Well, do you remember this camera the insta360 one r it came out in the year 2020 and it took the world by storm. Well, as of today, insta360 has launched the successor to this camera. It is the insta360 one rs. Let me tell you about it check this out. The product youre gon na see in this review is the one rs twin edition, which means it comes with two cameras and a camera mount on the left. You have the insta 360 1r released in 2020 and on the right you have the insta360 one rs released in 2022. when comparing the size differences between the two cameras, youll notice, that the new model has a larger battery than the previous model, the size of the One rs is pretty much the same as the gopro hero 10.. You may notice that the gopro hero 10 has a front facing display. However, you can also turn the one rs into a front facing display, as you see here, to change the one rs display to the front its simply a matter of disassembling the camera turning the display to the orientation you like and then reassembling the camera, where the Gopro, hero 10 has an advantage over the one rs is that the display on the rear is rather large compared to that of the one rs. However, in many other categories, the one rs comes out in front such as it can use a one inch sensor, leica camera.

More importantly, it can use a 360 camera which is quite phenomenal in todays, modern day filming techniques. The insta360 one rs is one of the best modular design cameras currently available to the consumer. You can easily switch between any of the available cameras and place those cameras in an orientation in relation to the display, in a fashion that you wish now before. I show you my video and photo test. Let me show you the interface double tap on the screen to go into full screen, then swipe to the right to select the photo or video option you wish. Whatever you select, if you select the bar at the bottom, then youll get all the settings have a look at the top left of the screen as i go through all the photo and video options. Music. One of the amazing things about the new one rs is that everything is controlled by this tiny little unit with a super fast processor in it. I should also mention that my unit came with a 64 gig micro sd card included. In addition, the new camera has a much larger sensor than the previous model and it can take 48 megapixel photos now. Cameras such as the 360 model camera and the one inch leica sensor camera those ones remain the same. They have not changed in this review im. Mostly going to focus on the new camera, but i will show the 360 camera. However, i will not show the one inch sensor camera if you want to see that just watch one of my previous reviews, where i attached it to a drone, so i could record it in 5k and then crop in while i was chasing airplanes.

As you can see here, its really amazing also, i am a big fan of the brand new camera mount. I love the way you just slide it in close the door and youre all set to go. Please note that during this review at times, i did attach the camera with the new mount to the invisible selfie stick. I also attached the camera with the new mount to my bike helmet and also to a chest harness so that i could get some pretty interesting views in this first test. Im checking out the new zoom feature on the camera and im using the insta360 app on my phone, so that i can show you what im doing this way as i zoom you can see exactly whats happening. So this is the zoom feature. I just want to see if it loses any image detail as it zooms in and out, and you can select different viewing angles. You know, linear all the way to widescreen or you can just manually zoom in to any point. You wish and see what the resolution looks like in the detail on the screen. Everything looks pretty good to me. One of the new features of the one rs camera is that it now has in camera stabilization in the past. You had to take your video and put it into the insta360 studio or on your phone and the app to get it to smooth out now its right in the camera.

So when you take the file off the camera and hand it to anybody, it is instantly stabilized. Now, a lot of the footage youre seeing here was recorded by taking the one rs and attaching it to my bike, helmet and then just pedaling on through the snow and having a great time look at this road. It is just filled with ruts, with ice at solid ice im, bouncing all over the place. Look at the shadow, but look at how steady look at how steady this is. Now. I also tried recording with the active hdr enabled it requires a sunny day for it to work perfectly. What its supposed to do is give you a bit more detail in the shadows. You can see it in some of the videos here where you might see slightly more detail in the shadows. I will say honestly: it was hard to notice a big difference, its a minor difference, but not a massive difference, and if you want to see what it looks like when driving on smooth pavement well theres, not very many bumps. So you get an awfully smooth image. Now i also attach the one rs to a chest cam, which is what most bikers do, especially for mountain biking or competitive biking, because this way it gives you a view of the handlebars how much theyre bouncing going all over the place while at the same time, The image stays rather stable, as you can see here.

The flow state on this camera is quite phenomenal. Have a look at the ups truck in front of me, as both of us are bouncing through this road that is filled with solid ice and lots of ruts? Well, im bouncing just as much, but the image is looking quite stable, so now youre wondering how well does it work on a drone here, im placing it on a 7 inch, rotor riot drone and just clean off the lens and well take it for a flight. Once again, if you leave the flow state on, you do not have to process it later, and this is what you get straight out of the camera. If you turn the flow state off, you can put it in insta360 studio and then process it later. The new one rs camera does have horizon leveling, but you must leave it off if youre going to fly, fpv or else youll never be able to do these little flippy moves now for those of you in the fpv drone hobby. Your question is, of course, is this camera better than a gopro hero 10 for capturing fpv footage. Im gon na tell you right now. I cant see a difference honestly, its on par with the gopro hero 10, its not better its, not worse its just on par with it. I love this camera because, when im doing reviews of products i dont know if youve noticed it in a lot of my videos.

I take this lens, the 360 lens and i stick it on and i put this camera near me and then i just review the product and then walk around and do my other stuff. And if i need a shot of me from a certain angle, i capture it with this camera. It just captures it because i could just move around in 360 and find myself wherever i might be at that certain moment in time and ive got the shot. I dont have to have a camera, pointing straight at me and the final thing to mention if you buy this version with the two cameras and the bigger battery and this here, little mounts and everything else, uh its about the same price as a very expensive gopro Hero 10., so its reasonably priced a lot of technology in there. So you get an awful lot for your money, all right, guys, im gon na put links below to where you can find it im told its on amazon as well as the insta360 site. So hopefully i have all those links below go check it out and if its a camera, you like then pick yourself one up and the last thing to say. If i did not mention it in this, video is, if you have the older version where ive lost it. Oh here it is over here. If you have the older version, all these parts are compatible. Yes, so if you have the old model, the insta 361r and you go well im not going to buy the whole new camera you dont have to, you can just buy the little lens if you want or you can buy the brains.

If you buy the brains, you have the whole new camera pretty much, but apparently yeah everythings compatible. So with all that, i say thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch.