m on a saturday morning, when absolutely no one is here well, the answer is not only firmly strapped to my waist, but also Obnoxiously protruding from the back of my head, its the insta360 one x2 and today im going to be trying it out for the very first time and showing you guys not only what its like to unlock a new level of stabilization, but also what its like to Unlock possibly the worst tony hawk pro skater character of all time, me, Music, so the first time i can ever recall seeing a 360 camera was on mr casey neistats channel about four or five years ago. The title of the video was drone boarding in 360 and basically, it involved casey being towed around this ski resort by this massive drone, which was equipped with its own 360 camera and all the while casey is filming himself with his own 360 camera. Since that video 360 camera tech has been evolving rapidly, with numerous improvements made to both its affordability and functionality five years ago, it never would have occurred to me to buy such a camera, but thanks to established 360 camera manufacturers like insta360, gopro and ricoh, among others, The line between the professional and consumer market for 360 cameras has been blurred just enough for me to want one myself jeez all jokes aside. This camera is actually pretty amazing and you can do quite a lot with it Music. The first thing, youll, probably notice, is just how stable the footage is and the fact that when you attach the camera to a selfie stick, the stick is almost entirely removed from the footage.

This allows for some really cool drone. Like angles and third person perspectives, you can take this a step further and invest in other accessories like this waist strap, which not only gives the illusion that a drone is following you, but also allows you to live out your childhood dreams of being transported into a Video game, and while i may not be good enough to be a professional skateboarder worthy of becoming part of the tony hawk franchise, at the very least, i can now make the handful of tricks. I can do look way more epic than they actually are now. One big issue that 360 cameras faced initially was the complicated nature of actually stitching together and editing the 360 footage once you shot it, but these days, if you can edit a tick tock video chances are, you can probably edit a 360 video in about the same Amount of time using the insta360 app, naturally as an aging millennial myself, this took me just about two days to figure out. This is also probably why my take top career hasnt taken off just yet once i got the hang of it, though, it actually became relatively easy to edit entire cinematic sequences on my phone with features such as one tap keyframing deep track: 2.0 automatic steadicam, subject: tracking Ultra slo mo and hyperlapse, along with tons of ai powered smart templates, like clone trail, complete with step by step easy to follow. Tutorials did i mention its also ipx8 waterproof up to 10 meters.

It also has 4 mic 360 audio 55, more battery power than its predecessor, the 1x plus so much more and while i probably wont be filming my videos exclusively on the insta 360 anytime soon, it definitely does provide any creator, amateur or professional. The option to spice up their footage in more ways than one for me, its entirely worth the investment, because now i can do a christ air 900 on flat ground, thanks for watching.