GLADIUS podwodne ROV Drone recenzj臋 – Cz臋艣膰 3 – Lights & Controls in the Pool 馃挦

Take pleasure in half Three of the Gladius assessment sequence. Get the Gladius right here Ipad Air 2 I take advantage of right here That is the way it appears and


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  1. Hi everyone hope your enjoying my review series of videos for the Gladius. I forgot to add the link on where to get it if your interested. You can purchase it from here Aloha!

  2. Mi艂y! Those lights, the speed, and full roll capability are awesome. Dare I say, better than the PowerRay? Pytanie: How do you keep the spool from unraveling all at once?

  3. Doskona艂y film Dustin!! Czekamy na nast臋pny

  4. Q: What did you do with your $1000 Personal ROV?
    A: played with it in the plastic kiddie pool 鈥 馃榿馃榿馃榿

  5. 艣wietny film! I'm really looking forward to seeing the mavic after all that time underwater and it will be fun to see the rescuing of it. Maybe you could put a bracket on where the weight goes and have it leading out in front of the camera like a little arm and because it's more powerfull backwards it will be able to pull it back up 馃憤

  6. Any clue as to when they start selling this?

  7. That is awesome mate, cant wait till your ocean testHAPPY BIRTHDAY DUSTIN!

  8. Have i missed something when did you lose the mavic and where? i remember you lost a drone in a little lake months back but you dived in and recovered it no??

  9. Ok I found it on the company website thanks unfortunately Prices are over 1k now鈽癸笍

  10. Hi Dustin great review, this Gladius ROV should be advertise as a safety haul inspection device for cruisers and sail boats.

    In Quebec, some would tell ( M茅o on va en vendre en Tabar… ! Think big sti ) ( M茅o were gonna sell a bunch of that sh..! lol )

    Really a great little device at the right price. Congratulations Chasing Innovation the ball is your's now to give this one to Dustin so he could share more of his satisfaction on YouTube.

  11. Patiently waiting for the next video.Very cool ROV.

  12. This thing is so cool! It needs an anchor point for the buoy tho, couldn't tell if it had one in the video. That way you could keep it from drifting too far in the ocean. Can't wait to see more video!

  13. Good demo of the controls, and nice to have English measurements on screen. Not much to see in a kiddie pool, so will be waiting for your venture in the ocean, with the sea-water buoyancy module in place, and perhaps running in manual mode to cut down on "porpoising". Twoje zdrowie.

  14. wow those lights are bright! i wonder if they are bright enough to see a sunken mavic?

  15. Saw all three parts of this but you still have not said what the cost of this thanks

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