The pointless drone reviews, no significance right. Why is that? What im talking about notice significance in terms of drones that you buy, that comes with the camera and im going to explain why? Okay and go back here? And why is that? Because people need to stop wasting money on drones versus what im talking about in terms of wants and needs. The problem is that people will see a drone, they buy it and they get excited about it, but they go to reviews of that of their watch. Reviews and they can they end up – buying the wrong product many times over and over and over and wasting money as well, because so far i havent seen not much i havent seen. Actually. I havent seen one single video about a drone that people buy for reviews and they they dont talk about the most important things they dont do. They reveal about the most important thing about a drone. Is the camera thats the most important thing, the people wasting money on drone? They keep buying drones here and there and basically its pointless what theyre doing because theyre, not not learning uh how to use a camera and they came using the auto all this kind of thing that comes with the drone to me, that is just like pointless. Okay, hello: i keep current few years, yep thats right im, keeping my current 2s full. There you go now. You got it. You know how 9 000.

you see the problem with the drone reviews up there, the by a drone, dji drone. All those kind of drones is a is people get confused? They confuse the heck of people when they people get excited about a product but theyre buying for the wrong reason. Okay, im gon na explain why the people need to stop wasting money because they dont know what they are buying. Okay, they actually, they dont and people. Dont know what they are reviewing actually too okay, youre paying for a flying camera thats what youre playing for thats? What you, the most expensive part of the drone, is the camera. If you buy a drum for filming, unless you want to buy a drone just to fly around having fun, you dont care about the camera, but when you buy a dslr mirrorless camera right, you buy for the camera exactly the same thing. If you buy a dji drone, youre not buying for the the drone you buy for the camera, the image quality – and i do not know – i havent seen one person that knows how to use a camera on the drone period zero. I havent seen one single review. The person knows what theyre doing with the drone and to me its like mind, blown it just doesnt make sense to me: do you see a lot of review? Did they say? Oh im, gon na fly the drone over here. The phone fly this stay in there for 40 hours, 40 minutes 30 minutes 15 minutes, but they dont mention the most important thing.

It is the camera. You buy a flying camera, okay, thats, what youre paying for – and i havent seen it a single review about a camera. What are they buying for? So in this video im going to educate the people out there that buy drones before you buy drones, learn how to use a camera and im going to mimic the xenomini pro application, how to use a drone how to film with the drone? Okay. So before you buy a drone pay attention, you buy youre buying a drone in these days like if you, with the camera youre paying for the camera. Okay pay attention with the image quality. The most important thing about the camera is the menu mode, okay, its not about the auto. If you buy, if you buy a 10 000 camera, and you live in auto youre, basically paying youre wasting nine thousand dollars for a camera, you got ta get out of the auto mode and so im going to explain how to use a drone in terms of Recording the cameras, doesnt matter, what cameras you use most of them are similar. Let me see what youre saying yeah yeah thats right, dont bite him dont waste money on cameras there most of the can you do record almost the same. The thing is: when you know how to film makes a big difference, you can record you can use an iphone or a cheap phone where you keep get good image with it.

So im gon na explain how to use a camera on this drone. Okay, so im gon na use the xenomini pro because ive been doing videos related about it, because i have a bigger sensor. Okay, so go next, avoid the more more moronic auto. I always use the menu mode. Okay, always always use the menu mode. Id say the stupid, auto thing on drones is just stupid. Okay, remember: most of this drone that you buy has a fixed aperture. What that means most of your food is going to be garbage. You think this is good, but its not that great. When you know how to use the camera, you realize i was just filming garbage you got to get out of the auto okay, you you missing, you missing the whole picture when youre using auto, get out of the auto and im gon na, explain how to use The drone any drone doesnt matter which company is the most basically used, is the same kind of way: cameras mode, okay, some of cameras. Some drones allow you to use uh control, the aperture, but most cheap drones. You cant do that so im gon na explain and show how to use get out of the auto the moronic, auto thing: okay, so im gon na uh do a simulation. Okay simulation with the xenomini pro over here. Let me see if i can bring myself over here, so basically, what im saying is turn off the auto when filming those are things are ridiculous.

You just wasting money its just wasting money. You see all the reviews about the oh fly this like that by always recording in auto you just you just waste a lot of money and youre not getting for your paying for okay. So this is a simulation about this application. The xeni mini pro doesnt matter. What drone you use? Okay! So first thing: what do you do? You go menu, okay, get out of the auto, but heres the thing you only get out of the auto when you take off when you fly and when youre ready to film get out of auto and then when youre done, filming dont go back to auto the Auto mode and people dont know that people buy drones. All those people that buy reviews drones they do not understand the auto mode in drones is not meant for filming, basically for men, for you to fly to one place and come back. Okay is what theyre made the auto means to for you to be able to fly the drone and then, when youre, ready to film, you go to the menu mode, its just a matter of safety, but its not fulfilling. Okay, get out of this stupid, auto mode. Thats, what we need to do? Okay, so if i go back next okay, so what do you do when you get out of the auto mode youre on the menu mode? Make sure you record on the highest resolution? In this case, this drone with zeni mini pro is 3840 by 216, 4k and record at least 30 frames per second do not record anything 30 frames per second remember.

