Some people call it the best android phone of the year. Some are not sure if they should purchase it or look somewhere else and some love the overall experience, but still waiting for google to solve all the software issues that came with it. For this experience to complete, regardless which category you fall under this video is for you. So let me share my thoughts, Music, hello, everyone and welcome to the channel. If you are new here, this is e man or imad. If you are an arabic, speaker anyways, these are the points i will cover in todays video, and this is the channels donation link right off the bat. I will talk about three things that most reviewers complained about, and i will tell you how to solve them in three seconds issue number one: this phone is a slippery and yes thats, true because its made of glass and has a glossy finish it even crawls on Its own, sometimes so, when you put it on the nightstand before sleep, you will find it in the living room by the time you wake up. Issue number two: the fingerprints as expected, any glossy finish, collects fingerprints, but thats only the case with the black variant. The cloudy white i have here and sorta sunny models seem to hide them very well issue number three: this phone seems to collect dust under the camera module like any normal device, which is a huge problem. So these are the three design issues and now its time for the solution.

Sorry, if that offended anyone, but how many of you used their phones without a case or a skin, so enough with the jokes and lets talk about the things that matters. The most important thing about the design of this phone is not how different it looks, but its identity. Let me give you an example: a brand like bmw has its own identity sends forever. If i showed you any model, you will immediately tell its a bmw and thats obvious, because the headlights and the front grille will always represent this identity, no matter if they are taller, shorter, wider or narrower and thats. What the pixel 6 series managed to achieve, even with the case on you, can still see how unique it looks, but whats more important is to maintain this identity over time, but google failed to deliver the same message with the pixel lineup from the pixel 1 to The 3a we had the same pixels two tone, iconic design and all of a sudden. It disappeared with the pixel 4 up to the pixel 5a and now its back again with the pixel 6. But this time with the new camera bar, this new look was well received by almost everyone, so i hope to see the same identity from now on, to increase peoples, loyalty to the brand one more thing worth mentioning about. The look of this phone is the top edge. It has a different color and the material it doesnt look bad, but its a bit weird.

I prefer to have the same, consistent, look across all sides. So please, let me know in the comments what you feel about it beside the look. What i like about this phone is how comfortable it feels in hand, and there are few reasons behind this. First, the weight is perfectly balanced across the whole device. It weighs only 210 grams, which is 30 and 19 grams less than the 13 pro max and the s21 ultra respectively. And finally, the curved edges feel much better when compared to the sharp edges of the 13 pro max, for example, but its still a huge phone with a 6.7 inch display. Even the regular pixel 6 has a 6.4 inch display, which is also considered a big phone. So if you want something in the same size of the pixel 5, you will be out of luck. When it comes to the builder quality. The whole device feels a premium without any trade offs. You wont hear any rattling noise when it vibrates the buttons are solid and tactile. You get gorilla, glass, vectors front and back and ip68 rating for the design and build the quality. I will give it 9 out of 10, as i couldnt see anything to complain about the phone has a new look unique design very comfortable to hold reasonable weight for its size and very premium build quality without any trade offs, and it lost this one point for All the minor issues that will immediately disappear once you put a case or a skin now lets talk about the curved display of the sixer pro.

I know when you hear the word curved display. Two things come into your mind: accidental touches and screen protectors for accidental touches. You dont need to worry about it, because i didnt face this issue with this phone for the past two months. It seems like google handled this part really well for the screen protectors its hard to get a good one. I tried multiple brands since i got the phone and the only two of them were good options, so im gon na share them with you in the accessories chapter, even though they didnt sponsor the video. You know why, because i love you and i care about you. Peace, one more thing you need to know about this display is the shadows. You will see when you look at it from an angle. It might be an issue for some, but honestly i like it. It gives extra depth to the display and make things pop out. So please, let me know in the comments. What do you think so? These are the concerns you might have about the display and now lets talk about some good stuff. This display makes the phone slimmer because its curved around the edges and that allowed google to slightly shrink the width of the phone, which makes it less bulky. When you put a case on number two, the side bezels are almost non existent. It makes me feel like im, holding the display, not the actual phone, and that looks great.

