Honest review today were going to check out the mjx rc mg 1 little brushless, foldable 350 gram. Two axis 4k drone theres a lot going on here. It has multiple flight modes. It has point of interest: tap fly orbit mode, follow me, which is what everyone wants, and it has two different speed modes. If you long press on the high low button right here on the top right hand of the remote, it will actually fly in sport mode. If you long press it again, itll go to tripod mode, so very similar to dji drones. I have to say that in the sport mode it really does go quite fast. I think this is close to as fast as something like the fini x8. It really does move out. It almost was like an fpv race quad. It felt really fast line of sight when i was testing it, so it is around the 350 gram mark. So in the us, you would have to register it as an official aircraft by the faa, but the cool thing about this drone is that this is kind of like the poor, mans dji mavic 2 mini. I mean because the magic mavic 2 mini is still going to cost you an upwards of 500. I always tell people to start out here with something like an mjx rc bugs quad, i dont care, which one you get um me personally. This is the newer one. So i would get this one, because this one has the best camera sensor of any of the mgx releases ive seen recently so fantastic 4k video were going to be pretty critical about that.

But the reason that i tell you to start out with this is yeah. You can get in for around 219 dollars with one battery versus over 500 for the flymore dji package just makes sense to crash something like this first youre honestly, you know you may crash and thats the reality of flying drones, but thats also the fun and excitement Of flying drones um, it also has a class four wind rating, which is pretty good for one of the smaller type drones, and i believe that it cuts through wind, pretty good the day that we tested it was fairly calm, but the more wind you have over, Like say, like a 20 mile an hour when it starts to get a little bit shaky in the camera view, so you have to look out for that, but i had no problems with the camera coming out of line getting off the horizon line or being tilted During the flight, so i think that the two axis gimbal is working fantastic. The other cool thing about this drone is that mjx bugs rc stuff its really easy to just charge up the battery with the usb port on the back of the battery. Here its got an led display which shows you how many bars of battery life you have left and once you charge up the battery, take it out to the field. You open up the app and you dont even have to use any type of wi fi password.

You go into the app called x drone open this up after youve connected to the drones, wi fi, it will say drone with a series of numbers. After it, then you enter the device here and youll say: enter flight interface and bam. Youre in the app and itll show you the live camera view here. Youve got all of the buttons here im going to show you this interface during our flight test. It shows you how many satellites you have and during our flight it was really cool, because i had an upwards of 16 satellites on this drone. So return to home multiple flight modes, a 2s 29 50 milliamp battery that lasts, they say about 25 minutes. I think a real world flight time is probably around 20 minutes um. This one got left in my car overnight and it was you know down in the 40s, so it got quite cold, but i flew it anyway and i was still able to get like 15 minutes flight time. But that was also because we were flying in sport mode a lot, so that makes it a lot faster and more aggressive. It does have brushless motors on here, and these brushless motors lets just look at the specs real, quick and see what the brushless motors are at. Those are 1503 2900 kv, brushless motors with two part props that come off as one piece and they have a screwdriver in the kit that you get.

You also get a pretty nice bag that goes along with it and fits up to three batteries inside the case. It has a zipper all the way around, and it comes with some extra props, which is great, and i have my extra batteries in here. The transmitter itself actually holds your phone and only takes two double a batteries which i like. The double a batteries are the larger ones, not the aaas. These are nice rechargeable energizers that i use, and they go right in the back right here so on this transmitter, its really easy to set up it. Has your flight mode right here, the auto takeoff button here down into the center to arm? It also has a button here to unlock the motors, which is the way that you start the low idle on the motors. And then you can hit auto, take off button and itll come up to about three feet or four feet off the ground and hover in one spot and itll make you calibrate the compass every time. Thats one thing about mgx rc bug series drones is that every time you take off, you have to calibrate these, and i dont know where to get around that, but i think you have to do that. Every time you take off so its a series of rotations on the horizontal axis and then the vertical axis, with the camera facing straight down, rotate it again, once youre done rotating and setting up your compass, you have calibrated the compass and once youve done that that Way when it returns to home, if you have a video failure like im, going to show you how what to do in this video, if you do have a failure, you can fly back line of sight or you can hit return home on the transmitter on the Right hand, side: you also have a camera button here which takes a still and long press for starting and stopping the video, but you can also start and stop and take pictures right from the x drone app, which is super cool, so uh without further ado lets.

