Both were first to say first in one of my recent videos and both win. This shout out so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a flight of the sjrc f11s pro 4k. Now i was out here yesterday flying this drone and it was gloomy and overcast and i had flown it then, because i hadn’t seen the sun for a month. Ale – and i did the review and i edited the review and then when i get up getting ready to upload that review, i noticed the sun finally came out for the first time again i hadn’t seen sun in a month. So what i’m gon na do is one more flight and i’m putting this at the beginning of my uh review and following this short flight demonstrating the drone drone’s camera in sunlight i’ll do the full review so stick around for that folks, w porządku, ale uh. Pierwszy, off let’s get this drone in the air. I already did the compass calibration i’ll show you how to do that compass calibration in the follow on so stick around again, but to uh start this drone and get in the air um. We need to uh arm the motors which is down and inboard, and here it says, flying and then you got to give a throttle, because this drone does not have automatic takeoff, okay and i’m going to get into the picture and let’s check the stability and it’s Holding its position rather nicely i’m going to get up a little closer, come down a little bit too, and then we’re gon na hit the photo button, which is here and take a photo there’s one photo come down a little lower because i’m, looking at the screen Here you just see the top of my head coming.

This way take a photo. I hope that tookand it says it’s doing it and a third photo in sunlight. Okay and after that takes i’m going to start the video recording right now, video is recording and sync up the cameras like so now notice. You hear the chip chirp, it beeps every once in a while that’s telling you the camera’s recording. So let me lower the gimbal to it. Just a tad here, get more coming down! That’S too much too much down right about there. Czyli, good and let’s go up and up on in normal mode, teraz, i’m flying in normal mode instead of camera mode. Because there is a windand i found out yesterday that that camera mode does not work very well in windy days, because it limits the speed of the drone to about five miles per hour. And if you’re going into the wind, it just hangs there. So we’re going up to about there and, tak, you can see off in the distance lake erie today. You couldn’t see that yesterday, okay from there i’m going to rotate rotate around the area, rotate the other direction actually to the right, showing the camera on a sunny day, and it does look quite bright as compared to yesterday now notice a little bit of tilt there. As we from the gimbal as we turn around that’s from the electronic image stabilization, if you let it settle a bit it it, i noticed that it it levels itself out, but rotating some more and let’s fly to the other end of the field.

Teraz, Ludzi, so pushing forward so all in all yesterday’s flight. I think that this drone is an excellent drone. You know for the price for 200 around that price range because of the the camera it’s, actually a good camera, at least it wasn’t. I thought it wouldn’t be good on a dark gloomy day, but it actually came out nicely yesterday did nicely yesterday and turning the drone to the right again. Jestem. Nie gon na, be flying this too much. I just want to show you the camera. On a sunny day. Okay we’ll go toward the sun check the dynamic range of the camera coming around pushing forward pushing to the right the other right pushing forward. I don’t want to go over those people there. I don’t want to disturb them, but we’ll go the other one more time to the other end of the field. Then we’ll come in and call it quits pushing forward. Więc, O, Nie, not a bad drone, and yesterday you know i was talking yesterday about the range of this drone. It’S wi fi range, Wiesz, is actually rather good. I was not able to go out to about 150 meters because i set the gimbal or the geofence to 150 metrów. You can adjust the geofence altitude. Let me descend now i’m going to start descending and coming back, but you can set the geofence to any distance. You what um, but again really most people, should not be flying out beyond line of sight with a drone in most countries, you’re not allowed to do that.

Ludzie, po prostu jest, not legal, więc umm, i don’t see a reason to be flying out to 1200 meters or some drones go out even further, because it’s not you’re, just going to create problems for yourself, especially if you upload such a video to youtube. Now i used to fly out in the desert, thought the max i went out. It was about a 700 meters and believe it or not. I could still see a drone the way i positioned it because out in the desert, the skies really blue and you can still see a dot in the sky, but any further than that. I just not able to do it so that that’s. This is demonstration of the drones, camera um, so again, stick around and let’s go right into the full review of this drone so hope you enjoy the rest of the flight zone signing out good morning, quadcopter 101, here on somewhat of a cold overcast breezy day here Near gerard pennsylvania, near lake erie um, i know i promised to review the sjrc f11s on a sunny day, but i’ll tell you the truth. Ludzie, i don’t know when that will be. I haven’t seen the sun in over a month, it’s been snowing, raining windy, that’s a little breezy today too, but i’m going to demonstrate it anyways. I want to show you that um, you know in low light conditions. You know there might be some issues with the video from the camera.

