I know all good or you watch this video until the end. I want us to help this dad slash, aussie man fan out with a dad win anyway. Back to the fails, if theres one thing all dads love its a bloody rope swing, look at that spinny action. His son is like give us a go, dad says no! No! No! He wants to take it up a level dads, young and old understand how important it is to take up a level here. He goes. Oh it in comes the doggo, the only family member that cares. Maybe you should have handed it to your son. This dad has a busy day theres no time to mow the lawn with a mower. Have a look at this life hack boom done bloody gardening done tick. It off the to do list go on sit down. Watch the footy crakatini one thing: im learning as a dad is that exercise is really important. You need to keep your energy levels up. This father has chosen skipping as his main way to stay fit here. He goes yeah. Scaring dads is a fun activity if their heart can handle it. Ah, jesus christ off yeah, no yeah hell be okay. He was just deeply focused playing with his tools. Sorry about that. This dad appears to be youthful, but hes deluded put your daughters, scooter away. Dont get your dad a hoverboard as a present dont. Do it im convinced these were invented with the sole purpose to wipe dads out globally? I dont know what daddy issues the inventor has but im yet to see any father enjoy hoverboarding.

In fact, if you truly love your dad, you would do everything you can to keep him away from technology. Theyre. Just not theyre, not compatible bam, say goodbye to mums favorite, painting, shes yelling from the hallway who the put gary in a virtual reality. He cant even cope in actual reality. You kids are frying his brain its hard to stop them, though dads get to that age where they have a disposable income and tech is like a shoulder devil behind me. This drone said over and over heres a dad that invested in a gopro, unfortunately hes holding it the wrong way around. He thinks hes producing a lovely video diary of the dutch landscape, and here we are, in the netherlands, truth be told hes, making a movie about his nose its genuinely entertaining. However, i reckon he should enter it in khan. Film festival, its avant garde as cut to a hairy dad. He thinks he can handle waxing yeah. You got ta, get the rest of it. Overall, love them or hate them, hopefully not hate theyre, pretty hard to live without most of them are fair. Dinkum. Silly buggers, including myself, i wonder if they waxed his whole body. Actually i dont want to know he going you big, bloody, beautiful, bastards. Heres me face boy. I got a message from a dad called carl walsh in me main inbox saying: could you help mate now? I opened it and i discovered hes a pond living in australia, so i almost closed it, but i didnt now cliche banter, aside carls nine year old son richie little walsh has got a rare cancer called rhabdomonius sacramus im not going to try and pronounce it in A nutshell: richie is in stage 4 and his family has been on a hell of a journey since the diagnosis theyre hoping to fly to the usa at the end of the year for specialist treatment lets not lie.

Thats going to be expensive, a family friend set up a gofundme for the walsh family, so todays call to action, is not for my merchandise or to tell you to buy a bloody vpn, its to say, click. The link in the post description below to go to the gofundme page for richie little walsh, im gon na chuck a couple of grand on there, so you do what you can. Okay, if youve ever wanted to buy me a beer. Buy me this instead buy me a donation to richie im happy to sacrifice beer to help a child. If you want to buy me a christmas present this year for making you laugh throughout the pandemic, dont buy me a donation to richs family instead, please take the time to go, have a look and do what you can to quote the movie galaxy quest, never give Up, never surrender cancer that last bit wasnt in the movie, but you know what i mean: lets give carl a dad win.