Go ahead and go out and fly the mj 1 or the mg one from bugs and uh lets have some fun with it, and let me show you uh how fast and how slow this drone can go and how decent the video is for 200. I think this is probably one of the best mgx bugs releases yet and uh. I have two batteries, so im super excited to fly for you guys today and get this one up in the air. It is like so relaxing to fly the bug series. I love it its like the perfect trainer, so here we go lets go ahead and fly on a cold day, overcast and and just check out how good this camera looks on this little affordable. 4K drone. Here we go all right guys. I have my compass calibrated now lets go ahead. You can see the app view here. Lets go ahead and take off with the mg1 and lets just do a little flying around together and see how it does im going to start. Recording the video on the right hand, side im recording in 4k at 30 frames per second, so im going to go ahead and hit the arm switch down here and that should unlock the motors and im going to come up into a hover. And i was just eating some cheeses, so pardon me if i have cheeses on my face, you know in the middle of a review but were going to check out the hover here, just gon na walk around i mean it feels like fairly real time, probably better Real time, video than what ive seen on past previous mjx rc bug series quads, and i was interested to fly this one because well i mean this is kind of like a miniature little mavic mini.

So it even kind of looks like a mavic mini, but the hover is like totally solid here from what im seeing that is really good, so im interested to fly out over the field. Well, just do some general flying up a little high flying and some low tripod mode and well do the high speed mode. So you get to see all the fun stuff today, so lets go ahead, bring it up for the flight test. Im just going to do. Tripod mode were just going to go straight up here, wow, just a little bit of throttle, really kind of gets it up and moving really fast. Look at that and you know its probably about 4, 30 right now the moon is out. It was a little overcast today, its like one of those days where, like you know, oregon kind of dark, overcast sunshine came out for a moment, but then it went away as usual and theres a big highway over there. So im just going to turn to the left and avoid any kind of highway, also try to avoid tree tops. We have like 80 foot trees around here, so i know that i cant go super far with these types of bugs drones in the past ive flown. These wi fi drones and honestly folks, you cant, really go that far lets just be honest in this review. Like always in my reviews, you cant go very far without losing transmission.

However, the cool thing about this is that well, if you do lose transmission, just hit return to home and when it comes back into range, sometimes right back over top of yourself. Itll reconnect lets just do a little pan to the right and lets try that downward facing camera lets adjust the gimbal. Oh look at that. Nice just got a lot brighter. When i came down from the sky theres like kind of a little like right there. Can you see how the horizon just has a little bit of fisheye to it? I dont know if youve seen that in the onboard recording, but i am recording to the onboard dvr. Hopefully that works out, because i dont believe i formatted the card so were gon na see what happens there and if it didnt record ill, just do another flight, because this is one of those reviews that should be easy, mainly because mjx bugs stuff just always really Easy to fly and if youre like the kind of the ultimate beginner and youre, not very you, know, drone tech, savvy and all that stuff. This is a great one to start out with you, dont have to have a wi fi password to get into the wi fi. You do have to have a 5.8 gigahertz capable smartphone to hook up the app to its a brand new app that were using today. On this one and theres a qr code in the instruction manual and once you scan that qr code bam youre in the app so were going to go ahead and head over to the farmer field over here.

