Sorry, the name is hard for me to remember, for some reason: um anyways. These are the new goggles from orca uh, and this is an analog goggle. I specifically purchased these with my own money and i was going to be comparing them to the hd02, which is made by fat shark, which is basically the like tried and true version of analog goggles that have been around there been around for the last seven. Eight years – and this is the newest iteration of them – which is a couple years old now, so i was hoping that the new goggle would be. You know, although it is from a different company, it has very similar specs and has a lot more features than these goggles and i purchased these to compare them so that i could maybe replace my old analog goggle with something thats more up to date. If youre here to determine whether or not i switched, i can tell you right now that the field of view was my main concern, and although these have so many more features and they offer so much more than the fat sharks, the field of view of the Image is significantly less, in my mind, its about five degrees. These are 37 degrees field of view, and this is 43 degrees field of view, and i still prefer the larger field of view. But it is something that im used to so, if youre new to fpv or maybe youre, flying on a goggle that has a smaller field of view like an hdo one or a fat shark.

You know uh an older fat shark like an attitude or something that has a smaller field of view. Then these may be perfect for you, but for me personally, im not going to be switching from the hd02s, because i prefer the larger field of view. Um. Well, talk about field of view a little bit later when im, comparing the two but as of right now, im just going to talk about what comes in the box and what these goggles are all about, because i find that these goggles are really great. And i honestly have very few complaints with them, but im just going to kind of show you what i experienced when i purchased them. What i got when i uh, when i ordered it so again, i paid 569 for these and then shipped from get fpv its about. You know two days from my house, so about 620 bucks. I got the goggles, it came in a rectangle open the rectangle, and you got this thing. Uh you open this guy and the goggles are inside. They dont come with an fpv module. Neither do these. These are 500 bucks. These are 569 without a module youre. Looking at another 150 for a module, maybe 40 bucks for antennas so again its like an 800 thing, if youre trying to get analog goggles, even in todays world, where digital has pretty much taken over so analog is a very unique thing. Its very specific, you know very few people out there that are getting into fpv as a new thing are buying analog so again like this does have the potential for hd, which we will talk about later, but as of right now in 2022 youre.

Comparing these as analog goggles and thats, why im comparing them to this goggle rather than maybe the dji goggles? So again you open the goggles, you get this! You have no module. This is a fusion module made by tbs, which i slapped in there and i 3d printed. Actually a friend of mine, stuka 3d printed this plate for me and it you know, works and the stock fue. The stock plate is for a rapid fire which is made by immersion rc, which orca has some kind of connection with, and they use rapid fires in their goggles factory. So the one that they you know made for this goggle was a rapid fire module door uh. When you open the box, you notice this cool kind of slate gray, color. The older goggles came in a couple different colors that came in blue black and light gray, and i preferably just hated all of them, except for the black goggle, and i thought black as a dark. Color would get a little hot on your head, at which i did find out that that was the case. I think i may be biased, because ive been rocking white goggles since 2014, when fat sharks first came out as far as the you know. Well, the hdo, the hd, sorry, the dominator v1 was black, but every goggle after that was white, and i just find a lighter color on your head. You know brings in less heat causes your face to be a little less hot, so darker colors, i dont necessarily love, but this color does look really good, so slate gray, very cool, color um.

It also comes with a couple different face: plate foams. So generally, when you buy a set of goggles, they come with different thickness foam, so that you know, maybe your face is a little bit more rounded or a little bit flatter in some places and they have different thickness foams. This doesnt necessarily come with different thickness foams, but it comes with two different foams. It comes with a neoprene and it comes with a faux leather. I personally always like neoprene thats. What i use in my goggles. You can see on my fat sharks here that its got its like covered in uh sunscreen, because i wear sunscreen all the time when i go out on my face. So i dont age super quickly. Um and anyways yeah just protect my white skin from the sun and yeah. These i put the neoprene foam on works, really well super nice fit on my face. I generally like the fit of these just as much as i like the fit of my fat shark. So i cant complain – these are a great contour for whatever you would call curvy faces. I dont know so. The next thing is youll notice that these do have uh diopter and interpupillary adjustment. So you can see the inner pupillary adjustments here, where the actual lens is moving out and were for different shape faces and then the inner pupillary adjustment or sorry the diopter adjustment is going to move the lens, so the inner pupillary does this and diopter moves the Lens like that, so that you could have a light prescription and possibly get around not having to put a diaper lens in there, which, in the case of these goggles, they do have little slits right here, where you could potentially put a an extra diopter.

