This was the drone strike that followed a suicide bombing that happened near the kabul airport, as the united states was trying to evacuate americans out of afghanistan in the final days of the war, and there was an investigation done into the drone attack, because there was some Concern that the military, the air force specifically acted too quickly with faulty information and innocent people died as a result. However, the review that was done by air force, lieutenant general sami saeed found. There were breakdowns in communication and in the process of identifying and confirming the target of the bombing, but saeed concluded that the mistaken strike happened, despite prudent measures to prevent civilian deaths by the way in reviews of the video of that drone attack, there was indication there Was a child there, but the drone attack happened anyway ill get to that in just a minute, but first let me give you more details about what this investigation entailed and what they found. I also want to note they keep referring to this as an independent investigation. Even though the individual doing the investigation is not only currently in the u.s military hes, also in the air force, but they argue that hes independent, because he didnt have anything to do with operations related to afghanistan, okay, sure, so let me give you more uh. He says this: i found that, given the information they had and the analysis that they did, i understand they reached the wrong conclusion, but was it reasonable to conclude what they concluded based on what they had its not uh? It was not unreasonable.

It just turned out to be incorrect. Now the united states believe that the car that they were targeting in this drone attack carried bombs that posed an imminent threat to u.s soldiers, which is why they carried out the drone attack. Although clearly uh. Now we learned that they didnt end up uh hurting anyone whos a threat to the united states. They just wiped out civilians um. So the strike happened again after that suicide bombing near the kabul airport, an islamic state suicide bomber killed 13 u.s troops and 169 afghans at the kabul airport gate um, but the american drone strike was incredibly devastating. Uh saeed was asked to investigate the august 29th drone strike on a white toyota corolla sedan which killed zemurai, ahmadi and nine family members, including seven children. Ahmadi 37 was a long time, employee of an american humanitarian organization and jenka. I have more on this story, but i wanted to give you a chance to jump in yeah, so theres a couple of really important parts of this. So first of all um, he said it was an honest mistake: okay, but guy its not even negligent. He said not even negligent, so that leads to a couple of points number one is but then by conclusion, uh youre saying that it was the right thing to do like that. There well hes saying it was a mistake, but that no one acted negligently so well. If you follow that logic, that means we should do it again.

We should kill nine innocent civilians, including one that works for an american group and seven kids, because they didnt do anything wrong. It was a mistake, but they didnt do anything wrong and we will do it again, weve done it so many times and theyll cover up, etc. So thats the message we sent to the world. Oh when we kill uh seven of your kids. We conclude that we didnt do anything wrong. Okay, now, the second part of it is the the evidence that we should shared with you guys, uh in earlier episodes. When we covered this story of why they thought it was an isis van. The evidence was terrible. They drove by the um airport. Well so did everybody else uh. It was a van well, there are other vans in afghanistan. They were loading things on the van. Yes, they load water food. In this case it was literally water that they were loading onto the vent. I mean the evidence they had was almost nothing thats, why they got it completely wrong and it turned out to be one of our allies and their kids and not even a van. It was a white toyota, corolla yeah, and so thank you, and so none of it was right. No well, if thats not negligent, then what the hell is, and so if this is the standard, that means we could just kill any kids, any civilians anywhere and just go honest mistake: whatever guys do it again and again and again, but theres a one killer quote In here that im going to share with you later that just shows you how indifferent we are to other peoples lives.

No, absolutely because there was, in my opinion, based on the evidence that i was able to see theres clear negligence because were talking about carrying out a drone strike that could potentially kill innocent civilians. So youd want to make sure that you double check that you have. The facts and that the target is the right target, someone that actually is posing an imminent risk or threat to um americans and to uh people trying to evacuate right and also other innocent civilians uh. But that was not the case. A review of the video from that day showed uh that two minutes before the strike happened. There was evidence that a child was in the strike zone and so uh the lieutenant general who was asked about this. The very person who did this so called independent review had, in my opinion, an incredibly callous response, so lets hear what he had to say. The the physical evidence of a child uh was apparent at about the two minute point, but im just telling you i put eyes on myself. I just didnt. Have i mean theyre doing it for me, but i have to see it for myself im just saying it: it is 100, not obvious. You have to be like no kidding looking for it uh, but when youre looking for it. Certainly, after the fact, if you ask me, was there evidence of a presence? Yes, there was so just to be clear, two minutes before the launch.

