First, i will stress this was not a rushed strike. The strike cell deliberately followed and observed this vehicle and its occupants for eight hours, while cross checking what they were seeing all available intelligence to develop. A reasonable certainty of the imminent threat that this vehicle posed to our forces. A comprehensive review of all the available footage and reporting on the matter led us to a final conclusion that as many as 10, civilians were killed in the strike, including up to seven children. At the time of the strike based upon all the intelligence. And what was being reported, i was confident that the strike had averted an imminent threat to our forces at the airport. Based upon that assessment, i and other leaders in the department repeatedly asserted the validity of this strike. I am here today to set the record straight and acknowledge our mistakes. I will end my remarks with the same note of sincere and profound condolences to the family and friends of those who died in this tragic strike.