutely have to you, have your joist, oh, they feel really good. I like these joysticks. These are the joysticks theyre, theyre, really kind of uh theyre real, firm, theyre, not loose or or flimsy. I like that, so thats really cool um. You know the the normal setup. Your your left side is for your your up and down your turn left turn right. Youre forward backwards and then youre all left and all right now. This button here is also your trim button and what youre going to do once you have the drone in the air if the drones drifting lets say to the left, like that, its just kind of drifting over, you can correct that, and you just push this joystick In like that, push it down in take this joystick and you just tap it in the opposite direction.

The drone is drifting dont, hold it over because youll over correct it that way its. I prefer to tap it. I think it works a lot better. That way. So just tap it and then, as the drone is drifting and youre tapping, it will slow the drifting down and then eventually it should stop youre not going to get a perfect altitude hold out of it or a non drip, because its not gps but thatll work. Then this also has another function on the right: joystick push it in once youre in speed two two times b3. One more time brings you back to speed one. So it is a three speed which is really cool because you can go up in the in the levels of the speed as you get more comfortable with it, so thats pretty cool. Another really cool feature i found out about this drone is that when the battery of the drone gets low or the battery in your controller gets low, the controller will beep to let you know that. Also, if the drone is flying and its going past that 49 foot mark, the controller will beep to let you know, the drone is almost out of range turn around and get that dude back or hes gon na fly away. No, he wont i dont think hell break the barrier, but well find out were going to test it when we put it up in the air and see what happens when we push it to the the distant limit cool.

All right lets see what else we got in here we got to get to our goodies, cannot not have the goodies im gon na close this up guys, get it a little more room here. So here we go so right off the bat in our little baggie is our 3.7 volt 180 mha specially designed lipo mini drone engines or batteries. So you do get three. As i said before, one is in the compartment of the drone. So you get three of them. You will have to use the um usb cables that come with it the charging cables. They do have those little special connectors on the end, so its not just a type c charging, cable, um but im sure theres going to be at least one in there and well well check that out in a second, so these batteries you will get. I believe its five to six minutes per battery um theyre tiny batteries. Again the drone is tiny anyway, so you couldnt get much bigger than that um. So five to six is about an average time for a mini drone and the fact that you get three of them so youre getting anywhere from 15 to 18 minutes or so ish right around in there. So not bad get them all charged up and you get close to 20 minutes of flight time out of it, theyre not hard to replace so youre, not going to have a whole lot of downtime.

The only down time youre going to have is charging them. It does take 40 minutes per battery to charge these batteries up, so they will take you almost not quite an hour but close youre about about 40 40 minutes um and thats, probably on a completely drained battery, so you might get lucky. You know itll only take. Maybe 30 35 minutes depending on uh. You know if you run the battery completely out of juice, then youre, probably looking at 40 minutes to charge them things up. So lets see here our next baggie of goodies. So it looks like in here we have im just going to dump it off, dump it all out. One handy dandy, drone propeller removal tool. Oh theres, a screw. I lost my screw. I got a screw loose all right, so im not sure what that screw is for the screws for the duh thats for my battery compartment. So since it fell out right, there well go ahead and screw it in thats my bad, i forgot. I took the screw out, so i could show you guys where the batteries go and put them into the controller, but there you go so its a handy, dandy, propeller removal and controller battery removal tool. Blooper you get four spare blades propellers very cool. Now on these propellers remember guys there is an a and a b on the front and then on the back, its opposite, its an a and a b here when you put, if you have to change your propellers, for whatever reason these will have an a and A b on them, too, they have a marking on them, says a or b and whats really cool.

I saw on this. One is right down here. It has an a and a b with an arrow, pointing to what uh propeller is what so very cool. You just got to make sure that you put the a propeller on the a arm and the b on the b arm or the drone is not going to fly if it does its not going to be pretty if you can get it up in the air. So you just need to make sure that they go on the the right arm, not hard to do to change them on this particular drone. You just pop the screwdriver in here like so i think, maybe not okay, so it looks like these just pop off. So there are no screws on them, so you would just work them up pop them off and then these right here that one just flew away and then just pop it right back on so it just slides onto the little axle of the motor. So basically, this is not a propeller removal tool. This is actually a controller battery removal tool. So i dont see any other screws. There are a couple here, so you could use it to make sure the screws are tightened on the drone, which is always a good idea to do theres a couple right here and vibration that can cause them to come loose. Um im only seeing the two there, but its a good idea to tighten them every now and then more so on the bigger drones than the little ones here we go, we get is that all we got yep.

