You already know … And in this video Im going to introduce you to another new type of drone that you still dont know about. The Cinelifter.. Are you up to it Until very recently, Hollywood film sets and productions were not even aware of drones and because of that, the Spielberg crew turned to other types of technology which, it is worth saying, continue to play their role and space to this day, such as Cranes, cable, cams helicopters and good old computer graphics., But as the industry developed and more and more powerful drones were being developed, it was natural or even inevitable that they conquered a special corner in the budget of different types of production, from advertising pieces to millionaire blockbusters. And then, of course, the first to arrive were the first to be used.. Drones such as Inspire 1 Inspire 2 Freefly Alta, among others, started to be used to reduce aerial, shooting costs that were previously only possible with the use of helicopters or computer graphics.. But the drone industry is moving fast and if about 10 years ago, they didnt even exist outside of hobbyist groups. Nowadays, you cant even form a list of drone types without running the risk of leaving something out. And examples of this evolution were the cinewhoops and racing drones, generically called by the audiovisual guys as FPV setups and more recently, it was the turn of the so called Cinelifters to enter this list. And my friends, then the thing took a toll.

, But before talking about price, what the hell is a cinelifter. Perhaps some of you have seen the excellent advertisement that Porsche created to promote the Taycan Cross Turismo. In this movie. There was a very special moment when the drone pilot, who, as many know, was the Jhonny FPV passed through the car windows. While the pilot was drifting in the snow. Well, this scene, that many thought was made by computer graphics, actually wasnt.. It was made with a racing drone based on trial and error, and the camera used was a gopro as the drone needed to be small enough to pass inside the car., And that my friends is a beautiful example of what a cinelifter is not as it was. The only moment in this movie, where it cant be used because of its dimensions., But throughout the rest of the film the drone used was the cinelifter., And this here, gentlemen, is a cinelifter.. But what Isnt that a FPV drone? In a way it is since youve decided to call everything that takes an action camera, an FPV drone, but its a special type of FPV drone, which, instead of carrying a Gopro or DJI action camera, usually carries gems. Like a FreeFly Wave or else as in the case of the Red Notice, Film, a Red Komodo and these cameras are only compact for standard kinematic cameras themselves, as they are relatively large and heavy for common FPV drones.. Well, if theres one thing that the movie Red Notice or Red Alert as it was called around here, its the scenes made with FPV drones.

, I tried to watch it and fell asleep in the middle and the boss took 2 days to finish it., And these are All the scenes shot with Johnny, FPVs cinelifter. And actually you ca nt, be sure if he was actually the one who made all these images, because, as this was the most expensive film in Netflix history, having cost around 1 billion reais so in the credits list are Listed 8 drone pilots., And so now that Ive explained to you what a cinelifter is. You must probably be dying to buy one and send an e mail to Jos, Padilha or Fernando Meirelles right Well, then. Take a deep breath and sit down.. First, you will need to know which camera you intend to use and how heavy it is, and then you will know which drone to buy. So lets start with the cameras. FreeFly Wave, Her body costs 12000 and she weighs 716 grams.. Just dont forget that you have to put the weight and price of the lenses in this math as well. Red V Raptor Cinema. This is REDs flagship and you probably dont want to put it on an FPV drone. But here you go. It costs 24000 and weighs 1 kilo and 800 grams. Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro. This one is heavy, but it goes. 2.3Kg and about 6000 dollars for the small body. Red Komodo 6K, which was the camera used in the Red Alert movie.. Her body weighs 1 kg and she is much more affordable than the V Raptor.

. It costs just 6000., This of course the body.. And finally, if the money is short, Blackmagic Pocket, Cinema 4K, The body weighs 680 grams and it costs 1295 dollars. So now that youve chosen your camera lets go to the drones. First, we have the SheDrones Siccario, widely used by the great NurkFPV. It is capable of lifting up to 1.6Kg has a maximum speed of 100Kmh and autonomy for taking up to 6 minutes.. The price of the frame is 350 dollars, and this value does not include the electronics., But to kill your curiosity, I found it to be sold in full for around 3000 dollars, but if you want to take all the accessories, it ends up going out for almost 5000 dollars. And the cool thing about this RRFPV site is that they give you the option to choose the parts. So you get a good idea of what kind of parts like propellers and engines these drones use.. Then we have the iFlight Taurus X8, which for just over 300, is capable of lifting up to 2Kg flying for up to 6 minutes and reaching speeds of up to 130Kmh., Remembering that this again is the value of the frame only and that these specifications will obviously Change according to the type of setup you set up on it. And now in the heavyweight lineup, we have the RomanRos honeyRocket Pro for around 4500 euros, which supports up to 4Kg and reaches speeds of up to 177Kmh .

.., And just out of curiosity, you can only Sell the frame at the store. TeamBlacksheep for 420.00 and down there is a nice list of suggested parts to finish assembling it. And then to finish also has the Moneyshot X8 a marvel of 11000 US dollars can fly for up to five minutes carrying 4.5kg and is Also able to fly up to 177km h and of course, there are and will continue popping up more and more models, both camera and cinelifters. So these were just a few that I selected to give you an idea of what its about and the price of the game.. Is there a lot of space for this type of equipment in Brazil? I dont know ….