Monitors these days goes by the hertz, okay frequency, if youre missing frames. What the computer is going to do is multiply 24 by 5 divided by 2 and get 60 to be able to play 60 hertz. Okay, do not film anything 60 at 30 frames per s. 24 frames per second. Do not the people say, give you a cinematic look note give you bs. It gives you the strobe problem to play back the like a horrible frame. Look like a a video play being played by a slow video editor. So do not film in 24 frames per second, so i recommend a minimum of 30 frames per second make sure you use uh the higher bits bit rate you dont you drunk can record uh the higher the bit rate, the better uh compression, better image. Quality is going to capture, make sure you got that okay, so doesnt matter. What drone you use always use the higher frame rate, never filming 24 frames per second, because youtube is full of people that think they know what theyre doing they never work in the media. Industry i work in the media industry. I work in hollywood. Obvi ive been working for over 30 years in production companies. I know what im doing im, not just doing things for youtube. Im sharing information here so avoid 24 frames per second, because youre not shooting things for film, so they, when you feel when you read one when you film things in 24 or 24 frames per second, is going to be projected at 24 frames per.

Second, okay, you go to a movie theater. The projector 24 flashes right on the monitor is by the hertz. It hurts the minimum 60 hertz okay. So what happened is no matter what you do. The computer is going to create the missing frames and your video is going to look like crap and youll not be able to sell later on, usually later on, to do interactive applications and so forth, and you stuck with the footage from the past. Okay, never do that so minimum 30 frames per second, because double times two 60 of the hertz united states is 60 hertz. Okay, so make sure you do that highest frame rate higher resolution, okay, thats. What you should do uh were gon na give a scenario. Example over here filming with the drum okay. This is a scenario like uh. If i was using a drone, what do you do? This is what youre seeing we see you know over here. Okay, what are you seeing on the on the monitor? Okay, uh its basically giving us like a scenario like this is what im filming in a menu mode im a 800 and a hundred twenty uh one thou. A shadow speed is 1200 thats. What the when youre shooting out with drum this is horrible for image. Quality people dont understand shadow speed and after look the only there are two only things you have to worry about cameras. Okay, two only things and people make the big mess about it.

Every camera you buy it doesnt matter which one it is theres. Only two things you have to worry about 99.9 percent is the aperture and the shutter speed. Those are the only two things that controls light. Iso. Okay, iso does not control light, okay, people it makes. I dont know why people do that because lack of education, lack of understand the technical part theres two things that go controls, light on any camera, doesnt matter. If you buy a drone or a professional camera, a million dollars camera doesnt matter its only two things: aperture the opening and the shutter speed. How open close? How fast it open close thats how you control light! This iso is again its after the light hit. The sensors on your camera and then you can do the game its just like taking a photo and opening photoshop and using the exposure values after being taken so pay attention. This is why im showing this when you film, with the drone okay, look im in menu mode, i was in auto change to menu mode and the menu also 800. The iso is kind of high and the shutter speed uh 1200 to make the image dark. This is what the drones do when you shoot filming, uh auto the aperture is fixed. You cannot close it or open more right, so what they do when youre filming when youre flying your drone is going to turn into auto. So what tower do it brings the shutter speed all the way, even to 4 000 in a sec one second and a 4 000.

This is ridiculous, its because trying to reduce the amount of light coming to this sensor right. So if i go next, okay last call i changed the shutter speed: okay, uh. I changed the shutter speed to one over six with that one over the six. The spurs is too high, so im mimicking okay. If i go before right, this was an autumn. If i go on one before okay, this is where you should 4k. If i come here so change to menu is 800 by 1200 to make the image darker right, but when youre filming video doesnt matter, what kind of video youre filming always set your shutter speed? Double the frame rate you got to follow the rules, otherwise youre going to have problems. Many problems not going to be able to sell you footage because isnt the wrong settings: okay, because if you dont do that im going to explain why? So i got ta make sure you got to make sure you change the shutter speed double of the frame rate, so i will film it with the 30 frames per second, as you can see so 30 times to 60, so you set to shutter shutter speed to 60., if youre in the united states, if youre shooting 30 frames per second 60, if youre, shooting 60 frames per second you set to 120 shutter speed away, is the double okay. You got ta. Do that? Because you got to follow the rules of 180 degree, a shadow angle so im saying otherwise, youre gon na have problems people they say: dont have problems.

