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On the side of the box is some great artwork with the quinasan logo. This is actually a quinasan figure, so it’s really cool getting some of those or quinasan allegiance figure. Here on the back, you’ve got the dcs drone in robot mode and vehicle mode quinasan logo. Once again and transformers kingdom artwork so now without further ado, let’s get this drone out of the packaging and check him out and welcome to patriot prime reviews Music. Now, once you get the dcs army, drone all opened up and out of his packaging you’ll see he does come with a sheet of instructions that, as usual, are very well illustrated and very easy to follow. But we have seen this mold quite a few times before. So you should know how to transform this guy by now. He also comes with his rocket launcher, slash hammer weapon which has a really good paint job. Now i really like this and, of course, you’ve got the drone himself, who will now take a closer look at now? The dcs army drone is a straight up. Repaint of warfare, cybertron, siege, ironhide and we’ve also seen that mold used for war for cybertron siege ratchet and warfare, cybertron siege crosshairs. So this is a very well used mold, but it’s a pretty good one. Now, taking a closer look at the dcs drone, i love the paint scheme, black and silver and gray with a transparent purple, windshield right here. That actually looks really good i’m.

Usually not a fan of these, but the darker color does save you from having to see all the junk on the inside, of course, with his innards painted black, it really looks good. He also has a quintesson logo right there, closer look at the face. He’S got some blue eyes: silver face black helmet battle damage all over, which really doesn’t look bad for this figure or this character. I dig it. I think he looks really really good. I mean he looks like a separate character from iron high and one thing they have fixed with this figure. Is these damn leg flaps that i’m pulling on that that’s not going anywhere? These were terrible on the other figures. They popped off so easy. They have fixed that, and i am so thankful now taking a closer look at his little weapon here. I love the paint job on this check out the green missiles there on the inside. That looks so good. I believe yeah, the original siege ironhide, those weren’t painted at all netflix, knocked it out of the park with this one i don’t think crosshairs was painted as either nope all silver, so kudos to hasbro for actually painting the tips of the missiles. Of course, this can transform into a war hammer if you will, but i like to use it as a missile launcher or plug that into his hand like so and there you go. He looks fantastic now, i’m, not going to go over all the articulation because i have went over that before in the reviews of the other figures.

So if you want to check out my siege, ironhide review, just click the link above now, let’s take a look at the dcs drone in vehicle mode in vehicle mode. The color scheme carries over very well. I mean i dig it. It looks really good, though there’s a lot more silver right there on the canopy than the rest of the vehicle that does kind of stand out, but still it doesn’t look bad. This looks like a battle ravaged vehicle that’s seen a lot and it works. It’S beefy it’s mean looking, i love it. I do wish there was a little bit more details on the wheels, but it is what it is and, of course you can take the rocket launcher and put it on top of the vehicle for some extra armament, which looks awesome. So there you have the dcs drone in vehicle mode. The transformers war for cybertron trilogy, netflix dcs army drone is another surprise repaint from this netflix line. I am really digging these army building repaints. That hasbro is giving us the dcs army drone here. The sparkless bot using the barricade mold these paint jobs, look amazing on these figures and i’m really not minding buying doubles at all. They just look that good and look really good on the shelf as your army building for your display. So there you go guys the transformers warfare, cybertron, trilogy, netflix, dcs army drone. So does the transformers war for cybertron trilogy, netflix dcs army drone belong in your collection.

Well, that depends if you’re an army builder. Absolutely this guy is awesome. I love the paint scheme him along with this sparkless bot. They just look great together and i’m, using them to build an army of bots on my display, especially with my quinasan now for the regular collectors. This may be a pass for you, but still i love the paint scheme in hell if you’re a transformer collector you’re going to be buying repaints anyway. So in my opinion, you see this guy on the shelf. Pick him up you’re not going to be disappointed. Now guys, if you enjoyed the video don’t, forget to like don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget to click that bell icon to get notified when i upload new reviews, also, if you’re in any position to help out the channel. I have channel memberships here on youtube and i also have a patreon page and i’m trying my damnedest to reach 10 000 subscribers by tf khan in october. Once again guys. This is patriot prime signing out hello, good god.