The rfi extended in particular, comes with an unified drone: 3 smart batteries, a parrot sky controller, 3, 8 additional propeller blades and a compact travel bag, a 16 gigabyte microsd card and an sd adapter 3 usb 2 usbc cables and a mounting to its three smart batteries. Give you 25 minutes white parent battery at a maximum vertical speed of 4 meters per second at a maximum speed of 55 kilometers per hour, weighing 320 grams parents and a fine drone takes five vibrations to a minimum, with clear and stable video insurance. Due to its two mechanical and three electronic axes, it also features our 4k hdr camera quality with three times zoom capacity and 180 degree camera tilted. To give your shots a better view of your targets. We know the troubles of having to operate a drone. Many drones are susceptible to intense weather and environmental conditions. Still peritonify is built to withstand past 40 degrees, celsius of humidity heat and plus 50 degrees celsius of dry heat to as low as negative 10 degrees celsius. It can also withstand weather conditions as bad as 50.