We’Ll see um. I know this works well in a bright sunny day because i did have one bright sunny day, but there was so much snow out here. I couldn’t actually fly it. So let’s get it in the air to get it into the air, got ta put it on the ground first and press it’s on our switch on the top and hold it down. Until we hear the chirp of the escs, then we turn on the transmitter by pressing this button here and when this locks we are connected. W porządku, so uh before we go further, i am now going to connect my wi fi, the wi fi of the drone, the wi fi. The drone is emitting a wi fi signal right now, connect my phone to that wi fi and then i’m, going to open the app so hold on folks. W porządku, this is the sjrc app available in google play and itunes and in the upper right corner, we’re going to hit controls, and that brings up our fpv signal from the drone. Teraz, before we take off, we need to come back or calibrate the compass and to do such we bring both sticks up and inboard like so okay, and that puts us in geomagnetic temperature calibration. Pierwszy, we got to do the horizontal calibration. We rotate it like such until it tells us to do vertical and we go nose down and turn it like, such until it says, calibration complete and put it back on the pad.

Teraz, before we take the air, i want to go and let’s look at some of the items here that are available with the app in the upper right corner. Is the settings those three dots so we’re going to press those three dots and first thing is we’re. Going to check the parameters, our flight parameters that we have set up right now it has a geofence set at 176 metrów, that’s fine for me, flight altitude to 40 metrów, Czyli, okay with me and return altitude to 20 meters and um beginner mode is turned off. So this is not going to fly any further than 176 meters folks, but you can adjust that by sliding that bar right or left, if you want to fly farther and then upload and save that to the drone let’s, do it real, quick let’s raise that up To about 198 meters and then hit save and that’ll transmit that to the drone, and now the drone will not fly further than 198 metrów, w porządku, but actually for me here, where i’m flying, i want to keep it to about 150 metrów, because that’s within flying range. Easy to get to for me in case something goes wrong with this drum so i’m going to leave it at 150. Um. If we click on track. It covers um flight records of the drone and past flights that the drone has done pan to zoom adjustments for the we can recalibrate the um gimbal if we’re having problems with the gimbal.

But right now i haven’t had any problems with the gimbal and finally, on the far right three dots. We are using units metric units i’m using metric units. Przepraszam, even though i’m in the us, because most believe it or not. Most of my uh viewers are not, in the us also i’m, showing the route displaying prop messages and also have voice prompts enabled with the drone okay coming out of that now in the lower left corner, you see that it looks like a joystick if we click On that, these are our flight modes that are available and they’re also there’s a camera filter i’m going to click on that, and we can adjust black and white sketch cartoon none i’m, not going to use any of those with this particular drone, but those flight modes Will come in play later on? W porządku, before we take off let’s start the video camera by pressing the video camera button like such it’s, starting to record now and to start the motors will bring both sticks down and inboard. The motors are started and to take off we’re going to give it a little throttle notice that there’s no automatic takeoff with this drone, no automatic takeoff you got ta, give it throttle and take off now let’s step in front of it and check its stability and Also marry up the cameras here, syncing the cameras folks, someday i’ll show you how to do this. I have one of my viewers requested me how to do it.

I do with my video editing program, but we’ll do that later. Okay in another video, so we’re ready to fly before we go further. Actually let me turn off the video camera, because i want to do one thing before we go further. Let’S show photos i’m going to press the photo button. There’S one photo one more photo wait: we’ve got ta upload that photo first and one final photo after it uploads to my phone. W porządku, we are good to go. Nie. Photos have been uh uploaded notice. How dark it is, chociaż, folks because of the day i told you, but it works best on sunny days and uh we’re recording now and before we go again. I need to recalibrate one more time, sync up the cameras. W porządku, that should be good and i’m going to put it into camera mode by hitting that mode switch in the bottom here, that’s sport mode, Czyli, camera mode. I want to go slowly. You know if you’re recording video you want to fly slowly, w porządku, pushing forward and away. We go notice now i’m continuing pushing forward let’s see if it will eventually realize. I want to go faster than that and it can’t, because i got a breeze of about eight miles per hour. W porządku, nie. It goes it’s starting to go forward now, and this thing you know they go. I guess it’s back speed of about eight miles per hour. In camera mode, so i’m gon na have to let go and take it to normal mode.