So if you wanted to you know, maybe your prescriptions negative, eight and these go to negative six or something, and you needed that extra little bit, you could slip in a diaper and get away with not having to wear any prescription contacts or something within these goggles. So that would be kind of cool the fat sharks do not have that feature if you cant adjust them based on. You know whatever is available which these do have less adjustability than these, then youre kind of screwed and youd have to wear contacts or, however, you would do get around being able to see with those goggles, so these are more adjustable. The optics, i think, are super clear. I really like the optics on them. The one downside that i find with the optics is theyre a little bit deeper and thats, really the main difference between the fat sharks and the orca. As far as the field of view is concerned, is the actual optic is deeper to the screen, so they both have the same screen. These both have oled screens theyre, both a very large screen, but the optic depth, because these are super short and your eyeball actually touches these lenses um it. It makes it to where you get a little bit larger field of view, its like sitting, two or three rows in front of the person where youre sitting, maybe in the movie theater like if youre sitting, say in the middle directly in the center.

And then you move a couple rows down and youre closer to the screen, same exact scenario, so really same screen just different optics and thats. Really the the difference between these two goggles um, the one cool part about the orca, is, though i find with the fat sharks when you, if your face your eyeball, will touch the uh, your eyelash for sure will touch the um. The lens i find when i go to clean the lens, which is very frequently i take a you, know, ill, take like a cloth like this and i go to clean the lens and it ends up pushing the lens back to zero or not to zero. But it pushes it back to where its out of focus, because i adjusted it for each eye to be in focus where these goggles dont have that. So its got a piece of glass in front so that you know the diopter adjustment is like a set. It and forget it thing once you set it for you, you pretty much just put the goggles on and you never have to worry about that moving now. The only downside is because that extra piece of glass and because the optics is a little bit deeper to accommodate that particular style of optic that theyve gone with, and the protection of not being able to push the diopter. When you go to clean the lenses, then youre gon na have to deal with the extra little bit of field of view that youre going to lose.

So you know this is 37 degrees field of view, and these are 43 degrees field of view. So yeah, 37, 43, so 6 degrees difference, which is it doesnt sound like a lot, but in perspective over the amount of field of view total i find it to be. You know significant for me at least, but again like if youre flying a goggle that has a smaller field of view already, then i dont think youre going to have a problem with these, and the image quality is really really good. I find that i havent been able to adjust. They seem a little bit more washed out, even though its the same screen. Its kind of i feel like its kind of like comparing sony and canon so like these would be the sony, and these would be canon. You know everybodys always complaining about. Oh so color science on sony is not nearly as good as whats on canon and and you cant. You can never compare canon to sony because the color science well, i know that theres probably adjustability to get it close. But i feel like the adjustability, these right out of the box are really really crisp and saturated, and these are a little bit more washed out a little bit more on the log or the flat side. I do you can. You know hold this toggle down here and you can adjust vibrance and you can adjust color in the actual screen for when youre looking at the fpv lens or the fpv screen, and i did find that it was adjustable.

But i didnt really notice that it was adjusting much i did play with it for quite a quite a minute, and i wasnt able to figure it out as far as how to make it more like that, but it wasnt bad. It was just. I was used to a more saturated image, so i was trying to make it more saturated im sure it can be done. I just had a problem figuring it out um so again, thats not fault of the goggles, its probably just user error. Now, outside of the optics and outside of the screen outside the foam and everything the one downside, i did find that other than the field of view. The biggest gripe of me was the stock strap. I think this strap is trash. I generally would would just take it off and replace it immediately and ill. Give you my reasonings here. First of all, this is fully as tight as itll go and its okay, but it barely fits around my head like its tight, but its. I could go tighter. Um, i would prefer a goggle strap that got tighter again. This is like fully locked down as tight as itll go. This is like barely locked down as tight as itll go and you can see thats about the size of my head and were at fully fully tightened. So if you have a smaller head youre putting these on a smaller person, a child, you know somebody with just a smaller head.

