Now the om4 has quickly become a wildly popular product for dji and we've. Gotten a ton of questions from viewers asking us the best way to charge it and what all the ports do. So i thought, i'd put a quick clip together to explain how you can safely charge the unit and how you can actually use the unit to charge. Other products, when you're out in the field now to start off with the om4, is different than a lot of the earlier versions of dji's osmo mobiles, because it doesn't have a removable battery. Some of the earlier versions had a battery. You could slide out and charge it externally, and that gave you the advantage of maybe carrying a second or third battery with you. So if you had a long day of filming, you could pop out a battery pop a new one in and just start filming again, you could extend the day on this one. The internal battery is really the only power source. You'Ve got so you've got to charge that battery fully before you leave and then whatever's in that battery during the day is all the power you've got, but there are two ports on there, which can be a little bit confusing so to charge the unit you're going To use the usb usbc port over here, it's a standard usbc port, any usbc cable you've got. It looks like that. The other end can be either a full size usb a or usb c, but you're going to use this with any standard charge.

You'Ve got so a wall charger car charger, your computer, whatever you happen to have that this will plug into you, can plug the usbc into the side and you can charge the unit. Now i get a lot of questions about. I read somewhere rick that you can actually use the internal battery on this to charge other products and that's true. Tak więc zasadniczo, what you've got is a rechargeable battery in the handle that's, really a power bank that you're carrying around with you. Now it is supplying power to the gimbal and you need that power to run the gimbal, but dji cleverly added a little port cover right over here. That opens up for a full size. Usba. You can use that to actually charge the phone or charge another device when you're out in the field. Teraz, naturally, you'd want to charge your phone that you're, using with the gimbal, and that allows you to use the energy that's stored in that internal battery. To not only run the gimbal but run your phone the concern there, chociaż, is there's only so many electrons in that battery. So if you're going to be filming for a long day, make sure you charge your phone and charge your gimbal assembly at the same time and that way, you've got plenty of power in both. But if you need to actually steal a little bit of power from that internal battery at the top, you can add a cable to that now, here's, where it gets tricky.

You can't really use a standard cable like this, even though it'll work you can plug in a usb a here. But then the challenge you've got is if it's a standard, cable it's going to stick out straight from the camera and that's going to be a problem, because the weight of this cable is going to drag on that gimbal it's, going to cause issues with the gimbal. When it's moving around so we've developed a shorter cable, that's, actually a right angle, cable at the end, where the camera plugs into the phone. So this ends got a standard usb a on it plugs in there and then what you do is put the camera in landscape mode and plug the other end into your actual phone. Now you can see how that little angle on top like that, keeps it out of the way for strain relief. Więc, no matter where i move, the cable is not going to get in the picture. It'S not going to impede the movement of the arm and it's, not adding any strain whatsoever to the unit that's, both in landscape mode like this and portrait mode. So let me put it in portrait mode. You can see it dips down and watch how it follows. The arm see how that cable follows the arm all the way around, so the strain relief on that is really in the bow out here. It gives it enough flexibility to move where it needs to where it's, not interfering with the movement of the gimbal and that's.

A great way to actually film if you've got a long afternoon of filming, because if your battery's running on your phone you've still got some energy in the handle and you can run with that. But the challenge again is if you're running both of these for hours. On end, this is drinking a lot of electrons out of the actual battery that's inside the handle. So i've had a lot of people. Ask me: dobrze. Can i use the usbc connection instead? Can i use a cable from here the phone you can't do that that's only an import that's only for charging the battery? This is an outport where you can actually charge your phone or some other device from it. Consequently, you can't charge it through that port either, but here's one thing you can do: you can actually charge the gimbal while you're using the gimbal, so you can keep the usbc in the side and if you have a battery bank like a portable battery bank, you Can actually plug it into the battery bank and here's the beauty? It not only charges the battery inside the handle it daisy chains that power to whatever you've got connected to it. So if you're spending a long day at an amusement park, you're out in the woods walking around, you need to record for a couple of hours if you have a small battery bank like this, jest to 10 000 milliampere hour drone valley battery bank.

