An initial batch of the drone and all associated equipment were procured in mid 2021 by pakistan in a deal with picard defence of turkey, which also included joint production and development of the larger ncaa s, male ucav drone and its future variants back in mid 2021. Pakistan has inked the defense deal with turkey for the procurement of undisclosed, numbers of high tech, turkish berktar, tb2, medium altitude, long endurance, tactical combat drones and anka s medium altitude, long endurance, tactical combat drones. Chairman joint chiefs of staff committee, cjcsc general nadim rasa embarked an important and official visit to the brotherly country turkey to ink the deal for the procurement of tar, tb2, combat drone and anka s. Mail combat drones for pakistan. Armed pakistan has acquired the initial batch of turkish bayrak tar tv2 drone, along with the control units ammunitions and associated equipment from turkey back in mid 2021, after acquiring the turkish berktar tb2 ucav, the pakistan air force carried out the vigorous testing of drones in various undisclosed Parts in the sacred country, pakistan, after the clearance of all those tests, pakistan air force, has officially deployed and operationalized the turkish bayraktar tb2 male ucav, the turkish berktar tv, two male tactical combat drone has embraced worldwide appreciation during the azerbaijan and armenia war, in which the Tb2 drone successfully eliminates all the high value armenian targets with pinpoint accuracy the deployment of such potent and battle proven bayraktar tb2 male tactical drone will significantly enhances the armed reconnaissance and offensive capability of pakistan armed forces against india.