These probably not going to work for you. Anyways ill go to full explosion mode for like people that are wearing full face helmets that apparently are trying to put these goggles on, because i dont know who the freaks head. Is this big but yeah? The goggle strap has got way too too much adjustment. For me, i think that they didnt really understand the the content of how or theyre not even a concept of how to make a strap that fits a normal human head, so yeah the strap again i dont like it. I think that the the battery situation is bad as well. Im gon na not spend a lot of time on this, but i didnt want to show you this because its its not very good um you put a battery in you, plug it in its, not even in the hole all the way you put this on your Head and its already stretched out like like its gon na, fall out eventually, especially because its putting a lot of tension on this cable. It could, you know, potentially mess the lipo up and its not even in like this is, as you can see its, not even in the holder, so its eventually going to fall out. It does have little rubbers in here to keep the batteries from falling out, but just like the way that its designed its not really meant for this type of battery. Again, if youre putting a battery on your head, you, you dont, want a lot of cables.

So you know you want a short cable, so i dont understand what kind of cable theyre using or what particular battery they were using, but yeah for the one that i use and the one that most people use is probably not going to be. Okay, itll work, but its not ideal, and then the next thing is it has this attachable this little detachable thing here, where you can change the strap pretty easily or maybe take it off and wash it, but because of that design. This is so far back that it basically sits right over your ear. So when you go to, you know, put the strap on. You generally have to run the strap higher on the back of your head to get this off of your ear and when you do that it pulls the goggles in a weird way, and it makes it hard because the optics are pretty long. So you want to make sure that the optics are very squared up with your eyeballs and when you start pulling on the goggles like this, it becomes that the optics get kind of wonky on your face and then youre like looking down the barrel of this tube. Because there is a tube if youve ever used a pair of fat sharks before theres, like a cylinder that youre looking down but its kind of subtle on these, the cylinder is a little bit more pronounced. You see more of the barrel because the optic is longer and when youre not perfectly square with it, it can be a little awkward.

So again the strap if you replaced it no more issues but again for the stock strap. I thought that was my biggest letdown. Other than the field of view, but other than that these goggles have a new menu system. Thats super intuitive its got a couple. New features like this thing called deep focus where you go in, and you can, you know like adjust the focus of your goggle based on a high quality image, rather than looking at the image from your fpv camera, which can be difficult. Sometimes my way of getting around that with these guys is, i just focus it on my osd and once i focus it on the osd theres, not any real anymore, you could focus it. The osd is always either in focus or its not and if the osd is in focus and the rest of the image is going to be in focus but theres a gimmick thing in here where you can adjust, you can adjust your focus based on a super High quality image, its like a bridge in the woods over a water like over a stream or something its really cool, and it works well, but i dont know if its necessary and then the next thing is. Is these have a 60fps dvr, which is super cool, because this has a 24 fps dvr which is complete trash? These the dvr is amazing, and i really really wish that the field of view was slightly larger so that i could switch to these, because that dvr is like generally what im missing from these goggles um yeah.

So im. Sad that these dont have the larger field of view um. The other thing is there is some, like. You know external modules that you can plug into here, where you can run like wi fi to your phone and you can actually live stream, which was available on the first generation and im sure that theyre going to be coming out with other modules and things that Work with these that make things super compatible with smart devices and just make it make your life that much easier if youre, trying to update firmwares youre not having to do some weird sd card crap that i dont know. Maybe these do ive never even heard of updating firmware on fat shark, but i know that on these you can update it pretty regularly and they do have regular updates. So thats really cool. You can do it through your phone. If you have the little module, which i think is sold separately so there is that and then the other thing is um, it has audio which the first generation had audio as well, but with since my complaints with, because i am not like one of the only Few, the few people in the world that use audio with an fpv drone. I had a problem with the first generation. It was so loud that i could literally have the earbud hanging out of my ear and it would still deafen me so they fixed that problem.

It works really well now i set my volume to one and it works perfectly with my um, with my little earbud here now other than that uh. It does have this weird feature, thats kind of gimmicky, but it works um. You turn off your quad and generally, when you turn off a quad and you have audio, it just goes to static and youre in your ear, its not super loud um other than when you immediately turn the goggles on its super loud. But then, after it turns on and boots up its all fine and its super quiet um these guys, it just turns off it. Doesnt uh its not its, not staticky anymore, but if youre near a quad that has a channel thats close to yours, youll hear their static. So i guess its looking for a signal and then once it sees a signal it on the channel that youre close to it will start giving you audio again. So if you have someone on dji on say, channel 2 and youre on race band 8, which is what i was on when i was testing these, i could you know as soon as he plugged in the quad. I could hear that like coming through, rather than just silence, so that is, you know again, not necessarily a problem, its a fix, but its not necessarily a 100 fix in all scenarios. Um. The other thing is, i still think, theres too many buttons theres.