It has a hole punch designed with 88.8 percent screen to body ratio which will give you an amazing viewing experience and minimal distractions for the media consumption experience you get a quad hd plus resolution or 512 pixels per inch, thats 54 more pixels compared to the 13 Pro max and the 80 more than the pixel 5 of last year, heres a close up on all three displays to be able to see which one is sharper. Obviously the 6a pro is the best followed by the 13 pro max for the colors and the quality heres a side by side comparison with the same phones for reference. The resolution is set to 2160 hdr on all of them. I will cut the display into two halves. On the left side, the sixer pro is set to the adaptive color profile that has the most saturated colors and set to natural on the right side. The 13 pro max with and without true tone and the pixel 5 matches the sixer pro settings and now lets see which one is better. The first difference i see is the 13 pro max has a slightly better hdr compared to the 6 pro, as i can see more in the shadows, and the pixel 5 is a lot darker than both for the colors. The 60 pro has the most saturated colors. Using the adaptive color profile and the least saturated one set to natural, the iphone doesnt have different profiles, but the display is warmer with the true tone activated and i dont see any difference between the two profiles when it comes to the pixel 5.

. So the 13 pro max has a slight edge when it comes to the hdr. The 60 pro has a sharper display and the pixel 5 is out of the competition next. The refresh rate both flagships have 120 hertz versus only 90 hertz on the pixel 5. and heres a slow motion video to give you an idea about the scrolling experience on all of them, while the 13 pro max does have the same refresh rate as the 6. Pro but ios limits the scrolling speed, so it doesnt feel as fast as expected. One more thing to cover in this topic is the ltpo technology. As per google, the display can lower the refresh rate to 10 hertz to save battery life based on your usage, but a lot of people are not sure if thats actually true, because under settings the smooth display description says the range is between 60 and 120 hertz. So i hope google will clarify this in the future next, the brightness before starting. Let me tell you that this phone has two ambient light: sensors one on the front and one on the back. I already talked about this feature in my previous video about the sixer pro hidden features that you can see its link now on the screen. This feature is very useful, but its implemented the wrong way. So the first question is why its useful, because when i try to take a photo with the light source behind the phone, the display becomes a brighter, and that makes it easier for me to see the viewfinder.

Also when i attach the phone to the car holder. While navigating the light comes mainly from the back side of the phone, so the screen brightness gets adjusted accordingly, which is another useful scenario. But when i use the phone normally under direct sunlight, the brightness becomes a lot less than what it should be and thats, because the phone relies on the back sensor as well as the front and as far as no bright light. Coming from the back side. The brightness doesnt increase with the expected amount resulting in a noticeably dimmer display than any other phone for reference here, is how it looks side by side with the pixel 5, even though the 5 has a less capable display, but its a brighter in this scenario here Is how it looks side by side with the other two phones when placed on a flat surface? Definitely the 13 pro max is miles ahead and thats, because the back sensor of the sexer pro is blocked. So the display doesnt get the order to trigger the peak brightness, but with the peak brightness activated on all of them, the sixer pro is very close to the 13 pro max and much brighter than the pixel 5.. I hope to see fix for this issue as soon as possible, and my suggestion is to block the back ambient light sensor and only use it when needed, not all the time. So, overall, the display of this phone is great and it will give you the flagship experience you would expect.

The only thing holding it back is the weird brightness behavior, but thankfully its not a hardware limitation, because its a bright enough under direct sunlight, its all about how the software handles the situation so lets, wait and see how google will enhance this behavior in the future. Now lets talk about the performance and how good the tensory chip is. I created two videos talking about the performance of this phone before and after december, update that you can see the links now on the screen. So let me tell you my final thoughts. This phone is so powerful in everything except recording 4k 60 videos. In my testing, i initiated the zoom meeting, started a screen sharing session and played modern combat 5. All at the same time, for 30 minutes in this test, i didnt encounter a single issue. The game was running smoothly without any dropping frames and the temperature was acceptable, considering the load. So if this phone can handle all of this at the same time, imagine how well it will perform in day to day tasks. In contrast, recording videos in 4k, 60 under direct sunlight was underwhelming. The screen brightness was 100, which is expected in this scenario. The temperature was 26 degrees celsius and, finally, the mobile network and cellular data were activated in this test. The phone stopped after 6 minutes and 27 seconds. Due to overheating. I tried again with the airplane mode activated and this time it reached 12 minutes.

