Cheerson CX-10SE Nano Drone Successor to CX 10 Flight Test Review

This very cheap successor to the favored CX-10 is smaller and lighter to offer longer flight time and higher flying functionality than its predecessor.


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  1. Great customer service from Cheerson!!

  2. does it fly higher and longer than cx10 ?

  3. difference between cx10 and cx 10se

  4. How is the controller? Is it crap-quality?

  5. I just won one of these off a competition. I am looking forward to flying it. I just googled this to learn more. Thank you for the heads up and reviewA+

  6. whats the difference between cx10 and cx10se?

  7. holy cow are u doing these vids in that 117° heat? lol.

  8. Bought a rodeo 150 but crashed it three motors work but one spins and then stops and drone starts beeping any suggestions on what piece to purchase? Dzięki

  9. I got it for £10 GBP really like what's included in the box for the money I already had a cx-10 wd tx with the camera and wanted this for budget fun and cheap racing and practice. just wish battery was swappable or faster charge. why can't we charge at 2.5a ?

  10. jak wielu trutnie, czy masz

  11. Bardzo ładnie. It's even under $20 Kanadyjski! Thanks again for the reviews!

  12. yes up close flight is best ! many thanks for up close ! 👍 😎 🇱🇷

  13. Your video of the original CX-10 is what got me started in this hobby! Now many quads later, I am again tempted with this new one. I always enjoy your videos. Keep them coming, and thanks!

  14. Nice review dude! I'm gonna go buy it now

  15. Maybe nice to know, that it was your original cx-10 review that got me into the hobby.

  16. Pretty Cool little flyer for Sure ! I was Amazed at the flight time ! QC have​ you heard or seen on YouTube how the Army or whatever has a Mosquito sized Drone that can go under Cracks in doors etc ? I watched it about a Year ago, they Showed all Sorts of Sizes and Capabilities, it was Incredible ! Also I was thinking that you "Have" to be Very Popular with your Mailman, Ups, FedEx drivers by getting all of these quads to Review ! Do you have Any Plans to be here in Michigan before the Snow flies ?

  17. After watching your nice review about the ht f801w, Kupiłem jeden. But i crashed and I spoilt my motor pinon gear and motor shaft gear.
    Please what type of motor pinon gear do you suggest for the ht f801w??? I can't seem to be able to find any spare parts for that quadcopterplease help me out here sir. Dzięki

  18. the old one had 8mins battery life this 4-5minsI had 3 of the old cx 10s and they all slow down after a while

  19. I don't see a huge market for nanos now or in the future, with tiny whoop clones out there for near the same price, but with the ability to change out the battery and keep flying, as opposed to having one flight and be done for 30 minutes while the built in battery charges. The charger ports on those nanos are notorious for not holding up, and after many charges, either the battery dies, or the connection of the charge port fails. Nice that Cheerson fixed a mistake which the public should never have seen, had they done a proper job of R & re .. a big problem with a lot of toy grade quad manufacturers these days (Niestety). It's more about "getting it out there and making a buck (Yuan)" than producing a quality product which actually works as advertised. It is inexpensive, but I don't see it becoming a huge seller (tylko moja opinia .. could be wrong of course). Thanks for the look. Twoje zdrowie.

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