Yes, you do, okay, because they dont know what theyre talking about so the next one. So, in this case uh i changed to iso to 200 and its got a better a little bit and see like much better, so im controlling the iso. I went up. I increased the gain right so, as you can see before 800, so i do not want to change 60. I got ta. Have my shutter speed, always one over sixty, no matter what so i change increase the uh uh, where i call the the aperture i decrease. It before it was 800 and i did decrease to 4 uh 200, so much better, useful footage, so its not too bright or too dark. That makes a big deal. Okay, let me explain to you why, okay in terms of shutter speed, if i go back in here, you see they should be speed, but i would say, but people say by some people shooting shutter speed very high. Look, let me tell you the difference between shooting with a different shutter speed. Okay, if youre gon na film something emotion, blur youre, shooting higher frame rate like uh 120 frames per second – and you can increase the shutter speed and do it with the software you can slow down. So you can see every single detail. This is when youre shooting higher shutter speed, so you can freeze the motion, so you dont see the blur okay. That is the only purpose only kind of if you want to shoot it like a fight scene or so forth.

You put a higher shadow speed, so you look like action, looks more pleasant with the action right below shutter speed below 160 in terms of 30 frames per. Second, you become like a blur image like a silk way like a too much motion blur. Okay, its kind of you can use some kind of special effects. Okay, you only use shutter speed below the front at the below 60, one of a six in terms of 30 frames per second, if youre gon na do some kind of visual effects, only anything else, you basically wasting time money and youre. Making your footage look horrible play back horrible okay. So if you go back there, i changed from 800. I keep 1 and 60.. Never change that, no matter what i i bring down the iso to 200 and kind of fix. The footage see its usually looks, looks right. Right lets go with another scenario. Okay, if i bring down one more iso, the image is too dark. So, but i dont wan na increase the uh shutter speed, so i bring back to 200. So it looks right. The shutter speed right there, so this is a perfect setting for this kind of capturing the right image quality. You got to make sure you double the shutter speed of the frame rate that youre playing playing f, if youre recording at 30 frames per second, your shutter speed always always needs to be double 30 frames per second 60.

light controlling how bright or whatever it is. You got to find other meanings to deal with light. Okay and most of drones you buying these days. They have fixed, upgrade and im going to explain why how you can get the shot you want with certain things. Okay, so lets say that no matter what you do, okay outside is too bright, no matter what you do, youre trying to bring the iso to 100 to make the image darker the shutter speed is spun over 60 and its still too bright thats. Why? It comes the nd filters: okay, theres the nd filters without the plps polarizers. That means is, if youre gon na film water, you dont, see reflections the water, the sky becomes more blue. The bright becomes more bright. If you want to make the footage more uh attractive, you use nd filter with a pl polarizers filters in it so makes thing image much better. Okay affects the affects the colors a little bit, some of them so im saying if its, if its not polarized polarized. That means it is basically changing things around okay, so, as you can see, im using nd, filter, 4, okay and – and it is too bright, still its not good yet so i got a change. Okay, you bring back your drone land, your drone and change your filter to a higher number, because you cant change the iso and you cant change the shutter speed right.

So what do you do? You try 1a and its a little bit too dark now, but wait a minute, but while we go to one most, do one more things: okay lets go change the iso to 200 because remember the iso is too low. 100 lets go, keep uh, filter number eight and lets go to one uh to 200 and the image will looks perfect and that is like a few with iso with 200 and with end filter eight, and i did not change the shouting speed one over sixty. So what are you doing there? What youre doing there is basically youre reducing the light? Remember in the future, the only purpose only because people get confused out there. Okay in the futures, only purpose is to reduce uh uh light entering into the sensor by half. Okay and i am providing uh im, providing a a a chart that you can download and even when youre taking videos on the video description, and i can show you how to get them. Okay, let me go back here and if you go to this video, okay and what im talking about is uh, let me open the website over here. This will help you find out which this video, that youre playing here uh go back in here: okay, im providing some guides, so you can download like if i go over here over here. You can download this one here and you can print it.

Okay, its free im, not charging anything. So what you see in here? Okay, let me make this bigger okay. So what you see here? Okay, i create this, so you can print before you film, im going to talk about this got ta. Do white balance every single time do not trust your eye. Balance that comes with the drone is useless to me, its all bs. So this is what im talking about here. Weve been talking about, okay, so this is why i highlight it over here: 160. Okay. So you see one and two thousand this when youre shooting automatic the aim is very sharply its gon na be play very horrible. Its gon na be like sluggish playing on the video. This white footage on drones looks horrible, so got ta make sure its one. Over 60, if youre, filming 30 frames per second okay – and this is the nd filter – the filters reduce the intensity of all wavelengths or call light entering the camera lens. Equally, okay, so what they do? Okay, each one is like a one: stop this one and it in the in the future. Number two is as one stop. That means 50 of the light that comes into the lens is gon na reduce by 50. Okay and then you keep saying this is two stops so im saying so you keep adding see that and you see it keeping getting darker. This is the i also. This is how you use it, keep changing the lens to make sure you get a good light.

