It is quick in high speed, but you have to be careful with the wind. The best part about this drone is the camera amazing little drone for the price. I have had a dozen drones, and this is my favorite flyerthe brushless motors and battery flight time make this a really good gps drone for the money. Szczerze, i was very close to putting everything back in the box and returning drone. I had difficulty with the setup process and was experiencing a 10 second latency with the fpv, however that’s, because i clicked yes in the settings for stabilization the moment, i turned that off. It went to less than a second. W dodatku, i removed the 8 gigabytes sd card that comes with it and replaced with a 32 gigabytes that would cause the app to crash every time. I clicked record these two issues were major headaches, but i was stubborn for not reaching out to customer support. Both are now working great. This door had everything you need at an amazing price. A month ago it was 150. It then dropped to 129, plus a ten dollars. Coupon that’s practically a steal if you’re in the market, for a low cost drone. I was also looking at the 200 sea fly dream, but glad i made this choice. The pictures are extremely clear, along with the videos there’s no gimbal and you can’t expect the footage to be level all the time again for the price.

This is the best deal of 2020. W mojej opinii, i bought this because of price, and the good reviews was not disappointed. Was super easy to set up and learn how to operate. The camera gimbal works perfect and takes good, stable video during flight camera quality is great for the price and honestly far better than i had thought. Customer service was great when dealing with any issues. Ogólny, a perfect beginner drone only downfall as it’s next to impossible to find any extra batteries or blades to buy an incredible product i’m very impressed with couple things such as quality. It feels solid and very well made, unlike others, it doesn’t get affected by the wind due to its weight and doesn’t, get damaged, easily speed power and agility its powerful engines allowing it to move quickly, but importantly, can maintain its altitude camera high quality image, making the Whole experience delightful charging, co comparing to others at a similar price point. They are very inferior in all aspects overall, a great purchase and i would recommend it for friends for sure. I was amazed at the quality of the brushless motors, even in the wind gps and the numerous other features it has. They definitely made numerous improvements over the other syma models, such as the x5 uw click link in description for more Music reviews.