This product makes it incredibly easy for you to create a gigantic video wall by grouping four smaller monitors together, where you can easily share. All of your hdmi media content, the product fully supports a 4k ultra high definition media stream and is both hdmi 2.0 and hdcp 2.2 compliant. So it adheres to the very latest standards. The product also provides dual hdmi inputs and makes it really easy for you to switch between devices, as well as providing local loopback functionality, which allows you to enjoy the content here by simply plugging in a monitor, while youre sharing it to that larger video wall. And finally, the product is software controllable, which means you can connect it up to a computer and make whatever adjustments are needed to give you the best possible picture now, as part of this review id like to start with an unboxing to show you everything, thats included With the kit, because they pretty much give you everything you need to get this thing up and running in a few minutes and then ill. Take a closer look at the video wall, processor itself and explain the connections youll need to make and what indicators mean on the product and then ill come back and actually install it here and do a demonstration to show you just how simple itll be to use With your own equipment, so lets get started with the unboxing. When you tear open the box youre going to find the uhd 204 vw video wall, processor, nice, metal, cabinet, very, very durable unit.

Youll also find a power supply its pretty standard. This end plugs into the wall, the other end of this cord plugs into the power brick and, on the other end of that cable youll find a barrel connection which plugs into the back of the unit and thats all the power youll need to operate the product. Also included are a set of brackets. You can attach to the unit to mount it up off the ground and out of the way, youll find two connection blocks for both audio output and your control of the computer on the back, and they also include a collection of cables. Because the connection to your computer can happen through a lan connection, so they include a standard lan cable. They also include two rs 232 blocks. So if youve got a nine pin connector on your computer, you can plug this into your computer, plug this into the back of the video wall, processor and control it that way, if you dont, they also include a connection kit here that turns a nine pin into A usba connection, so you can use any available port on your computer spin up the software and have total control over how the video wall processor displays the information on the screen and finally, theres an instruction card here or warranty card that actually gives you all. The information youll need to get in touch with them. If you have any questions about the unit and youll also find a full instruction manual included in the kit.

Now, if you stay tuned next ill, take a closer look at the unit and explain all the connections. Youll need to make to get it working with your own gear and then ill come back and do the demonstration inside the kit youll find the uhd 204 vw video wall processor, a power supply that consists of a 12 volt 3 amp dc power, brick with a Connection on the end for using the included cable on the other end is a barrel connection which plugs into the back of the unit. The cable is pretty straightforward. This end will plug into any standard wall outlet, the other end plugs into the power, brick and thats. All the power youll need to operate the product. You can also connect the unit to your computer through a couple of different choices. The easiest one is to use the lan connection and youll find a full lan, cable included. You can also connect it up to an older computer by plugging this into the back, and if your computer has a nine pin connector on it, you can plug this directly in your computer. If not, you can use this adapter cable, which converts the nine pin to a standard, usba port. You can plug that into any available port on your computer and you can control it using the software. The video wall processor features a full metal enclosure which makes it incredibly durable and helps to minimize outside interference from causing any issues with the electronics inside on the front of the unit.

Are a series of leds and ill start on the left hand side with the power indicator? The minute you add power to the unit. It immediately starts an internal power on self test, to check all the internal electronics to make sure theyre working okay and once it passes that test itll light that led letting you know the units ready to use to the right of that are two input indicators. A and b, when you connect the media device up to the back of the unit, the product will check the resolution of the media stream, verify the connection and light these leds, letting you know you have a valid connection to your media devices to the right of That are two loop out indicators. A and b this product provides local loopback functionality, which allows you to connect the monitor up to the unit to view the content locally, that youre sending to your large video wall. When you make a connection one or both of those monitors, the unit will check the resolution of those monitors check the connection verify that its good and also make any adjustments that are needed to give you the best possible picture locally and light these leds, letting you Know it sees the monitor and everythings good to go to the right of that are four output indicators, one two three and four, and when you connect monitors up to the back of the unit to create your large video wall, it checks the resolution of each of Those monitors individually, it makes whatever adjustments are needed to make sure you have the best possible picture and itll light.