You can tell if youve seen something good or not. Iso right is the is uh. I refer to the sensitive of the camera, how to record the image quality so lower the lowest. You can get the better image quality, less noise, the always going to record noise. No matter what okay, this is a chemical reaction over here and a lock before it goes to the cameras, processor or anything. So light goes to the lens after the lens. Uh goes to the uh to the sensor and then goes to the iso, and the iso is going to control how gain okay, what is doing is increasing the noise increasing the signal, okay, analog signal and the after the bigger the aperture more light is the shallower. The depth of field is going to be and because most of drones do not have this here. Okay, they have fixed the xenomini pro is 1.8 at 1.86, or something like that, so theyll fix it. Okay. So what happened is this? This is fixed most of drones, so youre, using the the reason why you use nd filters. These guys over here is to be able to do this. This is the only reason because the the less the smaller the hole it is, the aperture. The less light comes in exactly the same over here this one, when i create this chat, chart is shutter. Speed is the first thing you got to set up on it when you fly any camera doesnt matter.

What it is shoddy speed is the first thing you got to do it. You cant forget about that, make sure its one over sixty, no matter what, and then you made this depending on the day. If you think the the day is too bright, i will put the first nd filter two in there, because you dont have to not have control over here. Okay and then this is the option, try trying to bring as low as you you have, and this is the white balance you can print out and show that in front of the drone. So when using an edit or one click, your call is gon na be right, okay, big difference! Let me go to this here, huge difference. So if i go next okay here, if it makes sense, okay, if i go next heres the thing, the white balance that i show so you can buy this, these things on amazon or you can print the thing. I just provide you print in there and you just show in front of the camera just like in front of the camera. When you fly on your drone, you take off your drone. You know how bright it is. Just put the thing. The paper in front of your drone and you fly and you record so when you bring in your video editor in one click and the colors, are correct, so you dont have to guess you dont know. If this is the color to yellow to blue, you just fix it in one click saves time headache and you always gon na – have the right colors, no matter what so that use that white balance with a great card right after the white balance, you can see The difference like i did in here, if you look over here, look at this – this is before look how dark a little bit the colors this guy look at this and change big difference, okay, see for good next now.

What im talking about is do not break the rules when filming rules of cinematography dont break them. They are there for a reason. You spend money on a drone, but not film the right way that people can watch that makes sense. Okay, so im going to explain a little bit when youre filming this right. You see the i put the display over here like a xeno mini pro, like it looked like the app just to show you what you should do when youre filming like if im looking at the mo on the the phone while im flying the drone. If i see a duck, if the duck is facing the dirt, this direction come this. This direction, you see the empty space, follow those rules, use the rules of turds as those lines that shows up. Okay. If i go next see, the dax is looking over here. Coming towards you empty space, the direction the the subject is looking for same thing, see, look a good composition, okay, same thing, filming flowers, taking pictures or whatever it is with the drone, see where the compositions is. The main subject is that red flowerable plant in there, as you can see – and this is the thing when you doing zoom in on any subject all right – keep this object in the same place like if im gon na do a zoom in this plant and look Like is in the same place, okay dont bring to the center of the screen, as you can see, always keep on the same location, see if i go next.

That is the same at the same plant with a different angle. If i want to zoom out. Okay, look at this keep in the same location, very simple rules. Just remember this watch this video again see if i zoom in something up zoom out, use the rules of turtles, those lines to see what the things are. So when you zoom out you keep them in the same location, it makes your footage a thousand times better when you use those simple rules: okay, same thing: when youre trying to film something flying towards you passing by and space the direction that the object is traveling To see im saying if the traveling is, this object is traveling from the left right, empty space make sure its in the kind of same location and when you go to the comment, word view same thing: empty space, okay, going to the right to left empty space. Always empty space, where the object is looking at it, even if they are not moving okay, even the stationary empty space, so the brain understands whats, going on otherwise will not okay and when the drone is going up empty space. Okay, going up in space wherever its traveling to, if i go next, like i say, always use the menu mode. Okay, like i say you pay for a high price for a gift to get the drone, the camera okay and get the chat that i show it is free, okay and you can use it anytime, thats not me here.