We’Re gon na need to fly in normal mode to fight this breeze. Niestety, let’s go up, let’s go up and up on there up to about 20 metrów, 25 metrów, maybe even higher 30 meters heading toward the road and plop it right there about 55 meters away and letting go the stick. It moves a bit there and then it recomp or calibrates itself, uh and then i’m going to turn the drone and try to point it toward me slowly. Turning the drone in my direction now i’m going to lower the gimbal or get more and i’m going to move the zoom in let’s. Try. This zoom now keep in mind uh. This is electronic digital zoom of the 720p video, the 720p video and uh. There is going to be a lot of pixelation in this okay notice, all the pixelation in the 720p okay yeah can i let’s see i’m going to pull back a bit i’m going to drift let’s see i want to drift to the right drift to the right And bring bring that in, like so drift to the left, a little bit lower the gimbal, some more well that’s that’s it you get the idea of the zoom so i’m going to come out of zoom now zooming out now again, należy pamiętać,. That does not go uh too onto the um sd card recorded video. That only goes to the video that’s recorded through my phone via wi, fi or, and also the uh.

What we’re seeing on the fpv video from the app so uh from that position? Let’S push forward and we’ll go to this side of the field and from over there i’ll let go for a second and then i’m, going back to camera mode mode, camera mode and i’m going to do a slow pan and try to do a slow pan around The area with the camera just to show you the camera, slow panning. We had three feet of snow here: Uh, believe it or not: three feet of snow out here near gerard and it’s, just melted. Now after about this was christmas, we had that snow. This is its camera 4k camera in low light condition, low light condition. Okay from there let’s try that return to home automatic return to home so pressing the button. You know there’s a lot of wind up here, nothing’s being buffeted, but it’s camera is holding relatively steady, but let’s hit that return home turn it home let’s see what it does climbs to 20 20 meters i’m, putting my hands back in my pockets because it’s getting Cold here comes overhead, and it should start its descent here shortly. W porządku, here it comes coming down. W porządku, show you that i’m, not flying it doing it on its own, see how far it’s off i’m going to stop it from hitting the ground, because that ground’s wet by hitting the return to home button. But we’re going to see how close we are.

O, oh about a meter and a half off so that’s how accurate the return to home was from there to there. Okay let’s try some of these advanced flight features. Niech, try uh a circle position: let’s go up a bit higher, actually let’s turn it and put it right over the pad. Okay pushing forward, pushing forward bringing it out. O, i am in camera mode that’s, where it’s really slow, but i guess that’s. W porządku, bo jestem, trying to be accurate here, trying to bring it over the pad i’m going to let it go right right there. I don’t care okay we’re, going to activate orbit by pressing both of these buttons here simultaneously orbits activated i’m going to go up a bit higher too and i’m going to pull back on the stick to increase the radius of the circle to right about there and Then we’re going to activate orbit mode by pressing both buttons again simultaneously, and that is orbit mode folks. What if we could speed it up by increasing the normal mode? How about sport mode? Nie, these don’t affect don’t seem to affect the speed of the orbit. So the new orbit is, Wiesz, rather slow. I guess it’s to keep it cinematic, but that is how you use orbit mode with the controller and we’ll. Do it let’s do one circle now you can break out of orbit mode here. Let me lower that let’s zoom down down there show me i went too far, but you could break out of orbit mode by going right or left on the the pitch stick and that stops it like so, w porządku.

Więc, while we’re there let’s go up a bit higher and oh that’s, that’s perfect right there now let’s go in that lower left corner. That looks like a joystick press that and select gps follow okay, so it should be following me now: let’s see how good that follow me is, and what type of follow me do we got here? W porządku, this is a hobson style, to jest to, maintaining a compass position from me to the south west. Jak o, if i go this way, when’s it gon na notice that i’m i’m moving right about there and hobson style. Follow me with compass position. Now we can adjust that let’s come out of that by pressing that and hitting uh gps follow one more time that should have broke out of it. Let’S come down lower and raise the gimbal. Excuse me folks, right about there, let’s try i’m gon na move back a little farther from the drone this time and hit uh our gps follow and it’s activated again let’s see if it does that again, oh gps phone signal too weak waited for a minute or Change it to another place. What are you talking about? Wiesz, while we’re down here let’s, try that image follow. I think i got to get closer and also i want to go a bit higher. I don’t want to be hit by the drone and lowering the gimbal loading, the gimbal and then selecting image follow and does it see me no don’t see me, try it again, image fall is active, but it’s not seeing me so let’s.

