So i wanted to review a product today and i didnt know what i wanted to review. So i decided i would review this. The e sky, 300, v2. Its a helicopter, probably make a great christmas gift. This has been on youtube in different iterations and its been super popular, so ive never tried it im going to try it in this video. So what im going to do now is i havent even opened the box is: where is the opening im just going to take everything out and set it up here, uh for all of you, so theres the instructions? Annoying me. I probably wont read that this is what it looks like in the box. You can see you have your helicopter here below. This is a remote control. Everythings included batteries inside there are some led lights. Some spare parts battery charger over here so lets yank everything out and put it together, heres the helicopter yeah its got a little bit of weight to it. Let me grab my scale as i throw things flying over there. I just want to see how much this weighs. If i put this down, it, weighs a total of 123 124 grams someplace in there. You can see that the top windshield for the pilot is clear and inside i can see the electronics the battery and some of the gearing. Now the top mast is different than anything ive seen before the top mass is this portion up here before it gets the blades and normally on blades.

You know they have to flick like this, the opposite and they have to move pitch or whatever, so that you can move this forward and backwards. Its all done in a manner that ive never seen before uh looks very well looks, looks very good. There is a switch back here. It has got red and green, and i do know that when you have it on red thats to start it up after you connect the battery when you take it outside, you switch it over to green, put it flat and it will then do a gyro so That its level going all the way to the back. We have our prop back here and our motor, and i do see theres led lights on either side, so well, probably see those when i started up and yeah thats it and then on. The bottom is where our battery goes. We have these little landing legs down here. You have this little piece of metal screw, it looks like its just a screw and i should be able to pull the bottom out there. We go so you can see im pulling the bottom out. I see our battery is sitting right here and lets see inside. Can i see more yeah? I can see more of the gearing and how everything functions inside its a two cell battery, as i can see right here, and it is at 320 amp hours. All right lets put all this aside and grab something else out of here.

So spare parts they give. You lets see: ive got a bunch of things, ive got a few screwdrivers here and some velcro. If i buy some other batteries plus a few other odds and ends allen keys. What else do i have probably extra blades down here? They are pretty tight. Yes, i was correct there we go so two extra blades in case you damage them. You know bad landing. You also get an extra rear prop in case that hits something and gets chewed up. You have a secondary one and of course you have the battery charge. Oh, look at this thats very flexible cable on there, but you do get the nice little usb battery charger for your lipo battery yank this out and get our controller down here. The controller looks like something off. The muppet show its very tiny, however, its not a very expensive helicopter. It is a six channel, as i can see right on the front 2.4 gigahertz, and i would assume that it probably has a range of about 100 meters with something like this everythings nicely labeled. So, on the back uh, you have a switch its a two position: switch low rates, high rates, thats very nice – and you also have a switch over here with the yellow tag, says green dot rotate at low speed. So, in other words, they want you to put it on green. When you start it up, you will see that mines a mode too, so my left switch goes all the way to the bottom.

It does not sit in the center thats because, on a helicopter, its sort of like an fpv drone as you lift that little throttle control the blades spin faster and we can go up and they also will rotate. You know so that they grab more air theres. Also trim controls on here and a power button, its got a lot of weight to this thing. So is there batteries in it? No no batteries, but it does take four batteries and they do look like they would be double a batteries. So let me put four in all right got my four batteries in there put the back cover on and well power it up. Now that i have the batteries in it actually feels really good in the hands. It doesnt feel like a toy anymore. All right so lets power. This up for the very first time lets turn on the controller im just going to hold in the power button. Something should happen. Ah sound and a blue light so were good. Now lets take our battery and stick it inside and velcro. It in place – one thing i should mentioned on the helicopter is that theres a little switch up top, so you have a red dot over here on the transmitter, and i have a red dot on the helicopter right then, can you even see it there we go So ive left it in the red position. That means red red. Stop.

We dont want anything to happen. Lets plug this in if ive done anything wrong, im going to get whacked in the head, with a blade and theres some lights happening good. So now i can spin this little thing to lock it in place. Oh, the blades are doing something. Maybe ive got it wrong. I dont know whats going on now so anyways thats in place. Im gon na put you guys out like this, so you dont whack me then im going to put everything on green, so im going to put you on green. There we go that should configure itself. There should be a light happening. Oh there, it is. I could see it in the monitor. Lets, bring it back this way, so you can see it there. We go good, stop blinking. There we go. So that means that the cyclic should work so yeah so see the the props. You see how they tilt a little bit, so that gives me a little bit of lift im just moving this here right, joystick and if i put it on high rates, they move even further. There we go so just slightly pitch and thats whats going to happen when its flying in the air, and if i move it like this lets see it should move automatically there. You go see its trying to its making all that sound its trying to sort itself out to stay stable in the air, so thats good.

