But basically i needed something that would allow me to pivot my bikes around, as opposed to going forward back forward back forward back to get the bikes out of the garage or to stow them away neatly. So i found these pittsburgh motorcycle dollies online theyre only about a hundred bucks. There were some concerns that these are not the easiest things in the world to push in maneuver, but i thought for a hundred bucks lets, give it a try Music all right. This is the pittsburgh motorcycle 1250 pound capacity, low profile, motorcycle, dolly it can handle 1250 pounds. It has this easy to use carriage assembly here, which holds the dolly in place. While you load your motorcycle and acts as a ramp, making it easier to load your bike once you load your motorcycle, it has a safety pin to help to hold it in place, and then you disengage the carriage assembly. The kickstand tray has three positions, so you can move it up or down, depending on your motorcycle. The kickstand plate can go on either side of the dolly and you can load your motorcycle from the front or the back. I like the sleek red paint it matches. My motorcycles, its made of high quality steel and seems to be very durable. I have one on my 500 plus pound diablo 1260s, all right so building these is super straightforward. All you have to do is put the bolts and the washers the nuts all together for five of these wheels.

Then you put the sections together and yada yada its very easy to do. One thing i will recommend is cutting your box like this and opening it up and resting the beds on top of the box. So you dont scratch up your nice red finish, but its super easy, so im not even going to do a tutorial all right, heres, the second one that i just built, put the monster on it rolled up pretty easily enough clearance with the rear tire. Unlike the one for the diablo 1260 s, where that huge, 240 millimeter tire is barely squeezing in there but does actually fit the tires just fitting in there. So ive got three bikes in the garage and heres a surprise under that tarp video on that later, and i needed a solution where i could just spin the bikes around as opposed to going forward back forward back, and i found these online. The brand is pittsburgh, which i think is a harbor freight tools brand. I will say that they are high quality, solid steel frames. I will say that the diablo is not easy to move its okay. Once you get the momentum going, but its much better than you know, going forward back and forth backward all the time getting your bikes in and out, Music, Music, Music all right to load. Your motorcycle onto the dolly make sure that your safety pin is out. Take the rear carriage assembly and engage it, and that gives you a little bit of a ramp here and locks it in place.

All right, youre also going to make sure that your front carriage assembly is also engaged to hold the dolly still while you load the motorcycle theres, a couple different ways to load make sure your bikes in line with the dolly okay put. Your kick stand up with a little bit of a running start, stand down and set it down thats one way to do it, so this dolly can handle over 1200 pounds so at least for the lightweight monster i like to guide it on by sitting on it. It gives me a little bit more control should anything happen. Put the rear safety pin back. In again, my recommendation hold on to the bike and disengage. The carriage assembly do the same for the front, and your bike is all set to move. I do recommend using one of those kickstand plates, otherwise youre going to scratch up your nice paint like i just did, but i only have one and im using it with the diablo 1260s. So to take your motorcycle down, first take off the rear safety pin and i recommend, holding onto the motorcycle and kicking this rear carriage assembly down with your foot, just to make sure that the bike doesnt build off the dolly. Obviously you want to cover the brake, but yeah. I like it theyre, nice and shiny red. They match the bikes. They are sturdy. The tray is adjustable three different positions, its pretty easy to load your bike up and overall, once again for a hundred bucks.

Each you cant really complain. One little thing: im gon na give is that we were missing a lock washer and we were also missing a nut uh. But luckily i do have this hex bolt set here, which has all kinds of washers and bolts, and i was able to implement a temporary solution until i get the correct parts. All right lets see how she rolls with a monster. So its not the easiest thing in the world, it does require a little bit of strength. A little bit of leverage you dont want to go crazy and be pushing your bike really hard or jerking the bike, because its going to slip on the dolly, but for 100 bucks i cant, really complain. I now have the ability to swing my bikes around and organize them more neatly in my garage Music id love to have some sort of a handle system on these. So i dont have to just kind of push it around with my foot or move the bike around or more like a combination of the two, which is what i have to do here. The diabolo has two long wheel, baits to insert the last pin lock on the end, and if i pull it too hard, the tires will just slide right on the metal. Music sideways is relatively easy to push because, like i said you dont have to worry about the tires slipping off the back. So when i do push the motorcycle set up here, rearward i do have to put my foot on the dolly and the hand on the motorcycle and push that way, just to make sure the bike doesnt slip off the back.

So would i rather pay two or three hundred dollars more each for one that rolls a little bit more effortlessly? No, i wouldnt and if youre like me – and you have a few bikes and you dont want to drop a thousand dollars on some dollies that roll easily, and you want to put a little bit of elbow grease into moving them. Then i recommend these pittsburgh ones. For a hundred dollars, i do include some of the more high end motorcycle dollies in my amazon storefront. I dont have the pittsburgh ones because, frankly, theyre cheaper to buy on the pittsburgh site themselves, but if youre interested in some of the more premium ones then check out my storefront all right guys always remember.