Today, we’re going to be taking a look at another case for the dji fpv drone, this one is by pgy tech. They sent it over for me to take a look at. This is the third case that i featured on my channel, and i know these case. Videos are kind of boring if you’re not really into it, but for those who are in the market for a case, it’s nice for them to be able to compare the differences and what is available now when it comes to choosing a case. There’S all different styles and types available, you can get different, backpacks soft cases, hard cases like this here and they’re all suited for different purposes like if you’re going to be hiking into a location. Obviously, a backpack is your best choice. If you’re looking for a case, that’s going to offer a good amount of drop and crush protection, one that is waterproof, then something like a hard case like this is your best choice. This case will keep your drone protected in the event of a hard impact. It is waterproof with an ip67 rating it’s, also pressure regulated, so that can sometimes add a little bit of extra safety when traveling by air and the nice thing about this particular hard case, it’s, actually quite small. Some of the other cases that i have featured are a little bit larger, there’s, also a double latch system, and that way you don’t accidentally open up the case when you don’t mean to so let’s, go ahead and we’ll open it up.

Here you can see in the inside, we have precision, cut, foam and there’s enough space inside here to store everything that comes with the fpv drone kit, the fly more kit and even the motion controller. So let’s just go ahead and start putting things in and we’ll see how everything fits we’ll start with the propellers. Here you can see they have a specialized slot right there on the right hand, side that kind of fits right under where the goggles will go. So the next thing we’ll do is we’ll place in the goggles and, as you can see here, you don’t have to remove the antennas. It states right on the instructions that come with it, that the antennas can be safely left on. The top of that case is fairly thick, so when you do close it it’s not going to affect the antennas, all the cabling can go into that back slot there. There are two spots to hold batteries and of course you can have a third one installed on the drone, so it will hold a total of three batteries. There’S, a little compartment right there to store the battery for the goggles and then the drone, as mentioned with a battery on slides right down into that compartment. This front compartment holds two things: it holds your power brick, but it also holds the motion controller right there. On top – and then lastly, here our controller fits in there, just like that now i just want to mention too you can leave your control sticks on if you wish there’s plenty of room in there for them.

One thing right away that you probably notice is that you do have to have the props off for this case. Not everybody likes that myself it’s, not a big concern, because literally it takes about 15 seconds to put the props on. But if you are looking for a hard case where you can keep your props on, there is one available i can’t think of the name offhand, but maybe i’ll link it down below in the description. The only downfall to having a case that does hold the props is you’re going to get your case to be quite a bit bigger, that’s, going to add more weight and bulk when traveling and there we go. Everything is packed up and now safe and secure. In this hard case, as mentioned this isn’t ideal for every situation, if you’ve got to do a lot of hiking into locations, then backpack is your better option, but if you need something, that’s impact resistant and waterproof, the waterproof is kind of important. For me, we do a lot of summer adventuring and uh. Sometimes our equipment can get uh thrown around a little bit so having a nice hard case like this is perfect for me, when uh road tripping or if we’re doing something like a canoe trip, i don’t have to worry about if the canoe happens, to tip over Um getting my gear damaged well folks, hopefully you enjoyed this video. I will include a link down below in the description of this video.

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