We got one usb charging cable for all three batteries um, so you youre gon na its gon na. Take you a while to charge all three batteries. Potentix is not the only one that does this most drone companies, for whatever reason, only send you one charging cable. If you have three batteries, they send you two sometimes, but normally i find they just send you one um and thats just kind of a bummer, because it takes you even longer to charge all the batteries up its not like. You can charge one up while youre flying the drone and itll be ready to go so youre looking at 100 and what is it four times? Three is twelve, so 120 minutes to charge all three up, still not bad um, so two hours theyll all be charged up and ready to go um, and there will be a green and red light on here. Um that will blink and theyll go off when the batteries are charged. Next is what is that this is our fpv screen holder or your cell phone holder, so thats the cell phone holder, very simple. It just slides into this slot on the top of the controller. Like so its in there opens up now i use a samsung note, 20 ultra and it does fit in here pretty pretty damn good um. I do have to take it out of my otterbox case, but it does fit in here with no problem whatsoever.

So pretty cool design, the way it sits. It will be angles anyway, so it gives you that angled look um for flying it, so very cool thats everything we get with it. You guys im going to clean this up. Lets set this little dude up and get it in here. Im really excited to see how it flies. Okay, guys lets go ahead and get this little dude set up. I cannot wait to get him in the air and see what he can do. This is really cool super easy to do. This wont. Take long at all. First thing we have to do. Is we have to pair the controller to the drone super simple to do turn your drone on there? He is when we unboxed it earlier. I mentioned something about using this foam pad as a landing pad for the drone. I was joking, but look at this. Damn thing actually works pretty good. All right so now were going to turn the controller on and then youre just going to take this left joystick and hold it down until the drone beeps twice really quick or the controller beeps twice really quick boom were paired. Now we have to calibrate the gyros and thats super easy to do as well. Just take your right, joystick and pull it down to the right in the four to five ish oclock position. Until these lights, blink, really quick and then youre calibrated. Here we go, theyre blinking were calibrated.

All right were good to go now. The drone is emitting a wi fi signal, so we need to connect the wi fi signal to our phone um, its, not internet, you guys its wi fi. So you do not need an internet connection to fly these drones. You just need a device that can connect to a wi fi signal. Ive said it before. If you have an old phone laying around that, has no cellular service to it, make it your drone phone as long as it can connect to a wi fi signal, youre good to go so go to wherever your wi fi settings are on your phone. Your tablet open them up, come on all right, youll wait for it to refresh, and then you should see the wi fi signal for the drone. You can see right there. Ours just popped up: u d, i r c, whatever that means wi fi and then a bunch of numbers go ahead and tap on it. It will connect to it now. The first time you do this, you may get a pop up telling you youre connected with no internet itll. Ask if you want to keep the wi fi connection or switch to cellular data, keep the wi fi connection because thats what we want and dont worry if it says no internet connection, because thats not what we want, we dont need an internet connection now were connected. So go ahead and if you havent already done it, you should have.

But if you havent its the potentic app is what you need to download and its free on google play or the apple store, um theres a picture of it on the screen. So you can see what it looks like its literally just ten stick download the app now were gon na open our app voila well start at the bottom work. Our way up, then well get into the app ill show you some features on the app its, not real, complicated, its pretty simple, laid out app application, theres a couple things. I want to show you that really impressed me about the app that you dont normally see on many drones like these so down at the bottom. Here is your guide or contact us and if you open that it gives you their website, their facebook page and a whole slew of support. Email addresses so youre bound to get an answer one way or another, even if you have to email all of them and potentially pretty good customer service, so they usually get back to you rather quickly thats. One of the good features about this brand of drone. They not only make a good quality drone, but their customer service is right up. There too well go out your help button. This really impressed me here on this app, because this is almost a half a half the size of the physical manual they have put into the app so its just a guide that tells you most of the important things.