So if i put this on low and put hit the green one here, these blades should spin lets see. Yes, they spin and they wont go faster than that unless i take the throttle and crank it up so very much a beginner type helicopter easy to fly and anytime you get into trouble. This yellow tag just hit it and it powers down. So what im going to do now? Its kind of raining outside still so ill wait for a period where theres no rain happening charge up this battery and take it out and take it for a spin. So youre gon na see that next all right, the rain has stopped but uh the wind is picked up. Its gon na be a little windy and breezy for this baby, its pretty cold its like zero degrees celsius out here, zero thats. What it is in fahrenheit, its pretty darn cold right now so im bundled up and were going to see how this does. Oh, the sun is going out its getting a little dull again, but well fly this. I have a little pad over here and its actually got snow on it because its so cold like ice crystals. So that should be interesting. All right lets put this down and fly it power on the remote, get our battery here and connect it with my frozen fingers. There we are lights come on so were all set. Lets lock this in place and good.

I did keep that on red in the back because were going to put it down and then were going to switch it to green lets. Put it here, like this, put these props out blades out and im going to switch it on green. There we go should adjust itself all right, so were gon na hit the throttle cut or the arm switch whatever you want to call it. So click that prop spin up and ive got it in low rates so lets. Take it up got a little bit of a drift going on there because of the wind and also because i probably didnt have it level when i took off, but there you go, you got a helicopter, you could fly outdoors. So i would say this is something a beginner could fly, because here i am im not really a helicopter pilot. I cant do any of those 3d things. This is not a 3d helicopter in any way shape or form, but it is an easy going. Helicopter relaxing to fly around and get you the skills you need to fly a helicopter, so the joystick controls you can move them quite far without it doing anything erratic, which is something beginners like because if you have little minute adjustments uh the helicopter will go nuts, But on this one i can move the joysticks. Quite a distance here ill, try to hold it up and you can see my little fingers moving here and you can see yeah you can control it thats in the wind.

You can see things blowing around so lets. Get close. The sun is blinding me lets get over here. Lets take it around the backyard here. Lets go blow, some uh leaves over here. Oh, i didnt mean to kill the leaves there lets bring it back to me. Oh im going the wrong way there. We go, bring it over here and bring it down here. All you have to do when you fly a helicopter is just imagine that you are the pilot sitting in the cockpit and if you do that, then these little controls make perfect sense to you for the direction youre flying so im flying away from me. I just imagine im in there and if i want to turn like i dont know, if i want to turn to the left, i just imagine theres the left. I want to go more left, i bring it more left. Lets bring it over here. So i dont hit the trees, its very tight in my backyard, but yeah thats it its that simple to fly a helicopter im going to see if i can attach a little go camera on the bottom of this and see if it can handle it, bring it Down hit the arm, switch or the throttle cut and were down and were all good. So this is my go camera, and what im going to do is: stick it right on the flat surface of the bottom right back here, so youll get a bit of the nose in the picture and youll see the front the way im going to stick it On there is using this highly advanced technical uh.

Two sided tape. Lets put this piece of tape on the bottom there we are pull this off so using the double sided tape. It sticks like this, so obviously youre gon na get a little bit of view of the tape and the nose in there so well. Try it there we go, we should be recording lets see how it works. Since its sitting on the camera im gon na put the tail end sitting on the tape there, we are so ill put in low rates. First fire it up. Oh nose down nose down can still take off there. We go, it feels the weight it feels the weight here ill, bring it over thats in low rates. Oh, i got it pretty stable its got the camera on the bottom. You can see it. How does that? Look for an image lets. Take it up a little bit. Probably pretty vibrating right lets move it forward. Maybe it needs high rates im just going to switch high rates. Hang on see. If i can do with my finger here. Yeah high rates are on now more power, more power, more aggressive power. There we go lets, take it away up. I dont want to lose my camera, but lets go up up up up up up forward there. We are oh, its in the wind, now break it down whoa. Well, that was a crash. It doesnt like its still working it doesnt like the extra weight on this camera lets, go one last either you can see the wind is just to blow in there fire.

It up last time full power full power. Captain there we go with the camera on there. You have to really balance it. It wants to uh, i dont. Have it like center yeah, you can see. The wind is just blowing back here. I dont have its center of mass, so the helicopter has to adjust for that. So it does get tossed around a bit more in the wind, its pretty cool, all right, thats it and lets bring it back on down. Keep it out of the sun, see if i can land it around the landing pad and put it over here, cut it down low, coming down low, coming out the landing pad there. We are close enough all right. My final thoughts on the e sky, 300, v2 helicopter well its 100 designed for beginners the reason. I say that because youre looking at a beginner me, i do not fly helicopters and when i fly them i am 100 a beginner. So anytime, you see me fly a helicopter and i can fly it around. That means you can fly a helicopter too its that simple, so im, probably the perfect poster child for flying helicopters, because i crash them a lot because i do not have the skills to fly a helicopter properly but, like i said in my little review here, you Can fly anything like this with the two joysticks, if you put your brain in the pilot seat and just pretend youre, the guy flying everything makes sense when youre looking at the controls, then, and just flying it around so im going to put links below to where You can find this, i think its on banggood and if it is theres going to be a discount code, if you want to watch more reviews on this go check out.

Other peoples, reviews and youll see theyre all glorious. Everybody loves this helicopter, its a really really good one. So with all that said, you know check the links below you can find out where to buy it and hopefully its not too expensive at this time of the year. Usually, things like this are on sale, so that means it would make a great christmas gift for you or somebody. You know all right guys if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you have questions on this helicopter, something i didnt cover well, then post them below and ill get back to you. But for now i say: hey thanks for watching im going to go inside and warm up all right guys take care catch.