It come on boys come on grab, O, that back track come on there. Jest tam, it is let's move it over a little bit. Idziemy tam. This is where crab claw or being able to crab walk sideways, where it basically means. I can turn all my tracks in one direction like that and move the truck in one direction and then be able to turn it very helpful. Muzyka, Muzyka, Muzyka, Music Applause super steep. What a good looking machine? Hej, so Music and there you have it optimusis a true beast: oh człowiek, it does make it more challenging with tracks, because these are really made for more snow environments, but i got ta. Tell you having more surface area on very loose, uh soil. This also works very well here. Got the smoke turned off to optimus right now, for no other reason than some people like to see it without the smoke. So i like to give you guys options pretty cool eh, some people asking to see top speed of optimus about top speed. He is a crawler. Należy pamiętać, got a great turning radius. So well there you have it my friends, optimus overkill out on the trail. It is prime time hopefully you guys, uh have enjoyed the show today. Uh. Let me know what you think of optimus in the comment section down below. I always love reading your comments. Uh drop a like click at the same time, and we will see you in the next episode of rc adventures now get outside and have fun with rc.