Let me bring myself over here. Let me go back in here: okay, so get this chat will help. You got it. If, if you get the work out, if you get the zip one, you get the lower tools you can use in video, edit or anything uh, but print that out. You can use that for the white balance. Well, they are going to show how to do the white balance. If you dont know how to do white balance in the video editor or visual effects application, but do that and it will makes a big difference. It is free, download and use it, but, like i said its pointless reviews of drones out there, many of them havent seen one of them talking about the camera capabilities. If i want to buy a drone that has a camera on it, i want to know about the camera, not about the drone. Every most of the drones fly is the same thing. You can even build your own drone with i nav. It is free and you can build a better drone than dji does, because you can program the way you wan na you can do waypoints. You can do a lot of more things and its free okay. One of these days, i will show how to build your own drone. Okay, but youre paying the gi drone is for the camera, the capabilities you buy the xenomini pro right. It has a big sense and everything, but i havent seen one single person using that drone filming right, not one single person using correct the settings, not one single.

Exactly the same thing. You havent seen one single person using the dji drone recording correct the always used right at the auto automatic settings. What youre doing is basically buying a 10 000, its like buying a ferrari and youre only riding on first gear. On the fresh lane, you havent reached the capability of the camera, not even 10 percent, when youre filming autumn auto is basically picking whatever shoddy speed to reduce shutter speed mix with iso. So it does the image doesnt look too bright or too dark, so itd be able for you to fly the how people dont understand when they buy drones is they do reviews, but they dont understand that when you buy a drone, the auto on the camera of The drone is not, for you meant for you to be filming. Is there for you to be able to fly a drone, okay, youre flying to the destination that you want to see? Oh, this is a beautiful place and then you change to menu mode, and you set your camera right and you go up and you can capture gorgeous images with your drone im talking about perfect images. But now you trust on the auto. You can buy a ten thousand dollars, camera two two hundred thousand dollars camera and if the camera is on auto and its still not going to give you the best image quality, the camera, the camera does not know what what you want does not know what settings It just does not know so you have to tell the camera to say, look because im filming video.

I want to make sure that i have to follow those rules. If i dont the image will sucks and they do this. Why, when i see like few footage from experience of ddi jones – and this is why theres something wrong with this footage? Why its not look right and then, when i look at these settings, ah theyre filming an auto and the out is all over the place. Remember when you have to follow the rules when youre filming okay, if you do that, and you start realizing whoa look at the beautiful image quality i cant im doing and you can sell your footage if you film right lets, say i lost count. How many times i was supposed to use somebody else footage for do a commercial and i look at it. The footage was wrong with the wrong shutter speed, so i couldnt use it for commercials. I couldnt use im not going to use a footage that is horrible. It looks beautiful, but they play black. The playback is horrible and im not going to fix that in post right. Get it right first, because if you record something beautiful, you cant upload those footage to a place that you can sell them. Okay profession, when they look at image, they look at the frame rate. They look at the compression okay. So if you go to a place to be a could be able to make money with your drones, okay, hey fabio cavani come over.

How are you so if you, you understand that if you speak portuguese, let me know i can translate that to portuguese im gon na make up this portuguese shot. Xp 160 got ta, have okay always shot at speed 160, if you shoot in in 30 frames per second okay, if youre filming 60 frames per second, when you do animation, okay, its like when you do an animation, i give an example. Why is this important? Okay, when you do animation, there are different two types of animation when you do, but frame by frame give an example frame by frame animation called 2d animation, not 3d. Okay, 2d. 2D. You can draw pause to pose the character during the pose and you draw in between frames that doesnt exist. Okay, then you create that it doesnt give you organic. How say fluid motion? Because its already you already tell where its gon na land the action, uh uh action, uh, drawing animation, that you say i dont know whats gon na be the end of the animation so im just drawing as as i go. So i did not do the pose. It makes a a beautiful animation because its more fluid more organic because it did not create the poses right. You create the poses to speed up the process when youre drawing so when youre doing auto out is creating the pose to pose right and filling up the blanks, the empty keyframes. And so what does is this? It is.

The option is to to slow to high to slow. If, if you film, with your drone and this and you turn the camera down, the shutter speed is going to change crazy. Its going to drop the shutter speed, now youre playing back youre capturing a footage with a d frame rate. This is why people, when you film, with your drones and you, shoot something when you move from left to right, you see blur image and then, when you stop beautiful, it looks clean. The image is because the drone is changing the shutter speed. All the time up and down you cant do that with video. You need to leave the shadow speed alone, because, if you dont do that youre gon na have different playback. This way, some see some footage. Like like a strobe, if the footage looks too sharp it doesnt look natural, it looks horrible when you play back even if it when you pause the video it looks like somethings not is missing: okay, its because youre not taking a picture. So the only thing i suggest, if you mean higher shutter speed like if youre going to a wedding and you film with the drone and the the the the bride said, i want pictures from the video. I want you to print some pictures from the video and you can see. Look. The playback is not going to be that great, but ill be able to get capture some steals from the video and then you can increase the shutter speed.

