What i have here is the uh. If you can see the branding here, the pgy tech, uh, photographers, gloves and uh. You know i reviewed these when they first came out uh, i know when they first came out. I got them about a year ago, so i reviewed them when i first got them like around the holidays last year when the weather turned cold, because i wanted something to keep my hands warm. When i was out flying the drone and um you know, i wanted something you know with. You know the fingers uh ex my t fingertips exposed uh because uh i really need. I cant be messing around when i got hit functions on touch screens and so on. So i need those fingers exposed, so you know i looked around several companies. Have you know things like you know? I just showed you the um, the photographers gloves. Now let me show you how these work here, the the three the thumb here – uh, the big figure and the index finger here – all have these like little snap mechanisms here where you can snap them and uh. You know so that kind of you keep your finger covered like that theres like a little hole here where your finger pops through or you can snap it back down again, you know, keep them exposed. Now. When i first got these, it was hard to uh. You get snaps working to keep staffed and actually the first pair i got uh.

You know actually one of the stats broke for me almost like on my first use, so i i purchased them through amazon, so i sent it back. You know i did a return request sent back to amazon, they sent me another pair and the second pair have been. You know great ive, you know. Actually, when i first got it, i stopped and the snaps a whole bunch of times and make sure they wouldnt break again. They did not so um, yeah and heres. What i really recommend these gloves when i first got them, you know i thought they were good, but and they were a little bit stiff and um. You know uh, you know i didnt really love using the first because the stuff is over and the snaps like. I was trying to unsnap them and stepping back every time extremely hard to get the snap snap back in the field when its cold uh with them on. So what i do now. I just leave the snaps permanently snapped down like that with the three fingers exposed and you know ill use them for either drone flying or just general photography. You know gopros uh insta360, you know real olympus, uh mirrorless cameras, so uh. What i do is uh. You know i just have a real pair of gloves. I use the route to reduce general glove wearing driving the car. You know shoveling snow and only use these just for uh.

You know and things i just said so – um that really helped that ive kept them snapped down the whole time. You know now they stay they never kind of pop out there, and if you can see here when you put them on, you know my my fingertips. Pop through the two big fingers and the thumb here so the stuff, i really need to operate. My touch, screen devices and buttons on controllers and so on, and also has a velcro strap here. So you can, you know, tighten it or loosen up around your your wrist there. So, and these are um, you know thinsulate gloves here. Um take them off here. I think i, the other pair, has the uh branding on it. Yeah heres the um, the the 3m fence, light logo on them, so they definitely uh. You know, keep your hands warm in some freezing temperatures here. It also has a little hook here, so you can hook them both together, so you always have them as a pair. So um yeah uh yeah. I know you know ive seen a lot of people flying their drones. Now this got real cold and theyre all out there complaining about their hands are freezing, and i remind them, you know: hey, you need your photographers glove, so dont freeze your hands off out there and they all tell me. Oh, i got those things i dont like them and i always recommend the pgy tech brand, its the only one ive ever tried um, and they say i got that one i dont like them and – and i i kind of know why they say that to me – I think because theyve only tried them once or twice and again you got ta break them in theyre, really stiff when you first get them, but uh.

You know at first another way to get them broken its like say. I only use them for fly, but you know when you first get, if you just use them as just general gloves until you get them broken. You know that thats a thats, a good idea too so uh anyways um. I will leave a link links down below uh, where you can purchase these gloves on amazon.com uh. If your prime member, you get free shipping and remember, i am an amazon affiliate, a seller, so i get a um i get. You know like a small kickback on anything you purchase through my links, not just the gloves, but anything else you may want to buy that day and the money does go to help support the channel here. You know to uh help me uh get more things in here to get reviewed, so i want to thank you for for using those links and uh. I got a little bit of a little clip here, while im using it loves kind of out in in the cold snowy conditions in the field. So i hope you enjoy that roll that clip go hello. Its ron here today im here at the frozen wastelands of the jersey shore. We had a two snowfalls. This week we had a big one. Earlier in the week, we had a smaller one a couple days ago, but theres a lot of snow run and cold temperatures. Today, the type of temperatures that can freeze, somebodys hands out off when theyre out flying drones and record gopro video.

But today i reviewed this product almost a year ago and i want to kind of circle back and do a follow up review. What i have here today is the uh pgy uh tech photographers gloves, uh. You know you can its hard to really show the branding here, but the uh the thing about these is they have the uh. You know the the the thumb, the big finger and the index finger where you could snap it back and uh. Let me show you here: without dropping the glove on the ground here, ill show you the thumb, see one for the thumb, its got the snap here and uh. You know you can snap it back again, so i kind of keep my permanently snapped back or whatever you know, because i mostly just use them to just fly and i use another set of gloves when im shoveled snow or just you know, driving or something like That but um heres the thing about these gloves when you first get them theyre, really stiff um. You know theyre theyre hard to get on theyre real stiff on the hands these snaps. It takes you a long time to like you, know, get them snapped back and make them stay back, and if you just if you just full with them, you just get them for them. One time you probably put them away and never use them again, but the key is you got to keep using them? Okay, this is almost a year ago, since i have, of course they dont get used in the summertime.

The warm temperatures but um ive used them. You know now over you know, so you know several months and ive got them broken in and they work really good. Now, um you put them on. I said i got the i kind of permanently keep the snaps back now. So i got these three uh fingertips out to uh. You hit a touch screen on a device such as a your phone, your tablet or the um. You know the dji smart controller or the new rc pro uh and theres. Also, a you know, velcro band here, to adjust about how tight of how tight you want them on their hands, so you can loosen them up if he feels like too tight, which is good and heres even a little clip here, so you can clip them both Together, not not lose one glove. You always have the two gloves together. So i you know, you know i recommend if you did get these last year and you didnt, send them back or or throw or give them away, then get them out and try them again. Keep using them until you get them broken and maybe you know use them for other things. Besides drone flying or photography for a while getting broken in. So when you do do these activities, theyre nice, you know theyre in nice, broken in for you, so, okay uh! I hear you know you hear noise in the background, thats ice and icicles building and falling off things, because we got a lot of bright sunlight out here today.

You have a very little warm heat, so all right, i hope you like these follow up on these gloves and uh. You know uh. I definitely see a lot of people such as marcus crawford out in cold conditions that hes always about freezing his hands off heres. The key get yourself a nice pair of uh photographers gloves. I im pushing the pgi tech, pgy tech ones, but theres other ones out in the market. That may be better than this. Also, its the only ones ive tried, but again once you get them broken in uh, theyre theyre. You know i really enjoy them now.