Taktyka Droneview kamery przegląd – Samochód RC FPV Wifi kamera

Try my Tactic Droneview Digicam Overview. ZAPISZ SIĘ & UDERZYŁ DZWON – http://www.youtube.com/c/DriftomaniacsRC?sub_confirmation=1 Purchase one right here

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  1. What editing apps can I use for this

  2. this is what i have been looking for, good video thanks

  3. cześć, I can't open the camera's files in Premiere prodo you have any idea how to fix it? I can play them on windows media player or VLC but Premiere doesn't open them

  4. That’s not even a gopro

  5. you can use it for more than cars like planes, drony, boats

  6. whats its range? anything else like that camera?

  7. what is the range of the camera?

  8. can i turn it on turn it off from my phone?
    jak długo bateria ostatniej?

  9. what is the range of wifi fpv?

  10. świetny film, just what I'm looking for. Does it have a mic to capture sound too. I liked the video and subscribed. Thks

  11. what is the range of the camera please?

  12. See my tests I just got a droneveiw and it's not good at all maybe just for recording video and it's only 20FPS and that's not good.

  13. Does it work on quadcopters either

  14. can u attached in a drone phamton 2?

  15. did you get this free just to give a good review?.. FPV with WiFi is NOT exceptable.. you can NOT FPV proximity fly or drive with goggles with WiFi latency is just too bad.. I don't like that you are a sell out.. Not cool mannow if you can hook this right up to a VTX and transmit the video signal to goggles.. then I take back this comment.. other than that.. you are either a sell out or you do not know what the hell you are talking aboutSorry call'em like I see'em

  16. I have one on my axial scx10 running a hpi 2.4ghz 3ch rx /tx and it interferes with the radio making my rc take off the steering will twice and it has gone full throttle and I almost lost it so how do I fix cuz really want it to work

  17. For the price, I felt the Mobius captures much better quality video. I was pleased with all the features, but I felt the footage itself was sub-par.

  18. does it transmit live sound to your phone as well?

  19. I stuck this on my axial wraith and it went nuts all sorts off interference to the wraith! And when it did somewhat work the delay was horrible. literally waiting for it to catch up! so far not to happy with it.

  20. how do you connect it to a pc eg. laptop

  21. Have you experimented to see what is the largest microsd card it will take?

  22. Oh I just wanted to say you can check out all my RC vids by searching my other YouTube channel name nomedmon this has all my boat plane jet videos enjoy

  23. watching your video I'm really pumped up I ordered mine two days ago so I really just can't wait to have some fun with it

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