Maybe i need to come down lower. I ain’t going to get any closer to that and try that one more time image follow again: it’s low light conditions, so it’s not working good today because of the low light conditions so that’s the image follow let’s, try the waypoints. Now i want to raise that gimbal back up and set it there. W porządku, next one i overshot. W porządku, you got quick, Szybkie, punches on that and uh selecting uh root rolls that’s way points, and i want satellite view and let’s go up a bit higher for this too, and the first point we’re gon na go to is let’s go over to uh, which field Are we talking about here make sure i get the fields uh that one field over there so we’ll go over to the that point there and then the second way point will be the far field down here there. Trzecie, one would be uh: w porządku, jesteśmy, going on that field; i’m confused now, oh backfield, pierwszy, that field second or behind me. druga, this field. Third and then coming back to me uh, i guess we can do three waypoints, so we’ll go to three fields and hitting go slide to start field number one. I better go up a bit higher too. I want to win these fields. One go into field two i’m gon na go up there. We go it’s coming by me. Oh let’s go back to this type of view too.

O nie. I want to show the map where it’s going. I guess i can zoom out so you can see its route goes to the center of the baseball diamond over there and hits that point and now it’s going to the far field over here i better go higher. I don’t want to hit any trees in case it’s off, but it seems to be on target doing the route well and once it gets there. Będziemy, do a return to home, so that’s its weight point following seems to do a good job. Don’T it real good job and there we go that’s weak points. Now let’s hit return to home turn to home, activate it climbs up to 20 meters and it flies back. Let’S just bring it back here and once it gets overhead i’m going to turn off return to home and just fly around the area to show that camera. W porządku, there we go so okay, Um. Let me stop the video recording there and the app just crashed let’s come back down while i restart the app restarting the app let’s see if it comes back on. Oh there we go because i want to rest set the cameras again make sure we are synced up on this chilly day here: w porządku, starting the camera. Jeszcze raz, we are recording again and syncing up the cameras, okay and then going into that special box down there. Lefty modes: i want to check if we missed anything here, um there’s gestures, gesture control, Niech, see if i can do that right now: it’s recording video starting we’re stopping now let’s see.

If i can stop the video by gesturing and again, i guess you need a bright sunny day. How about this? If i can see me: w porządku, gesture control, Jestem. Turning that off anything else that we could try while we’re here how about uh filters, video filters, jesteśmy, still recording so let’s, try uh right, cartoon that’s cartoon look, video filter, uh niech, go to sketch look at sketch, Niech, próbować, video filter, Uh, black and white video Filter black and white, so you can get up again and going back to normal video filters. None okay, so um with the rest of this let’s, just uh demonstrate the camera for the rest of this flight. Tutaj, um also notice. In the lens angle, you can adjust the uh with using the controller. Only you can adjust the tilt of the lens, i believe i’m trying to do it minus i press yeah, pointing it downward and with that let’s point it downward that’s. What i want to do next after that’s done, let’s turn that off is an up and away, and the way i’m going to do that. Folks is i’m just going to pull back on the stick while giving it throttle so and also yeah to raise it up and pull back up and away cool pan shot and coming back down again. Am i still in camera mode i’m still in camera mode, going back to normal mode? Ludzie, it’s there’s too much wind today for camera mode, camera mode limits limits the speed to about five miles per hour.

And if you got to win about five miles per hour, it just doesn’t have the capability of fighting it. So you go to higher speed normal mode. W porządku, let’s raise that gimbal back up again, oh no let’s raise the limp gimbal all the way down all the way down, because i want to do a rocket okay, getting right below it. Okay come on get back in the picture, going up and away a rocket. W porządku, so that’s a rocket um. Let me adjust the gimbal back up again, while we’re up there about 30 meters and for the remainder of the flight. Let’S just demonstrate its camera i’m going to try to fly slow in normal mode because camera mode’s not working today because of the wind but let’s push forward and fly fpv. I got to say that the fpv video on this drone looks rather well. You know it’s been rather good, it’s been good, i haven’t noticed any breakup, so it is a strong signal coming from this. I don’t know about 300 metrów, but i’m sure i can get to about 100 meters or so let’s go to the far end of the field down to the road and see how it looks. Does it get choppy down there at the far end of the field? W porządku, 55 metrów, 60 metrów, i’m hesitant to go over the farmer’s field. There it’s private propertyi think you’re allowed to but i’m not going to do it i’m, going to take it about 100 meters here and then yeah there.