It stays there higher shutter speed. So when you pause, you can print if youre shooting 4k, you can print the steels out of the video so its another way of having a second. Second, a camera to take photos when you have shutter speed. But when you have recording video with drones with auto, the iso is all over the place. The shutter speed all over the place. When you move the camera to the sky, the iso go all the way up and down you dont want to do that. You dont want to keep changing it. Look like a disc attack like going up and down the image quality so makes that yeah. So let me see what are you saying here, the great explorer? How are you, let me see what people are saying here, whats the rules of. If you watch the, let me see whats the rules of you know, watch this video again, i show well let me go over quickly how to do that. If you have the xeno mini pro, i even made a uh. Let me go back in here, as you can see, if you have the xeno mini pro right. So what do you do? Heres this? I did that. So let me go here. It has any mini pro lets, say you use in a mini pro youre shooting auto you change to menu, and this, for instance. This case is saying that the footage it was uh iso 800 and uh uh 1 200 shout out speed, but i say, but how do i do that? How can i control this? How can i reduce the shutter speed to 160.

? So if i go next uh first, what do you do you make sure you record the highest quality possible? No matter what, if you have xenomini pro recording 4k dont recording 1080p or any other image below okay, the image is not that great, because if you cant record in in 4k, recording 4k use proxy files on a video editor to edit that in real time, okay, Dont sacrifice the image quality because you cant play in the computer: oh most of the computers can do, can play okay using proxy, so make sure its 30 frames per second. If youre using this inno mini pro 4k wheres next uh lets, say you youre in auto and you change to menu mode, and now its saying the iso is 800 or 400 doesnt matter, okay, but the shutter speed is like one two thousand one. Four hundred four fourteen hundred right, so what do you do you bring down the shutter speed and lets stay there? So if you have a xenon mini pro, make sure your shutter speed is sixty and forget about it. I wouldnt even even change it. The first thing i would do we have turn on the is in a mini pro change: the shutter speed to 60 okay and leave it alone. If we change it make sure its back to 60.. Okay, so, where you next, what do you do? Let me see this, so what do you do next right and bring down so the image to 260.

kind of useful right there? Okay, if i bring to under this iso, remember this here was too bright: 800, which is 360.. I bring it down to 200 thats. Fine, if i try to go one more 100, is too dark to image so bring back to 200. So the image is fine, but lets say that the xenomini pro does not have yet upgrade. Okay has a fix. Xenominipro has 1.8 aperture is fixed, so they they work out. The nd filters there is there to replace the upgrade in a way to re, reduce stops of light coming in so be able so to allow you to set to shutter speed to one low, regular shutter, speed. Thats. What i mean there so lets say we use nd filter 4 and its still too bright, and i bring down the eyes at 100 to make sure the image is darker and the shutter speed darker and the shutter speed is 160 and i cant change it. So i go to the next one and the eight is still a little bit dark. But what i can do here keep that in the eight and what i can do in the eight and go to the next one and and make sure the iso at 200. In chinese speed 100, when this image, like with nd filter in it, okay, so next user uh use this thing here in a provided thing that you can download. Okay, if you go to this video, if you go to my channel okay, this video thats been playing.

Go in here and you can download for free, okay here, its free theres, this one that comes with all the things, but you can click this one here and you download this okay and you can use this okay. You can print on the print this and show this in front of your drone. So when you add it, you have this, so you dont have to pay one okay, and this gives you some tips, keep this on your packet. When you fly your drone and look at it, okay, so you can see in here, like i said, if i make this bigger, so you can see okay, so you can see here right to understand people dont understand. There are only two things that you have to worry about: cameras any camera in the world, doesnt matter which one okay is the shutter speed, in which i tell you if youre gon na film two times the frame rate in xeno mini pro, is 30 frames per. Second, so you set forget about it if youre filming never change this, never on xenomini pro on the idea or any dji drone, if you, if you use a dji drone filming 30 frames per second doesnt matter, what set to one over 60 and forget about it! Thats, the first thing you do in any camera, if you film video, whats next right using the filter, if your drone does cannot change the aperture okay. So what the aperture is, the bigger the hole, the more light right, the zini mini pro – is around here, okay, its fixed, so you cannot bring this down to reduce the light so that you can so you can use one sixth of the shutter speed if it Makes sense, okay, super easy, every camera uses the same is the same thing.

You only use the uh the nd filters to be so. You can reduce the aperture in a way because this is fixed. If you increase the the iso, there is going to be noisy, see the image quality looks bad so carefully. I recommend below 400 okay and you can print this, so this has a version of so you can print theres two different colors over here for television. So you print this point this to a camera a little bit faster. If your camera sees this with a video editor and you can print this out, okay, let me see what youre saying i dont think they have the filter any yet okay, i dont think they have any filter. Yet, okay, i dont think they have. I dont think they have any filter yet so you put the filter in right and when you video edit, you see it changes. The colors like the colors is that changing so use the nd filter, and this is just how you feel. Okay always follow. The rules of thirds when youre, filming okay, when you zoom in zoom out and keep keep the image the same location; okay, its very simple rules, empty space, the direction this object is traveling to okay and, as it is, okay thats. What you do, i think – and i think some cameras is gon na some company – is gon na make nd filters because you got ta. Have it if youre gon na film heavy photographers has an nd filters, all of them.

