This is the last test flight that im doing and the reason im doing these test flights is to make sure that all the batteries are capable of doing what they should do and that the drone wont. Let me down because the next couple of flights and in the next two weeks are going to be extremely serious indeed, now, im not doing this to destroy the drone im doing this to make sure that everything is working correctly, and this is extremely windy. This this day is extremely windy. You can hear the wind in the background, and i can tell you and that, if this, if the drone can cope with this, then it will cope with the extreme uh videos that will be coming up and after this. So what im doing is i have a gi fi battery, one of my own and im testing that out as well. It seems to be um doing very well, considering that the last flight was uh over a year ago and as you can see, the surf is pretty pretty rough and the winds are extremely extremely high, and i wouldnt recommend that you do this. Unless you know what youre doing but im not saying that, i dont make mistakes but um. I am testing this drone out, so i can really get the shots that i want in the next two weeks. Time and i have to say, im really really impressed with it. The gi fi battery hasnt been charged since last year, but i did keep it at 35 percent and it seems to be doing very well its down to 57.

Today, on that drone and ive just taken my time on the sticks, i really can tell you this that if i had a mini 2, you could not fly it in this wind, its too dangerous uh, because the mini two its too light, but i mean the Mini two can fly in in reasonably good winds, but not to this extent. This is why i call the beep up the sea king, okay, im on my way back now, um and im. Taking my time on those sticks, uh, you can see that um that the wind is quite severe and uh. I uh need to get back home really and – and once i get this test done, then i know that this drone can do what i wanted to do. Theres no good putting it out, and then you find out that youre in trouble that youre. You know that that drone is not able to cope, and you must make sure that you get your um. Your blades are right that this theres no damage done to your blades youve got to make sure that your battery can cope with the demand of the drone and winds like this. And then you have to make sure that the drone is able to cope as well. Because the flights that im going to be doing is going to be quite severe on the drone, but once it can do this, it should do the other flights uh extremely well, and i will have confidence in the drone and in the battery so thats.

Why? Im? After doing these couple of tests, so you know i hope this helps you to realize that you know, especially if you havent had your bebop out for a while. You know you really need to test it out and make sure that its working correctly, when you can hear that wind its its really really bad its its really really bad and im trying to find out exactly where i am here and just listen to that wind. On my microphone, it is just crazy here, so im just coming into land now here i come into land now, of course, this is for my mini canvas, and you can see the drone has been thrown about by the wind as i try and bring it into Land – and i mean it doesnt – look that windy, but its crazy, absolutely crazy and i managed to get it in and landed on the footpath just here so im safe at last holy moly. I can tell you that was some wind that was out there and thats an old gifi battery that i had with my previous beebock 2 power and thats, probably the first time its been charged up and with that type of wind and the force of that sea. Wind, it has passed uh with flying colors, and indeed so, has the drone and really really happy with it, and the reason why i do these tests is is not just to get the feel of the drone again because i had the bebop.

Oh sorry, i had a mini 2 before this to dji mini 2 before this, so i had to get back into the feel of the bebop, its a completely different drone. It acts completely different and, of course, flying in conditions like this youre really pushing it. But you have to do that because im going to be doing some serious flights in the next couple of weeks and i have to be 100 confident in the drone and in the battery. Excuse me so that when i do a serious, serious flight that im going to do a couple of series flights, please god the weather will be okay um. Then you will see that ive done. My homework ive made sure the batteries are great. Ive got used to the beep up again, but not just that that the whole um the whole package so to speak, is working correctly to do those flights with thanks very much for your support over the years. Um. Please put a comment down below and when you do ill get back to, you, um also check out each others channels to support each other, and thank you again for all your support. Ill talk to you soon and look out for those flights, because theyre coming very very soon, god bless to you and your family bye, bye.