I expected better results, considering that the temperature was only 26 degrees, keep in mind that i managed to record for one hour and 11 minutes indoors in an air conditioned room. The brightness was 80 percent, with the airplane mode activated, which is not bad. One of the things google can do to enhance this area is to dim the display to control the temperature, and this is one of the things i found the iphone doing. When i record long videos, as shown now on the screen so overall when it comes to the performance, i will give it 8 out of 10, because most of the time you get the performance, you would expect from a flagship phone recording long 4k. 60. Videos is not something an average user do frequently unless you are a videographer or content creator and need a phone to record your videos. In this case, i do recommend an iphone instead next the battery – and this is the worst thing about this phone, at least for me and theres, only one reason behind it: the network usage, its always more than twenty percent, even though im not using 5g and its Turned off under settings and some people reach even more than 30 percent. I tried many things to solve this issue and never reached a permanent solution. I have december update already and the my screen on time ranges between 5 to 6.5 hours on 4g, which is fine, but with 5g i dont think it will be good enough.

I hope its a software related problem rather than an issue with the modem. So, overall, im not impressed and eagerly waiting for a fix. Now lets talk about the speakers. I love the speakers of this phone. They are loud and clear, thankfully, no more under display. Speakers like we saw with the pixel 5. Music, so put your headphones and lets. Compare it against the 13 and the 12 promax Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music. Both iphones, have a stronger base. The 13 pro max is the best in everything, but i didnt like the mids and the highs coming out of the 12v pro max. In my opinion, the sound is not well balanced, so my second favorite is the 6 pro, and if you are curious, here is how it sounds compared to the pixel 5. Music Applause Applause now its time for the camera – and let me tell you that this camera Is so much fun to use Music to put them Music Music? The six features? I showed you in the short video. What makes this camera so unique, four out of which you wont find anywhere else, this ambler action, pan cinematic pen and astrophotography. I already did an in depth camera comparison between the pixel 6 pro and the 13 pro max that you can see its linked now on the screen and based on this, i think this camera is great, but there are four areas that need improvement. First, the portraits the camera tends to add too much blur to the shot, which makes it look unnatural.

As a workaround, you can adjust the intensity in google photos which is not a big deal, but its easier to have a reasonable amount from the beginning and increase it later. If you want, or to include a depth slider in the viewfinder while taking the photo. But the thing you cannot fix using google photos is the subject: isolation. This camera usually misses a lot of areas around the hair, shoulders and arms. Last but not least, the 2x portraits doesnt look great because its a digital crop from the main sensor, the software tries to over sharpen the image, and the result is not good. As a workaround, you can take a normal 4x photo which will give you a natural bouquet that you can also adjust its intensity in google photos. The second area that needs improvement is the hdr overall, the hdr is great and it shows a lot of details in the shadows, but it doesnt handle the sun as good as the 13 pro max number three is the lens of layers. Usually, when i point the camera towards the light source, either in the morning or at night, i see red lens flares around the edges, not sure if its a hardware issue – or this is something google can fix with the software. Finally, the videos they are usually grainy and the problem seems to be related to the iso, its always higher than what it should be, but i found the fix for this issue.