Yes, two minutes before the launch. You see a child in the strike zone in the video, but to be fair, you have to be looking for it. You have to be looking for it right because, before you carry out a drone strike that could get innocent people killed, you might want to take a look at whether or not there are innocent people in the strike zone, including children, but youd have to be looking For it, no negligence by the way, no negligence garbage garbage independent investigation. You took the words right out of my mouth, i mean he said you have to be looking for it yeah. I would hope you would be looking for kids before you launched a very, very deadly bomb. Are we not looking for kids? No were not were so were not so thats, but guys. What hes saying is more damning than if we had said it was wrong and negligent etc, because hes saying were not even looking for kids were not looking for innocent civilians, we dont need we. We had almost no evidence that it was the bad guys and we did it anyway, so you dont need any evidence and we dont care if theres civilians around and we dont even look for kids, and that is not negligent. That is standard operating procedure for the pentagon, so this is very damning and if again, if we had a real press in this country, the headlines would read pentagon admits we kill with barely any regret or any care at all and thats, not how its framed are.

They just here heres the associated press headline on it. Watchdog finds no misconduct in mistaken afghan airstrike, well that the pentagon would have been embarrassed if they wrote that heaven right because thats so that makes it seem like the pentagon is right. But there was no misconduct and it was an honest mistake, but when you read the actual quotes, the guy is totally indifferent to evidence or civilian life, and you saw it with your own eyes right there and what this does i mean, obviously it when we talk About why certain people perceive the united states the way that they perceive it? You got to understand. This is just one example. This is the kind of stuff that the us military carries out, not just in afghanistan, not just in middle eastern countries, but now were you know, obviously, hearing about drone strikes in other regions of the world where we havent even declared war against the countries that were Doing drone strikes in you know we and its just its frustrating, because theres also the issue of bad actors abroad, who actually do terrible things to their people. But when you hear about it from the the pentagon or the u.s military, are you going to believe them? Because, clearly i mean they cover up their own terrible behavior, their murderous behavior, and you know if this isnt negligent, i dont know what is then literally, nothing qualifies as negligent and the military can just do.

These drone strikes refer to innocent civilians who have died as collateral damage and move on thats it. It doesnt matter yeah its last couple of things here. Apparently, our intelligence services are miserable and this they had almost no evidence and they said ah, who cares, kill them anyway, and so how bad is our intelligence services theyre, always telling us? Oh no. We have the best best number one and everything. No apparently we suck at this and so were killing civilians all the time because were barely trying and then guys you have to consider that this strike was possibly political. Now i say that bidens president, not trump its, not the republicans. The democrats are in charge, and i dont support the republicans and and and i voted for biden but im telling you there was a world of pressure at the time that biden had to respond, because the bombing that happened, the bombing that happened against us, was awful. We all wanted justice and etc, but that doesnt mean that you do a political bombing just to be able to say in the you know, get all the headlines about. Oh biden strikes back america strikes back and then, of course, for days and days they denied that they killed civilians and then uh after enormous pressure. They finally had to admit which they almost never do, but in this case only because of the media pressure, they say. Oh yeah obviously were lying theyre, all civilians, theyre, all kids, almost all kids, and now they come out and go well.

We didnt do wrong anything anyway and its just like a big fu to reporters who then dutifully go. Oh okay. F me yeah uh. This is the pentagons press release and im just gon na print it for you guys, because what do i get paid for and finally, um. Look to the point about the press. Um of all the dumb things, thats ever been said on cable, which is just millions of things. The worst thing, probably ever said, was joe scarborough on msnbc of all places saying that uh we get into all these conflicts in the middle east with muslims, because muslims quote hate us because they hate us. They hate us because they hate us. They hate us because they hate us. He said it three times: no, no, you of morons. They hate us because we murder their children without a care in the world and then say it wasnt, even a problem. No one was at fault, it was perfectly honest and fine. Ten members of the same family gone, wiped out and just at the same time whenever it comes to manufacturing consent to get us involved in yet another war. Youll hear the pentagon. Youll hear generals talk about the human rights abuses in other countries. Do we really genuinely care about human rights when were willing to just wipe out an entire family and then pretend like? We did absolutely nothing wrong come on, and this adds insult to murder.

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