And you know what im gon na see. What kind of range we have right now distance is 351 feet were 200 feet up were not allowed to go past, like 400 foot up according to the faa, so we will definitely not break that rule and were just going to go over here in the farmer Field away from the church and were just going to see what kind of range i get here before the video freezes up and the video freezes up or starts to cut out well just turn around so were about a thousand feet now, thats, actually really good range And still have a real time view: okay, so we lost signal right about almost 1200 feet, but i regained it im just gon na walk over to my right a little bit, and sometimes, if you go a little bit higher youll, actually regain signal because you got A better line of sight to your transmitter, so i can still kind of just barely see it off in the distance there and im going to hit return to home on the right hand, side of the transmitter, and we should still be recording on the app. So again, this is like one of those drones for the ultimate beginner youre not going to go out miles and miles im cruising on this thing. But you know what its kind of cool that you could fly around in your own kind of close proximity field, and this is kind of a cool thing to take out to the coast.

If you want to fly around the beach a little bit, okay were going to hit return to home. Yes, on the app tried it on the transmitter and i think you have to hold it down so now, shell be coming back this way, and here she comes very slow and im just going to wait and see if that signal returns to the transmitter, how close It gets because i can see it up there and its just really coming back, really slow it almost at first, i thought it was a hawk or something now one thing to learn for flying. You know, drones and fpv is learn how to do a line of sight recovery if youre out there and you lose your video transmission. A really cool thing to do is to learn how to bring it back by line of sight and ive brought these drones back from line of sight before from like way way out there. So what were going to do right now is it looks like im starting to get some telemetry back and im, probably about you, know, im, probably like 150 foot away and the the app still hasnt returned to to good. Yet so, im just gon na fly right down to the parking lot right in front of me and see if this app comes back now, if it doesnt come back on you, what you have to do is close the app down and reopen the app the bad Thing about that is, i might lose my video recording to my smart card or to my sd card, which would you know will suck for the video, but i will put the app recorded screen capture on the video for you so there it is im back, but I had to come right back down to the parking lot.

You can see like right here to get you guys back and im, hoping that, after it lost transmission, that this thing actually just saved the video file to the smart card on the drone so thats. What were hoping today, but lets just continue on with some close proximity – 4k video, okay and were just going to go ahead now were going to try out the high speed mode lets, go ahead and long press that mode button on the right top right and boom. Now were gon na fly a little faster. You guys lets go look at this almost like an fpv race quad. So the thing about this is you know, given that it is a wi fi drone. I do have these metal power poles around me that im going you know, im flying above them, but im also putting them in between me and the drone. So sometimes thatll break up the wi fi signals back to your phone, but now were just cruising. This is full stick right here: 56 feet up just boom, hauling butt now im going to make a left turn right here and im going to come back, looks like im losing a little altitude so im going to gain some altitude. I dont want to hit three tops and im going to cruise back toward myself and i bring my camera up a little bit and the ground gets darker. So the sensor you know the sensor is not super high quality sensor on here.

Something like you would get with a dji. You know mavic mini even but this thing is like half the price of a mavic mini if that. So if they have a good price point on this, one ill put the link down below and you guys can grab one of these. If you are thinking about getting into drones or flying drones, start with something like this before you go out and crash a dji one into a tree. Now, im going up again im going like close to 400 500 600 feet out over the tree farm over here and its pr. I know my distance limit is probably around 1100 feet, so im gon na get out to about 900 and im gon na turn around and see if we dont lose signal again: okay, theres, 900, 918 932 lets turn around and start coming back. Okay, thats cool. We didnt go out of like video range, that time 184 feet lets just gain a little bit of altitude here man. It really moves out in this fast high speed mode. Well, they they call it sport mode, just like the mavic, so im gon na go to the right a little bit. You know. I think that the i feel like the controls on a lot of these, like what i consider like a toy drone. They have like kind of robotic feeling, sticks and so youll notice that when i turn to the left here see how it just kind of its not as smooth as something like a dji or a xiaomi show me.