What some of the things on the app do, how to do them, how to calibrate it? How the gyro or the headless mode works the trace to fly, or they call it the custom route plan, its just really cool its loaded with information that really impressed me. You normally dont see these its, usually just one page that shows you the app screen layout and tells you what everything does, but not only does that tell you that it tells you a whole bunch of other as well, so very cool so well go here. Next is your media: this is where your pictures and your videos from the drone are going to be stored. There is no sd card on this little drone uh. The sd card will probably be bigger than the drone anyway im joking, but aha, when you open this dont freak out and think it didnt save your pictures or your videos. Theyre in here you have to tap on this. My gallery button here in the middle and voila they pop up there. They are you, have your pictures over here. Youll have your videos over here. Will let you delete whatever you want to delete hit the home button. Itll. Take you back to the gallery hit it again takes you back to the home page now were going to enter the app now you saw that little screen that was up there first, if your drone is not the wi fi is not connected to your phone.

That pop up will stay there um when you open it, itll pop up itll go away if youre connected. If it stays there and doesnt go away, turn everything off and start all over again thats. The only way you can fix it – and i havent had that problem yet so you probably wont have the problem, but if you do thats how you fix it just turn everything off pair the controller to the drone again and connect reconnect it to the wi fi Signal and youre pretty much good to go all right. Well start at the top and go across. You have your home button. That brings you out heres your vr mode, and you can see it splits the screen, so you can put some vr goggles on and you can fly the drone in vr mode, which is super cool to do next. Is your emergency stop or no its? Not? Next is your custom route plan as they call it or, as i call it, your trace to fly, and all you do here is you tap on this button here? Your left controller will come, will show up on the screen, as you can see it here, and you can go up or down with it to raise and lower the drone. But you cannot go left or right or forward or backwards with it, where the controller is missing and that little hand is there just draw yourself a pattern, any pattern you want and youll see the drone its going to follow that pattern in the air, but be Careful because its a big area that it goes to so i would start really small and get a gauge of where the drones going to go in the room.

Youre flying it or, if youre out back in your yard, make sure youre not going to hit the house a tree or its going to go over the wall and youre going to lose it or whatever else. I would just start out really small on my patterns and work. My way up till i was comfortable with where its going to go anyway, tap that get out of there. Your emergency stop be careful when you press this button, you guys, because when you do, the drone is absolutely gon na explode and youre gon na lose it and they will not replace it. So youre up a creek without a paddle, no im kidding. All four motors will absolutely shut off completely and the drone will fall out of the sky so heed where youre at, and only use that button, if you absolutely need to use it, this one over here is a pretty cool one too. This is actually your wi fi signal. Um fpv signal your transmission signal. Really, this just tells you how uh well. The signal is from the drone to your phone, sending the uh, the fpv transmission, so the picture quality. So, as those bars go down, your picture may get a little choppier or youre going to realize youre just about out of the fpv range and youre going to end up getting a black screen or a frozen screen, so really cool feature to have there. Next is the settings button.

This is where you can reset your trim settings for whatever reason, if youre not happy with them, you can reset them and start all over again. Ive never had to use this feature before so then, here you notice, it says: transmission quality. 480P. Let me get that out of here. This is just what the drone is sending to your phone when you record it and go to your album to look at your pictures and your videos, they will be in 720p, remember its only a 720p camera, so its not 1080p, its not going to be the Greatest videos and dont be alarmed when you see the quality of it on the screen here, because it will look a little bit better on the recorded video and the pictures all the way over to the left. This little button here is your controllers. If you tap this, it opens up your controllers, so you can control the drone on the app instead of the controller, really cool ive, not seen this before on a mini drone and big shout out to potensic for incorporating the two of them normally that trace to Fly and those other features do not work. If you have the controller on when you go to do them, you have to turn the controller off and strictly use the app, but you can see here my controller is on im going to unlock the motors and im not going to touch it. I wont turn it off and then im going to unlock them on the con on the app really cool that is so awesome shut them off really cool, because you can have your phone in here and you can do the features on the app without having to Turn the controller off and syncing the drone to the app and all i love that feature.

Also, when your controllers are open, youll see you can change your speed from high to low and then you have your auto takeoff and your auto lan buttons are also here. If your controller is off those buttons go away, itd be cool if they stayed there, but im not sure why, but they they do go away. This other button on here with the cell phone and the arrows. Oh, i did hit it all right hold on. That is your gravity control. When you tilt your phone youll see that controller is moving when you tilt your phone and you notice that only the right one is moving, so you can only go forward and backwards and left and right with it um and the drone will follow the way you Tilt your phone, you just cant ascend and descend or turn it left or turn it right so back out of here to get them off you just tap it again. It gets rid of them. Then you have your video button tap that it will start recording a video hit. Stop it stops. Do that that takes a picture thats your camera button, then all the way down at the bottom. This was a feature that really blew my mind on this app for a mini drone. You normally dont see this unless its a bigger gps drone. This actually will tell you how many meters high the drone is really cool, ill, lift the drone up and you can see it.