We go about 100 metrów, w porządku, są one. W 100 meters let’s see if we see any chop i’m gon na, do a slow, rotate there around the area so let’s see. If i can get it to do a slow, rotate in normal mode. I go too hard on it and then it speeds up, but yeah it’s working good fpv at 100 metrów, good strong signal, so you know for normal people who don’t intend to fly this um kilometers away. This would be a good camera drone. So so far, what i’m seeing it’s pretty pretty darn good! You know the fpv signal is good and strong. Let me lower the gimbal down a bit, so i can see better how far i am again. The fpv signal is really good and strong from this drone. Jeszcze raz, 300 meters or what is it 1200 meters or projecting on this? I don’t know about that, but you know a couple hundred meters easily. You should be able to to provide good, strong, fpv nobody’s here today, because it’s cold i’mall by myself here today. So with that in mind, i am going to go to the other end of the field here up a bit higher too. I do not want to hit those trees going down that part of the field, so yeah it’s working beautifully. So you know at this price range, i guess around near 200 around that price range um. I don’t know if there’s another competitor that comes close to this with a 4k camera.

You know a lot of folks claiming 4k, but this this is actually nice nicely done. Więc to jest, Tak myślę, might be one of the best bang for your buck at the 200 Przedział cenowy. This is yeah there’s, my my limited distance. I can’t go further than 150 metrów. Remember i set the geofence nicely done: w porządku, we’re getting down there! 11.1 woltów, i wonder when the uh low battery issue or low battery power is going to come on here to limit the rest of the flight but uh yeah nice. The gimbal seems nice and steady. The image stabilization, Tak myślę, is working well because the whole, the video overall looks well nice, even on this dark day. W porządku, i’m gon na reduce throttle, bring it down here, closer from 30 meters and with the remaining battery power. When that’s, when it’s low battery i’m going to take it up to sport mode let’s, try the sport, mod let’s, bring it up to me again and plop. It there okay sticking up the camera again and i’m gon na stop that video and restart it. W porządku, i think we’re low battery right now so um starting the camera one more time: w porządku, uh with low battery let’s, take the sport mode. Let’S see how fast this could go. Now i think we’re going to be limiting the amount of distance. We can fly about 30 metrów. I haven’t tried that yet but i’m pretty sure this probably has a geofence, so let’s see if we can bump into geofence at high speed yep.

How far is that geofence 20 meters trying to fly out there there? Jest to 36 metrów, so we could only fly so far. You know about 30 meters before we bump into geofence let’s. Try it this way going over there bump right. There can’t fly that far so that’s the geofence on this thing and my battery but it’s a reasonable low battery 11.0 woltów. Now this is the second flight i’ve done with this folks, and i got to mention one thing here: when you’re in low battery state like this uh, keep it high don’t come down to your level. You know where your head is because when this thing goes into final low battery, it’ll do a uh b line straight back to its takeoff point and, if there’s anything in the way it’s going to hit it. I mean high speed b line so i’m going to demonstrate that for the rest of the flight here, we’re just going to fly around the air area, but eventually we’re going to hit that and i’m going to keep it high. At least my double my head height. Because i don’t want it to hit me return now there you go see, i it goes right back home, so this is the final return to home, so that’s it’s flight time. Ludzie, let’s see how close it is, the landing pad that one’s not too bad that’s. A nice landing and stopping the video so that’s its flight that’s, the f11s um.

You know this, Tak myślę, is a really good deal for its price range. Ludzie, it’s got a lot of features um. It works rather well notice how that’s bouncing around in my shaky hands because of all the coffee i drink, but look at how steady the screen is. So i don’t know if you can see that folks see that bouncing around in my hand, it’s this passing around. Like this doing a good job, okay let’s see here wand i’m, trying to sneak up the cameras one more time, so my lips are don’t, look like a cheap, Kung, fu film. Więc, w porządku, i hope you enjoyed this flight. This quadcopter 101 wylogowywanie się hi quadcopter 101. Tutaj znowu, Hej, jeśli chcesz dostać swój własny krzyk w jednym z moich przyszłości, filmy upewnij się, że subskrybujesz mój kanał to naprawdę proste, po prostu przejdź do mojej strony kanału i kliknij na tej subskrypcji, a także upewnij się, aby kliknąć ten przycisk dzwonka w prawo. Obok przycisku subskrypcji w ten sposób otrzymasz powiadomienie, gdy natychmiast wydam nowy film i daje szansę, aby uzyskać ten pierwszy strzał, więc spróbuj.