The distance take great pictures and video the xiaomi fimi x8. Se is a good camera drone that will allow you to take videos and photos with its 4k camera it’s. A good alternative to more expensive drones and you get pretty much the same features with its advanced flight technology and easy to use controller on app. The drone is suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots. A con is the gimbal Music. Many reviews have the same issue with the horizon, not staying level on the gimbal prosper. Slash vimy was not helpful when i contacted them for help with this issue. I am considering returning this drone due to the gimbal being out of level on the horizon and little to no help from the company. I was referred to a random youtube video by a consumer to try to adjust the gimbal myself. I enjoy the flight other than some drift sideways when letting off the sticks. I think it might be worth paying the extra money and getting a mavic air tube for their rock solid gimbal. This drone is amazing. I van set it up. How i want it to fly with throttle curved? The video is super clear, like the more expensive drones. Very easy to work with the app is very simplistic. I need that it’s crazy. How far i can fly. This drone is as good as my more expensive drones, but don’t cost as much. I love it love it watch my video youtube channel life pranks.