. That just seems crazy. Theres, never been anything in the 300 zasięg. It even comes close to this in the video capabilities and the performance of this drone and how easy it is to fly. So you may be saying why would dji come out with the mini se when they have the dji mini 2? Dobrze, this one with the fly more combo is twice as much as this one, i tak, but this is the first time the djis ever stepped back in technology, because this one shoots in 4k and the dji mini sc shoots in 2.7 k which really as humans. We always want to have the best, ale 2.7 k is more than what 99 of people out there need. So lets go into a little bit of history. This kind of reminds me of 25 years ago today, tiger woods, hit the golf scene in the press conference and said hello world. Dobrze, i kind of feel like thats. What this video is about, the dji mini is saying hello world at 300, so golf was never the same after that day with tiger woods, and i dont think drones will ever be the same after the release of this drone. I think its that important, but this is the first time djis ever stepped backwards. Dobrze, Po pierwsze, they came out with the spark, which is a really good little drone, but it was over 250 grams and had a short flight time and it was a wi fi drone.

So it didnt have very good range. So then they came out with the maverick mini in 2017, which was a really good. Drone uh had a few little problems with it, but they again got the bugs worked out teen and then last year in november of 2020, they came out with the mini 2.. Dobrze, the dude, the new dji mini sc is a step backwards and going down because it doesnt use the oculus 2. So it uses the um it doesnt use the mini 2 kontroler. It goes back to the older controller that the original mini had with the only thing different is these uh joysticks will fold off and go under, but honestly, i like this controller better than this one. Czemu? Because this is the bag for the mini 2, where i can use my binocular bag oops. But i can use my binocular bag and stick this controller in the mini in this one and or you could even almost stick them in your pocket, which makes it very easy if youre on vacation or youre running around. And you want to carry this little bag and you can get some great aerial photography carrying something like this around. As i mentioned, this is the first time theyve ever went backwards, so this is the air one that they came out with theres a really good drone. Then they came out with the air two then the air 2s, so they keep progressing and getting better as they put out the drones.

Then they came out with the maverick one, which is still a really good drone. Then they came out with the maverick pro 2 and the pro 2 powiększenie, which i use every day and work, but this pro 2 shoots amazing video and takes great pictures and ill do a comparison. Video between the dji mini this pro 2 and these inspires behind me. Originally they came out with inspire one, and then they came out with the inspire 2.. You may be thinking man. I wish i had an inspire 2. well im telling you this dji mini is going to do what 99 of the people out there needed to do. W 1908, henry ford released the model t at a price of 835 dolarów, which would be about 18 000 today and uh, but the closest car to it was the mercedes which was 4500. Then the pierce arrow was 7 600.. Dobrze, it didnt have all the bells and whistles of the other ones, but it got it ran just as good and get you from point a to point b, just as dependable as the other ones. Dobrze, thats kind of what this can do, the dji mini sc will get you what you need at a very reasonable price, and so who is this for whos it not for i dont care if you have 100 drony, you want this drone because at 299 you Can put this in a lot of situations that you may not want to put your other drones in and at 299 you want your first drone, i say: get a mini drone first to learn the orientation of a drone, but then go if you go get this Drone theres not too many people that are going to need a drone better than what this one is, and what a great way to get into the drone world.

This drone will sit on a shelf just as good as that pro 2 Koła, so in other words, if you go get a 300 treadmill or a 4500 treadmill, they will both hang clothes just as good right. Dobrze, if you want to get into the drone world, this is a great way to start at 299, so this will be a short video. I just want to talk about how important this drone is. Well talk a little bit about the app and well go fly. Just a little bit and ill come back for a final review, but next im going to do a video on all the accessories that can come to it and then ill do a deep dive. Where we go really in depth with the camera settings and everything you can do and the best things uh to get the full performance out of this drone at 299 and im going to compare it to a lot of the drones out there and show you that This thing is amazing, so it doesnt have obstacle avoidance, but to me obstacle avoidance is overrated. Unless you have the scouting o2 um, the other drones will crash and you dont want to trust the obstacle avoidance so just learn how to fly it really well and youll. Be amazed what this thing can do so lets go over the app and lets go put it up in the air all right guys. Jak widać,, the box comes in a little bit different than the maverick mini and the mini 2.