It will start to change so very cool and you can see it stuck at 1.7 meters but im guessing. It is sensing how far off the ground it is on my table. Just super cool. You dont see that so not that youll use it often, but if youre going up high youll realize youre almost at that 49 foot mark where the drone is going to go out of range. So if youre flying it indoors, you dont have to worry about it. Unless you have a huge house with 50 foot ceilings in it – which i doubt, but you may down here – theres another little uh support email address at support potensic.com you can do another really cool feature. Is the battery level of the drone is down here in percentages with the bars so youll know when the battery is getting low? The controller will beep the light on the drone. Will flash and youll know that the batterys getting low, but you can also see just how much battery you have left, so you dont freak out when you hear the beep and land it right away. You can probably get a couple more minutes out of it. Just by watching the gauge down here at the bottom on your battery percentage thats, the drone guys we are set up – we went over the app were gon na go, get this little dude in the air, because i cannot wait to see how good he flies lets.

Go test flying okay, guys here we go were gon na test fly the a20w from potensic the firefly im gon na go ahead and launch it and were gon na check out all the stuff on the controller, then ill land and swap the batteries real, quick and Well, check out the app and see how all that works out real quick. So since we dont have a whole lot of battery time, i wont be able to do them all on one battery. So im going to unlock the motors or you know what lets go ahead and hit the one key take off button and see how that works. Here we go. Nice got a little bit of a drip, not much though im thats really cool, so he needs to be trimmed a little bit. Not bad, though thats not bad at all. So lets see well, go ahead and get him trimmed out, and you can see there im not holding the controller and youve got plenty of time, so theres, nothing intimidating about it. I, like it its really cool its super quiet, ill, bring them a little closer to me. Maybe you can hear the motors, but even up next to me you can barely hear them really cool. You could definitely fly this around in the morning when everyone in the house is sleeping and you would not wake them up super cool, so i think it defaults to speed two. When you start it up, so were gon na get it to speed one here and then ill show you the different speeds, yeah, so theres, three, all right so now were in speed one.

So i will show you the speeds. So here we go speed. One hi nice slow speed, not bad at all, so on speed one once you get used to it too, you could fly it on speed two but speed one. You can see here very easy to fly around the house, so nice comfortable speed to practice in and when you get used to it and get better at it. You can pick up the speeds and zoom all around, like a racetrack in here, so well go speed. Two wow im really impressed with how quiet this thing is: theres speed two and you can see when i let go of the controller ill, bring it back, so you can see it better, but he will keep going but hell level off so make sure you give Yourself enough room, if youre going towards something you stop soon enough, so he doesnt hit it do speed three. Here we go speed three here we go dude and you can see the control. The controller to the drone response is immediate. There is no delay, no lag whatever you want to call it in it. Thats really cool. This thing makes a hell of a noise when its cutting through the wind. You can hear the motors working really cool, so im gon na hit record and ill get a little bit of video up here on the lower left. So you guys can see the video quality remember again, its only 720p, so youre really using it just for the fpv.

But you can see the screen on the lower right is what you would use and what you would see to fly around im, not sure, im a fan of how low that camera is pointed down. It would have been nicer to have it pointing up a little bit more, but still not bad, so well hit record and ill pop a little bit of this up on there for you, so you can see it, but its a little better quality than the fpv View is, you can see there, so you got to go pretty high to get any higher shots, but you can see everythings still pretty clear, so not bad, so very cool. He took off really well and you can see. I hardly had to trim my mall thats impressive in itself that i hardly had to trim him and you can see here if you look at the screen record of the app ill go up and down here, real quick with them, and you can see how that Height measurement works, you can see it changing. There were three two two meters off the ground: thats really impressive for uh mini drone. So now were beeping. You can see the light on, the drone is blinking and the controller is beeping and the phone is vibrating. So you got all kinds of warnings, letting you know this battery is going low, so were gon na get him over here ill hit the one key land, well, land him and then im gon na swap the batteries and were gon na uh fly him hopefully fly Him with the app im, not a fan of the app stuff so well see how it does, but Music we have batteries going.