But if you have a battery bank like this, you can plug it in slide. This in your pocket, you've got a short cable between you and the gimbal that okay it's a little bit. You know cumbersome to have that cable there, but it gives you hours of extra recording time so that's one little hack, you can use with it by connecting a battery bank up to the unit having those electrons flow through the battery charging it while it's charging your Phone and again, you can get a lot of hours out of charging there. As far as charging the unit goes again, you can use almost any charger. You'Ve got i've got a car charger here. You'Ll put the usb a into it and in your car, you've got a port like this i'm. Just simulating your car plug that in it'll start charging the unit. The best part about this is it'll actually charge the om4 and your phone if they're both turned on so you can charge both units at the same time and you can use again any standard wall charger with it as well. That'S got a usba connection on it. Now one other question i get is: what charger should i use? Is there a specific current of charger? I need to use with this product i'm going to tell you that more current is always better. Now there are two styles of chargers on the market today: there's a standard, what i'll call phone chargers which are 5 volts standard, 5 volts dc that can charge it typically, two amps two and a half amps, or sometimes three amps, you wan na find one that Can charge at the highest current possible because this will drink the electron safely to charge it up very quickly.

There are also qc or pd chargers out there, which are the quick charge versions of it. You don't really need one of those for this unit. Even though it'll it'll boost the voltage a little bit and charge it a little bit faster, they tend to be a lot more expensive. Teraz. The good news is, if you go with some of the drone valley products both of these are pdqc compatible. Both have my high current outputs that allow you to charge it at a safe level, but charge it as quickly as possible. So the choice is up to you and which one you use, but when you buy a charger, stick with a brand name, try to stay away from those off brand chargers that you see for 299, at the convenience store or on ebay or something because you're putting A lot of electrons into a fairly expensive device here and a lot of those chargers are really not that high of quality, and what i mean by that is. I don't doubt that they're going to put 5 volts out that at that cable connection, but if they're not clean power, if they're not converting the ec from the wall into clean dc you're going to get ripples in there, which is going to force some ac. Some noise into the battery and you can actually cause damage over time, so good charger, good cable, you know if you need this umbilical we've got those for all the phones that are out there.

So we've got these that have a ios connection on them, a micro usb or usbc and they're, nie tak drogie, but that little addition right. There will extend your recording day by hours and again the hack. I just showed you about charging it while you're, actually using it, can make it a full day of recording out there. The last thing i'll say is that, because there are motors all around this phone, if you're out on a really hot day, i was out in a really hot day in florida last summer, and everything gets hot. So if you're out and it's 90 degrees or something take a break between recording because the motors are going to get a little warm, some of that heat will get transferred to the phone. And you start to get temperature warnings on the phone. So just something to keep in mind, but all the gimbals do that, because the phones mounted right up against the motor. I think dji's done a better job in the om4 than previous versions by using beefed up motors that are a little bit cooler when they're running because they're not as burdened, Tak myślę, by the weight. The ones that were out before tend to be a little bit. Tricky with bigger phones like this, but the om4 can handle the biggest phones on the market without any issues, so that's pretty much it for today. If you need any of the accessories, i've talked about.

Oczywiście, we've got them available on the website. We'Ve designed these products to work with the om4 specifically, so you can trust that we've tested them and they stand by. We stand behind everything we sell. So if you have any problems with it down the road we'll be here for you, but i've got links below it'll. Take you to the om4 if you're interested in the gimbal, as well as links to all the accessories that i've talked about throughout this clip. Teraz, if i've missed anythingand you have questions on the om4 that i haven't answered yet i have a lot more of these quick tips coming along to talk about the various shooting modes and how to use this product out in the field, but drop it down Below on the questionsand let me know what you'd like me to cover and we'll make sure we cover it in the next clip coming up and that's it for today. So thanks an awful lot for watching. Please hit that subscribe button and join the drone valley. Family we've got a ton more clips coming on stabilized gimbals and a ton of other high tech. Elektronika.