Honest review were going to talk about this new reptile cloud 149 and they say it is a v2. I kind of feel like its kind of the v3, because this is a completely redesigned. Duct system on this one and its not really full ducts, its kind of like a thin prop guard its very similar to the iflight protect 35. These are d76 props on here and theyre. The pretty cool, like five blade props on there, 1408 motors 20 amp eses for up to 4s. You can get around six to nine minutes. On a 4s 1300 battery. You can also put a full size gopro on this quad, so it will do cinema or it will freestyle and with this new version of it they also have a fox ear. Razor camera on there, which looks fantastic so lets, go ahead without further ado and lets do some flying with it. Let me show you how precise this quad flies and how it freestyles. Here we go: Music to Music, Music, so Music, this foreign Music, Music, oh Music! All right guys welcome back from the flight test. I dont know if youre aware of the original cloud series that came out from reptile reptile is the name of the company and they also produce some pretty awesome, fpv airplanes. I love the original cloud 149 because it freestyled better than a lot of the more expensive ones out there and it just seemed to be lightweight and the power to weight ratio was crazy.

It was like really dramatic on the throttle, so for one of those foam, ducted cinewhoops, it performed really really well freestyle or some cinema flying. So this one is 268 on the scale uh. I think its a little heavier than the original one, but i feel like the price on this ones also good. This is probably one of the best cinewoop deals out there right now around 185 on the banggood website, so its under the 200 mark. For you know a plug and play add your own receiver type of quad. So right now, a lot of stuff out there is like 250 or more and thats partially because of the pandemic. The chip manufacturing were not having as much chips made. Some of the factories have closed, and here we are so things are a little more expensive, but this is a pretty good deal and again its kind of like a protect 35 redesigned, for you know the average guy to pick up on, and you know what todays Footage was made with just one single bolt a little bit of vhb. I mean i totally just went gorilla here and just uh kind of did what i could with, but practically duct tape and thats. The kind of footage that came back with today from the firefly x, light camera im loving this camera, because this is essentially a 4k camera with 60 frames per second, that seems pretty well stabilized and it might be the quad as well has a pretty smooth tune On here it didnt have a lot of wash out, it would power loop.

I was able to power loop like the swing set just barely. I was a little bit crazy on the throttle with this, but it was fun to fly and once i put it in stability mode and i had the camera tilted down a little bit man, i could really make some awesome gaps through that playground set. I was very happy with the way it flies slow and fast and look at the frame on the bottom here. This frame looks a lot like the uh catalyst machine works like mini droner or whatever what was called the droner or something it has a lot of extra framing in here, and this three millimeter its even also for a cheaper quadcopter. It has beveled edges on here, and the carbon looks pretty decent. I did break and snap the back of my 5 8 antenna back here and you can make that stand up a little taller above the battery as well, because its actually a pretty long antenna. Its all the way down – and i think it got shoved in there after a crash, but i did crash this multiple times. This plastic seems really durable whatever this is and im not sure if youre going to break this, but you also have a spot in the back for an immortal t back here. You can run tbs crossfire on this f4. I believe the f411 flight controller and uh 20 amp esc its got the built in capacitor weve got 400 milliwatt vtx on the very top, with smart audio d76.

Gem fan props and again, those are the five blade props two bolts on top four bolts on the bottom, xm plus, is just hanging out haphazardly down there, so sometimes im in a hurry, and i just do stuff on the quick but um i feel like this Is a safe, buy and like under two hundred dollars its pretty good right now um and it will carry a full size gopro. So if you guys have any questions about this one at all, please put them in the comments down below and i will be giving away the flywoo center race 20 this week. So this week is the drop date for that and im going to announce the new giveaway for you guys so make some comments on what youd like to see me. Give away and ill try to do that for you as a collective and hopefully all you guys are having a fantastic week. So far, uh ive been having a fun time flying all the new stuff. So you can check this one out in the link down below. If you grab one of these, if you purchase one from my link, it will absolutely benefit me and my family, so yeah id appreciate that take care of you guys cloud 149. uh in my opinion, v3, because they made three versions of this now um, the original.