How do you say that show me? You know the show me x8 femi, the femi se, the 2020 version that has reviewed you can go back and check that one out on the channel that ones fun, that is a super sweet, 4k, larger style drone and, like people, ask me all the time theyre, Like should i get smaller compact portable on, or should i get the larger mavic pro sized drone? Well, it depends on a lot if you have high winds where youre at and you have a lot of weather, i would go with something bigger like the femi x8. Se 2022 version um to correct myself: 2022 version that one just came out and that one performed in this same location for me really well. You can go back and watch that review because it was a super windy day that day and dudes. I was able to get some great video now im just going to point it at the ground and show you guys like what it looks like pointed at the ground, you can do that cool like satellite straight down, shot, add a little bit of a rotation in There thats really cool right. You can see my prius down there, hello prius, never thought id be a prius driver, but here i am its. My daily driver give me a break okay, because if you get a phone call lets get an example right there. My girlfriends, trying to call me and uh were going to finish up this battery and were going to call her back before i dont have a girlfriend.

So i just wanted you guys to see that you dont lose video while youre flying and you get a phone call some of the worst times to get a phone call. Is why youre flying a drone? That is not a good place, uh to be disconnected from from your phone and your drone. All right so were cruising along here, and i still have a pretty good amount of battery left and im in high speed mode. You know what lets just stop and hover for a minute and were going to bring the camera up and heres, where you can really see how well an onboard camera does for any drone. Just look at the horizon im just going to pull back on the stick and were going to do kind of like a slow backwards. Flying reveal um and im going to talk about this. Look at the horizon and above where the clouds are. If you see cloud definition, meaning you know, you see some darks and lights and its not all blown out thats, a pretty good camera sensor. If you dont see any cloud definition if its all blown out, that means its a pretty cheap sensor on board. So in the app as you can see, if this is recording its my screen capture, then it it should show some definition in the and i just lost tx signal because its right above me, sometimes when youre right above yourself, youll lose definition.

So lets come on back to the field. Here i was actually out. I was behind myself. So if you stand with your back to the drone, you can lose wi fi signal, because the wi fi signal has a hard time bouncing through your chest. Now lets go ahead and stop again were going to hover right here. It says low battery im, just going to put it into low mode. Okay and now im gon na do return to home on this guy. So im just gon na turn around here and now lets just go forward here. Lets go forward. It says it doesnt support flying it at a certain range here. Lets bring the camera down a little bit. 328 foot range 98 foot altitude, okay, so lets go ahead and hit return to home long press that long press it baby and she should be in return to home all right now we see that the icon for return home is blue. Its highlighted in blue that lets, you know, shes coming back low battery. You know what, in this battery spent the night in my car. So, typically, if you go out and fly drones, make sure you keep your batteries in your house, keep them nice and warm keep them in your pocket and youll have a nice long flight if theyre, cold youll have less flight right now, its like 40 degrees – and I can see on the drone the back of the drone, the red lights blinking, and i wonder if i can catch this drone and itll turn off.

I doubt it lets give it a shot that was pretty cool, so im gon na bring the camera up a little bit because, hey you know what it just did. It landed in my hand and turned off that was that was really really cool awesome. So you can check out the link down below. I think this ones going to be one of those drones that you can get thats uh its just gon na be fun and its not gon na be a lot of stress because it doesnt cost a thousand dollars. So take it out – and this is a great one to to fly with your kid. Youve got your real time view right here on your smartphone and it doesnt have a whole bunch of buttons and its easy to fly. So i just automatic, like accidentally armed it, but were going to go ahead and land it real, quick before it drops out of the air thats. Another tip guys like dont, fly it past, where its beeping, because it may just like just fall out of the air on you. So when you see that red light on the back of the drone go ahead and land it because you may have a broken drone. Thanks again guys do subscribe to my channel because uh i got more awesome. Drone reviews coming up for you lets see if itll turn off again. Yes, it does the downward sensors work great.