. So when you open it up, it comes with salt dont eat that i saw in some other videos that came with a really nice bag. Mine didnt come with that i dont i got mine from b h photo. I wonder if thats, if he ordered directly from dgi, so the controller is not exactly like the other controller for the dji mini one, because so the joysticks tucked underneath so the first time you turn on the dji fly app and you start up the drone. Its going to take you to this screen to activate the dgi device, so you hit agree, confirm binding account, and i put i have my email address in there activation successful. Now you see up here its going to tell you automatically that you need to update it, because even when its shipped theyre automatically doing updates itll tell you, as its downloading itll, tell you right here how long its going to take so as its updating be sure And leave the drone on and the controller on and leave everything connected. If you turn it off, it itll stop updating the software because its not just updating the software and the controller, its updating, the software in the drone. Więc znowu, as with any dgi product, its a short press and then a long press and you wait for the four lights to light up and then itll boot up, gimbal will go through its rotations of just setting everything.

So when you first open the app youre going to see that the cameras on and itll youll see down here, itll say storage not available because it doesnt have an sd card in it. So you want to use the sd card and you want to make sure its the right, speed and ill go over more of that kind of stuff in the deep dive and you slide the sd card in there we go now. Mamy. Mamy 99 000 pictures available, so it says, take off with caution. Nie gps, and over here itll tell you how many satellites you have. It shows you how its connected your battery life and how far away over here is your height and your distance ill. Go into a lot of this. When i do a deep dive and heres, where you switch between photo video and quick shots, and you can only enter quick shots when its when youre going out and then down here, is where you access your photos that are on the video card, so lets take Her outside and put her up for a flight. Okay guys all this video im gon na shoot from the drone in a minute is gon na be in 1080p, and if you know about video like 2.7, k means 2, 700 and 4k would be 4 000.. So 1080p is almost 1 4th of 4k and a little bit more than one third of 2.7 k. So this is almost one third of the resolution of the drone im not going to do a bunch of flying around its kind of like watching a home video from somebody theres.

So much drone footage out there, but this dji mini sc handles just like any other drone. It flies amazing flies perfect either. You never have any doubt that its going to perform perfectly does really good in high wind. If you it so this one has the same. Wind rating, as the mini 2, który jest 5. if you watch my other video when i shoot at sedona arizona. Last my birthday, i went up to the top of these mountains and i was going to fly my fpv, but there are so many people up there. I didnt want to bother them, so the dji mini is so quiet. I flew it instead and there was 20 mile an hour winds and it did amazing. I mean theres, no uh shutter from the gimbal at all, because its a three axis gimbal. So this is all shot in 1080, so here im up about 400 feet or actually 379.. I dont want to lose my part 107. If you stick something on the internet and they can prove that youre over 400 stóp, they can take my my certificate from the faa away. But look at this clarity at 1080p, its just amazing, its rock solid, jego, not a windy day, but it doesnt even matter in the wind with this drone. Again it flies for its. They say 30 minutes youre gon na get about 25 minuty, but i mean 25 minutes is a lot of time to be up in the air.

So yesterday me and my wife, we went kayaking and took the sc out on the river a lot of fun to fly, especially with that accessory of having those floats on the bottom. Ive never had any problem flying above water with any drone, so legally youre supposed to stay in visual line of sight, which is really hard with the mini, because its so tiny and if theres any trees around it, can get behind those trees in a hurry. So if you do, i just start practicing looking at your phone and if youre scared at all just go higher youre not going to hit anything and then youll see on the map theres a direction that shows you how to get back to home. So thanks so much for watching my review of the dji mini sc again, this is a short video ill do a deep dive later. But so who is this drone again for, like i said its for everybody, i cant imagine anybody out there, your grandmother or even uh children, prawdopodobnie 12 i pod, are going to want this drone. You dont have to register it with the faa because its under 250 gramy, which is going to be real important once remote id, comes out but thats a story for another day. So this is a great drone. Film weddings, your kids soccer games, take it on your family vacation. Imagine how much better your photography is when you can get aerial images with this thing really impress your friends have a lot of fun at 299.

. So should you buy one, no buy two give one away, then people will really like you no really uh at 299. I think this thing is going to be around for a long time. They may improve it, but i cant imagine them improving the price on what this thing is.