Stick around Music Music. Okay. So this is just a fun little video that i thought would be kind of uh educational entertaining im going to take this laser pen here, which is, i dont, want to shine at the camera exactly, but you can see its a green laser pointer um its supposed To, according to the uh instructions, have a 1 640 foot limit. Although people say itll go a lot further than that im, not gon na. Go that high, of course, but i am gon na – go up to 400 feet or just below and im going to use the mavic 3 for this and uh im going to let it hover up there and im going to point this laser pin at the camera Ill have the camera point down lets see what it looks like kind of see uh if we can actually tell – and this is daylight so lets roll the footage – Music, Music, all right. So there you can see during the day, not very effective, uh youd be lucky to be able to actually hit something in the sky, with a laser pointer during the day. But lets switch this over tonight and see what happens Music all right. So, as you can see there uh daylight, not so good night time yeah, you can see it pretty good.