I dont know if im gon na get him over here for the auto land lets get him over. Here we go ready. Oh, we missed come on. All right were going to land him right there, because he doesnt want to fly anymore. We go were going to im going to attempt to flame with the controller ill, get him up in the air ill. Show you how it works. A little bit ill try the teresa fly. If i wreck him up, then i wreck him im really not great at controlling these things with the app im, just not a fan of it at all, but im going to do it, so i can show you guys how it works so im going to unlock The motors with the joystick, so you can see that and then ill hit the one key take off and well shoot him up in the air so down and in there they go one key take off and up. He goes not bad at all. Still really great. Take off with the app so you can see here im controlling him, with the controllers on the app and im actually doing better than i thought i was gon na im. Not a fan of this. I just have not done it enough to be used to it, but you can see hes dripped in a little bit and you can control the trim on the app to just tap these little plus and minus sliders until he corrects himself and then hell come back And you can see there hell start to hover and he wont drift as much so just like that.

Hes got a lot of wind coming out from under him too pretty powerful little motors and super im really really blown away by how quiet it is all right. So im going to bring him over here and i am going to attempt now this is going to look stupid, its not going to look great but im going to do a little pattern, so you guys can see him. Do it and thats all im gon na. Do im just gon na do a little circle. The thing that scares me with this is the controller goes away, so you have no control over this drone, while its doing it thats. The only thing i dont like i wish. The right controller would pop back up. After it was done with the pattern, but it doesnt all right so im going to get him back here, a little bit closer to me and give me some more room. Try to anyway and lets see well turn him get him over here. A little bit im gon na bring him down some too okay right, theres, pretty good im, just gon na do a little tiny circle guys. So here we go and you can see there. He did it now. You have to turn this off turn your controllers back on and gain control, and i did it without wrecking him. I am shocked all right, so our battery is going low. This is my second take trying to do this for you guys, but we did it so im gon na get him over here.

I will hit the one key land and well land him over here. Hopefully here we go. Oh get him over a little bit more. Oh down, he goes, but we landed him thats. The app control guys thats, pretty much all there is to it lets, wrap this up and were gon na im. Gon na give you my final thoughts. Okay, guys lets go ahead and wrap this video up im going to give you my final thoughts on potentix a20, w firefly, navigator 2 mini drone, whoa thats a lot to say in in one breath. Overall, i there really wasnt much. I didnt like about the drone ill go over everything i did like about it. First impressive, how quiet this drone was. I have a bunch of mini drones and this is probably the quietest one i have. I couldnt believe how quiet it was, but it actually is. Quite powerful for having brushed motors that was pretty impressive in itself. It was super easy to fly, got it up in the air with the app and the controller, and both really didnt need much trim whatsoever if any at all the built on training wheels. Here the propeller guards make it really easy for anyone to fly. Kids adult you could have zero experience and you could probably learn to fly this mini drone hell, i would say, within one battery cycle. It really is that easy to fly the app everything on the app worked.

It was really cool. The fpv view was pretty clear for 720p camera. That was impressive. The only issue i really had with the app was the trace the fly it worked, but i really wish that right, joystick would pop back up on the screen when it was done doing the pattern you drew just, you could get control of the drone right away. Instead of having to turn it off turn the controller back on and then trying to take control right away, not gps, so it aint gon na have a complete, accurate hover. Its gon na keep drifting a little bit, no matter what the camera angle really. The only thing i didnt like about the camera angle is, i wish it was up a little bit higher, so you could see a little better where you were going going forward. Its got a great view for 720p, the picture wasnt bad at all. Overall five stars. Very impressive hats off to potensic. They really put some thought into this mini drone. They made a quality, affordable, mini drone, this little dudes worth the 46.99 theyre asking for it. But hey dont, be a drone dummy theres, a 10 off clickable coupon right now. So you can get this little guy for under 40 bucks ill put the link to potensic and amazon down in my description, so you can click on it, go get you one. Youll have in a day or two hell go, get a couple of them at under 40.

Bucks flying through the house have some fun with the wife and the kids great mini drone im. I was really honestly impressed with this mini drone. Great job potensic anyway, guys thats going to do it for this video thanks. So much for watching, remember, subscribe and notify. So you dont, miss any of my upcoming videos.