All you need to do is to decrease the brightness until the noise disappears. I did this while recording the drone knight show in dubai and, as you see, the video looks perfect without any noise, so i hope to see the camera doing this automatically to avoid missing anything from the scene while adjusting the brightness other than this. You get amazing landscape shots with a tremendous amount of detail, very powerful zoom, with exceptional quality day and night ultra wide front camera that produces high quality photos, magic eraser that removes unwanted people and objects from the scene. The speech enhancement feature that clips the background noise. While recording using the front camera in addition to the six features i mentioned at the beginning, and if you want to know more, you can check my dedicated camera comparison with the 13 pro max. So, overall, i will give this camera 7 out of 10 because of the issues i mentioned, but thankfully most of them can be fixed via software updates, like the blur effect intensity, subject: isolation, hdr and the grainy videos and if google managed to solve all these issues, I will call it 9 out of 10., maybe it doesnt have a dedicated macro mode, it doesnt record 4k 60 using old cameras, and the ultra wide is narrower than the competition, but in return you are getting other features that you wont find anywhere else like action. Pan face on blur cinematic pen and as to photography – and this is a fair compensation for whats missing, but at the end of the day you choose the camera based on your needs.

So if you are not interested in astrophotography or face humbler – and you are interested more in the macro mode – you can go for the s21 ultra or the 13 pro max instead. So you are the judge here now lets talk about the software features introduced with the pixel 6 series. I already created separate videos talking about all of them that im going to leave the links in the description below. In my opinion, most of these features are very useful and here are the most important ones. First, the assistant voice typing in gboard. It allows you to handle a full conversation or send emails without touching the keyboard, and i found it to work really well. The second one is quick phrases which will allow you to answer all the client calls using google assistant without saying the magic word, and you can also do the same with the timers and alarms another useful feature called live translate. First, it can translate the live captions to your favorite language on the fly. Secondly, it can translate your chats and the messages magically get translated in the same conversation window as if they were originally sent in this language, and it also works in third party apps. If you want to know everything about these features and even more, i highly recommend watching these videos. We all know the best part about google phones is the software and with this phone weve got tons of new features in the camera in g board in google assistant and more so in this category.

I will definitely give it 10 out of 10.. Google also increased. The software updates duration to 5 years, which is definitely a welcomed addition next, the haptics – and this is one of the great things about this phone. It feels a premium and precise its well utilized and with the upcoming android 12 l, you will enjoy it in more areas throughout the os its hard to demonstrate how good it feels on camera, but its miles ahead compared to the pixel 5, for example. Next, the under display fingerprint – and this is one of the things i saw a lot of people talk about some people think its normal and some returned their phones because of it anyways. Let me tell you what i found indoors. It works one hundred percent of the time, at least for me, even if i didnt perfectly align my finger on the sensor, but outdoors it becomes a slower and it doesnt work, sometimes maybe because its an optical sensor, so the excessive light impacts its performance anyways. I hope google gives extra attention to this issue as soon as possible or give us a face unlock as an alternative. I tried to register the same finger twice to work better outdoors, but this didnt help so lets wait and see how google will handle this in the future. Now, let me show you the best screen protectors. I got for this phone. I have two recommendations. One is affordable and one is premium, starting with the affordable one.

This is the first brand. I dont know how to pronounce it so im gon na show it to you on the screen. It comes with a black mat to put under the phone to make it stick in place while applying the screen protector. You also get a small alignment tool that you can stick to the usbc charging port, then align the screen protector using the alignment tool and follow the application instructions written on the protective film. The best part about this screen protector is the application process and they took care of everything i no longer have it on the phone to show you how it looks, but the cutouts are perfectly aligned and it covers it pretty much in the entire screen. The only problem is its a tpu screen protector, so its a fingerprint magnet and you will find yourself cleaning the screen more frequently. The second option, which is the premium one, its called the white stone, dome glass. It has very high quality, clear, great oleophobic coating, so it doesnt attract fingerprints and feels really smooth, but the application process is very long and it requires a lot of instructions to be followed, so it might take about 30 minutes to finish the whole process. But let me tell you that this is the best screen protector. I have ever tried on any smartphone and its definitely recommended and by the way, both the screen protectors, work well with the fingerprint sensor that doesnt work well itself now the moment of truth.

So let me tell you my final thoughts about the six pro and i will make it as short as possible for the price and the amount of features you get with this phone. I will call it the best android phone of the year, but if google failed to fix all the issues mentioned in this video, it will be very hard to recommend. Especially, some of these issues are not yet confirmed if they are hardware or software, so thats pretty much it for today. That was my review for the pixel 6 pro. Please. Let me know in the comments.