Okay, you cant leave without any in the filter. This is like a shades for you for your camera, so you got. Ta have nd filters, a ways if you have a drone get in the futures because you may see. The thing is: if you get a drone like you spin, you spin like a thousand dollars in a dji drone. You go out to the beach and the sun is too bright. Guess what youre gon na do? Youre gon na increase the shouty, speeding, which i highly dont, recommend you basically destroying your footage, its what youre doing, because you got ta, follow the rules, technical rules, okay, theres, a rule. This is how this is what your eye sees. Okay, theyve been doing film for many years many years already filmed. They never changed that room because when they changed that rules, the footage looks up. Doesnt look right, so you got ta. Follow that okay and another thing, when youre filming, never feel anything longer than 20 seconds long record something 20 seconds long and only use six seconds on long out of the 20 seconds long. So dont fill it up your hard drive with garbage because it doesnt matter how gorgeous you feel your footage is if youre not using it in the future, is garbage. So what do you do if youre filming a footage like uh, for instance? If i change this here, like uh, go over here on the park or something okay, let me go like in the park thing right, uh, let me say this is footage here.

Let me see which footage ride that one okay lets say. Your footage is filming this right and you count in your head. You record it. You see a time on your on your machine. You should display a timer and youre flying toward this mountain right and you count in your head or you look at the display. Thats, recording and its longer than 20 seconds stop and then what you do you trim it. You only trim it and remove the parts like shaking. You only use one second, two seconds three seconds, four seconds maximum six seconds, long, if a footage, doesnt matter, if you film, with the drone, if your footage is longer than six seconds long, a miracle has to be going on. Okay on the clip. So what do you do you film? The sky change angles if you feel like youre flying to the if youre flying toward this mountain point, the camera down show the water. The lake point, the camera up change angle, going to the same direction, fly into the same direction by changing right. So when you edit, a given uh illusion that youre actually traveling being there, but if you have a footage – and you have a footage for like one minute long, showing the same boring thing, doesnt matter how beautiful it is, you know its like going to the grand Canyon, you go to the grand canyon, you look like whoa. This is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Incredible about 10 minutes later lets. Go lets go home right. It does not matter how beautiful it is. You got to move angle change angles. If youre flying something change angle, it goes to the different directions, directions. You tell a story: every scene. You got to have clips that tell your story beginning mid of the end right. So, if youre shooting like a like that picture over there uh, what do you do? Uh, you know tell a story if youre shooting different locations and so forth? Okay, so you can, you can record, tell a story. Got ta, tell a story. What are you filming unless you see something that is falling from the sky and then can stay longer than that? So stay dont film things film record record things around 20 seconds long with the drone and use uh. It depends what youre trying to show you can go 10 seconds, but depends what youre trying to show but wise change angle like if youre, if youre in a waterfall, show different angles, but dont linger there for a long time. Okay, like youre flying over the amazon jungle right, you see the jungle for like six seconds long and you cut it, show the ground point: the camera down going to the same direction and then cut back to the same angle that youre going watch a movie, see How they want the works play any well done, movie turn off the sound and see how they do it and you see.

Oh, they only spin like that long on the on the image they dont stay longer on each clips. Tell a story you should last. You do less and you get more and faster to add it to. Let me see what youre saying: how can i compress the video in high quality to post and share social media um? You can uh. What do you do? The presets depend on video editor. You use right, and i recommend, if you upload into youtube uh, make sure you use 4k a minimum, a minimum of 80 megabits per second right 30 frames per second, even if you are in brazil, if you are in other places, use american system. Okay, dont use. Uh paul m system, dont use a european system 50 frames per second, because most of mobile displays most a lot of people watch things on displays on on on ipads and phones and so forth, and those things and hurts in terms of hurts american hurt system so That means youtube is gon na, be better uh playing those video in a higher frame rate so be like uh. It hurts this device plays on 60 120 hertz, okay thats, what they do they go by the hertz and most of things in youtube. Uh prior to la the priority is like american system, even though, if you watch now, if youre in the united states and you watch a video in 50 frames per second from uk, it looks horrible its like from brazil too.

