0 and now we’re going to learn how to fly the sim. So, first of all, what you’re supposed to do you press this black power button over here and you and you hold it down until it starts blinking these lights, the red on the back and the white on the front? And then, after that, you go here and you press this big power button and now uh see how it’s blinking and see how that drone is blinking still, so you want to calibrate them. So you press up and you’ll, hear a blink you’ll hear a beep and then down you’re going to hear another beep. That means it’s ready and see how it stopped to blinking. That means it’s ready to fly so here are the controls. So this button is to make the drone fly uh or land, and these this is to move, left and right forward and backward. This is to go up, fly higher or down, fly lower to the ground and left here. We’Ll make it turn left right here and make it turn right and if it’s drifting forward, when you’re not doing anything, you press this button and then it’ll. Like balance it out same thing, if it’s drifting too much backwards, then you press the forwards button and same with the left and right and if it’s turning too much to the right, you press this turning too much to the left press. That is it flying too high press this flying too low press that and now, if you want to change the speed, you press this, the less beeps that you hear the slower it’s going to go.

This is second speed. Third speed first speed, and this is the stomp button. If you’re on speed, two or three see i’m on two, you can press the stunt and it’ll start beeping rapidly if it. If your drone is flying and then from there, you just go like this or this left or right and then you’ll do a 360 loop and that’s really cool, but when you’re doing that, make sure that you’re pretty high above the ground and there’s not a ceiling Right above it because it’ll just hit that then and now, if you want to not do a flip, but you don’t want to do a stunt either, then you can just press this again uh and then it’ll stop beeping and you’ll go out of stunt mode. So those are the controls of the flex 2.0 and now, since i pressed it again, it landed okay, so now we’re going to learn the controls of this. So first, this button is to make it fly in the air or make it land. So let’s see how that goes. Okay, so i press the button so now, i’m gon na show you how it flies.