Just too many damn buttons on this thing, every time i put it on im, always like what the where the hell are, these button. Where am i fan and im always thinking im going to turn the goggles off and and also i mean it, may be a personal thing, but i rock climb a lot and i have really thick calluses on my fingers and this doesnt feel like a button like If im, not touching it or sorry, if im not looking at it, i dont, i cant, feel any difference of a button on these like there is. This is no, i cant even tell thats a thing, so if i were going to use these on a regular basis, id probably just take a little piece of skateboard grip tape or something and put it on each of these buttons, so that at least i knew Where they were, when i was in the goggles and im sure, maybe people with less calloused hands would feel these and be like. Oh yeah thats a button, but it just doesnt really feel it may be. This paint too its kind of a matte paint, and it just really doesnt make it intuitive to find these buttons. I know they are uniform across the top on both sides they are like mirrored, but still like. When i have these goggles on, i find it very difficult to find the buttons um, even with the v1s. I have that problem and i just think theres too many buttons but again yeah the fan works theres a new fan in this one.

It works really. Well. I was fogging out yesterday on both sets of goggles and this things got like rocks in it. It was just like, but it was working, and this was super quiet and didnt. Really, it did dry my eyes out a little bit, but it worked well getting the fog out, which was ultimately what im here for other than that uh yeah. These goggles are super impressive. I love what orca is doing. I appreciate everything that they are doing on making new hardware, but again like i just i. I wish that the field of view was bigger um. I know that they are coming out with some hd stuff, its more like proprietary, hd stuff for orca, so that might be a super cool feature where you can run their module and it would be able to run some kind of hd system which would be cool. However um you know, i think dji is going to be really hard to beat, not that i have any uh any like money in the game or any kind of im, not rooting for dji im, just letting you know that dji has the chinese government behind them And you know theyre going to be really hard to be, especially by a a small company. You know out of europe building things like this, so you know i salute them for trying and i salute them for what theyre doing and i think pushing the industry forward and the hobby forward with making products like this is something that needs to be done.

So thank you and if youve ever created a product or even had any hand in creating a product, you know how difficult, maybe something like this would be to create countless hours and countless. You know people working on something like this: to create it and perfect it and theres always going to be little problems that you just you know you just cant, always go back to the drawing board. You have to eventually release something so that you can start on the next project, and this is a really really good iteration of a set of goggles for 2022.. I just personally think that the field of view was such since im so used to these its just. Not adequate for me to switch to them. They are a little bit heavier than a fat shark. These are 300 and 300 and something grams like 310. These are like 350, 360. uh, so its not that big of a deal. But if youre used to fat sharks, you might notice that and then um yeah man im im disappointed in myself that im so locked in on a large field of view that i cant get around. You know using something like this. I really really tried. I i bought these. I was like skeptical on whether or not i was going to be disappointed. I contacted orca and i started talking to them about these guys um and they offered to like send me a free pair because they knew i paid for these and like just.

We want you to try them just open them up, and i was like i just. I feel like im going to be disappointed by the field of view. It has nothing to do with the features or anything like that. Its just the field of view is what im really concerned with, and i mean unbeknownst to my realization, uh or unbeknownst. To my you know my prediction: it you know it is what it is, and the field of view is smaller, so, unfortunately, that is what i have to tell you guys and thats. Why im not going to be flying these instead of these so yeah? I appreciate you guys watching this video. I appreciate you watching my channel and for all the people that have supported me over the last eight years of my life and helping me essentially make this a career. I had no idea when i started this as a hobby that it was ever going to get to this point, and i refuse to do product reviews especially paid product reviews, because i think that degrades the quality of my channel – and i just want to give you Guys my opinion whether or not you care for it or not, um you know making these videos makes me happy. I enjoy going back and watching them, and you know seeing what what i was doing in that point in my life, maybe even a few years ago, is significantly different than it is now.

So i appreciate everything from you as fans of mine and people that just watch these videos and listen to me talk about products even ones that im just you know that i purchase and use. So thank you and i will hopefully see you guys in the next video and have a great new year. Well, it is a new year, but have a great new year 2022. see you guys like it did before dont.