When you see drone views reviews from brazil and when you play in a nice stage, the footage is like this, because its 50 frames per second. But if youre filming 60 frames per second, they will see good because it has more frames and, like i said, if the film doesnt exist, the computer have to create the missing frames. Just like i said, if youre doing things for television or youtube or whatever, it is dont, do 24 frames per second, because it does not exist. Okay. So if you thats what you want to do, if you want to compress okay, let me see if i can open a video editor, a simple video editor over here, okay and show the compression that i would recommend uh. If you want to do, i use premiere. I use davinch, i use uh many video editors, okay, i use different video editors, but i recommend for people that want to do regular thing: uh powerdirector it does the job okay. So if i go over here right, if i go to any, if i bring any video okay doesnt matter which one it is, let me go over here: uh here projects, panasonic videos; okay, like this one – that i film okay. So i took that with the camera that im filming right now – 150 camera that cool. So this is a 4k video okay, so you can see it doesnt dont have to spend a lot of money in the camera.

So if i want to export this right so when i produce im going to show the settings that i recommend okay, uh h264 – and i create one here – profile and im – gon na show the profile over here. Okay, so i create this okay. If you look at the profile over here, this is this: is a 720p okay. Let me create one at 1080. Let me see if i have one of 4k: i have a 4k80 okay uh, okay, this one here. Let me see if this is you have that one and say 4k in 4k. If you can see the footage over here, the scene uh, you can see the frame rate, you can use that or 30. it doesnt matter, okay, this or that it doesnt matter which one program hi. Okay back – and i put this 2 200 by you – can put like 80 000, okay and youre done, save so thats. What you do this is what i recommend: okay see that so, when you drain it, the image looks beautiful, okay, and if i render this right same quiz, let me see if my computer doesnt crash. That will be good. So i put this over here right. If i render okay look, how fast it com this, where im doing this thing so its rendering okay, this is a 4k im doing stream im streaming at the same time and im rendering your 4k footage. Look how fast it is.

Okay, i hope the computer doesnt crash, but you can see this editor. It added renders very quick, okay, so its almost there, you can see it once the footage was a little bit longer. Okay, i dont know i should have trim it but uh, but its render see how fast it is going so including that right there. So look at the footage. Okay, so when this is done, okay and thats done. Okay, thats done complete, see complete. So i can close this okay, no heres the footage, if i, if i load it okay, this is the footage, the im not shaking the camera, the camera in the tripod. This is just the footage that uh it was windy. Okay, okay, so basically thats the settings. I recommend use that setting and youll be fine, so thats, where i recommend um so like i said for the people out there. Okay, if i bring over here and this not you, but this here go back in here. They call pointless drone reviews, okay, because they are, in my opinion, okay, why call pointless drone reviews, no significance, because when you buy a drone with a camera, the most important thing is the camera its not how the drone flies. You want to know how the camera records a menu mode, because you never buy expensive camera and use auto. It doesnt make sense. Okay, it just doesnt make sense. You buy an expenses man, a camera, because you know that youre gon na use to take photos of the film.

You know that youre gon na use menu mode, not auto, if it makes sense so pointless, drone reviews because they talk about how they drone fly. For this and that uh whatever, but they not show what you people buy drones for they buy drones for filming. If im interested in buying a drone, i want to know what capabilities of the camera can if they change to the proper settings when youre filming, because lets say i want to do a commercial, but i have no clue how those drones does on camera because its The auto all that means is dont trust, no drone reviews showing cameras on auto talking about the camera. They say the image of the camera sucks is because they dont know what they are doing in term of camera. They dont know nothing about camera. Okay. So if the person doesnt know nothing about the camera saying the camera sucks, because are you gon na use that information for what so make sure you understand that when you buy a drone you buy for the camera, can you get a good image quality of that Drone and then if the camera looks great and then you say: okay heres, a scenario lets say they: you buy some drone and had terrible reviews, because people hadnt didnt talk didnt, do no reviews about the camera right, but you look at the image. Looks great amazing. You can fix the shake on the video editor and fix the shake right, but heres the thing and then youre like i want to buy a camera, a drone that i can control a lot of the things.

But i dont want to spend five thousand dollars in a drone or a camera. I want a drone that i cant control many of the things manually, because i want to take beautiful footage that i may want to sell it. Okay, so try somebody that does drone reviews that use full uh full menu mode, nothing automatic! Okay! If you see a drone, somebody talking about a drone review and theyre, showing a camera in auto dont pay attention to the camera quality at all, because that is useless. Information: okay, usually because, like i said, you can buy a ten thousand dollars camera and if you use an auto its like buying a nine uh, nine hundred dollars camera or less okay thats. What im saying uh? What program do you use to show this for us? Yeah this is, i build this application right, as you can see, im controlling with the applica with the app okay. I showed this live. How to build. Is this? What youre talking about? I can bring ill say i can bring my lower third by the way. My name ill keep clicking here my name nae, im, professional multimedia designer right. I do digital science that you see in las vegas and new york. The big videos that use nvidia walls, applications design applications as well as you can see that its all automatically. I can click any time and close right. This i can bring. I think this off, i can bring borders right.

I can change the borders around right. I can go to a video call like if i go to a video call sections right. I can turn this on theyre, pretty cool. I can bring a guest, i bring the guests through.