These leds, letting you know the monitors, are connected and ready to use now under normal conditions, the power indicator will be on one or both of the input indicators will be on. Maybe one or both of the loop indicators will be on if youre, using the loopback function and all four of the output leds should be lit on either side of the unit. Youll find ventilation slots that are designed to keep the electronics inside at a comfortable temperature. As well as mounting holes, that can be used with the included bracketing kit to mount this off the ground and keep it out of the way on the bottom of the unit are four feet that will keep it securely placed on any level surface and on the Rear of the units where youll make all your connections, starting in the upper left hand side. These are the connections to your computer to allow you to control it through software, you have a lan connection and two choices for rs232. Direct connections to the right of that is a service port thats, a micro usb port thats used for firmware updates. So if new firmware comes out for the unit later on to update features or improve bug fixes, you can connect this up to your computer with a micro usb connection here. The other end is a usba connection to your computer. Push the firmware to the unit to complete that update to the right of that are audio output connections, and you have a choice here of either analog left and right.

Audio or even an optical through a toslink connection and connectors are included with the kit to make these connections as needed on the bottom. On the left hand, side youll find your two inputs, and these are connected to your media devices a and b. These are your loop out connections, a and b that can be connected to local monitors, to view the content that youre sending to your large video wall and then finally, four more hdmi connections, which are outputs to the four monitors youll use to create that large video Wall youll also find a ground slug over here, where you can actually ground the unit if needed, and finally, a power port thats used with the included power supply youll simply slide the barrel connection in tighten the collar and youre all set to go now ill show You, the connections, youll, need to make to use the video wall processor with your own equipment and for this demonstration over here, ive set up a small media player, thats, currently looping a video and thats the content that ill send to the larger video wall through the Video wall processor over here ive set up four monitors in a 2×2 configuration to create my larger video wall now its important to remember that the video wall processor needs to make the connection to the correct monitor, because what its going to do in essence is break Apart that media stream into four separate streams and its important, it sends the right stream to the right monitor.

So in this case, thats output number one output, number, two output, number three and finally, output number four and ive connected hdmi cables up to the monitors and labeled those another thing to keep in mind is when youre selecting your monitors, try to find ones with a Really thin bezel and that helps to make these lines between the monitors disappear and it makes the entire large display look much more unified ive got the video wall processor in front of me and the first connection ill make. Is the media player input ive already connected an hdmi cable up to the media player and ill connect that to input a now ill connect up the monitors and, as i mentioned, ive got four hdmi cables and ill start with hdmi output number one number two number: Three and finally number four, now that all the connections are made, all i need is power. Ive already plugged the power supply into the floor, its a standard barrel connection goes right into the power port in the back now, the minute i add power to the unit. It immediately starts an internal power and self test to check the resolution of the media content being sent through the unit. The resolution and connections to the monitors its now taking a minute to make whatever adjustments are needed to send the best possible picture over to the larger wall display once it passes that test itll pass that video along and there you go now ive currently got it Set up where all four monitors are gathered together in a large display through the software, i could change that to have one display on the top and one input on the bottom.

I could put one input over there and the other three input spread between the remaining monitors. You have a lot of control over exactly how it works and thats all done through the software. With a simple connection back to your computer. I hope that closer look and demonstration was helpful in showing you how the uhd 204vw video wall processor makes it incredibly easy for you to create a gigantic video wall by grouping four smaller monitors together now a few things to keep in mind when youre, comparing the Zorray product to other video wall processors on the market include things like the resolution. The product can support. The elray product can fully support a 4k ultra high definition, media stream, which is the very latest in video standards. Other products may only support a 1080p stream or, if they support 4k, it may only be 30 frames a second, so knowing youve got a unit that can fully support the latest video standards means youre, going to get a crystal clear image on that giant wall that Youre creating a few other key things include the full support for hdmi 2.0, which is the latest standard for that interface. Ease of connection. All the features inside that interface will actually work on the unit, its also fully hdcp, 2.2 compliant and thats really important, because a lot of the modern media streams use copy protection and if the video wall process youre using isnt adherent to that latest standard, you cant Actually, pass that media content to your displays, a couple of other cool things that the product provides are the dual inputs.

So youve got a choice between two different media devices that you can easily flip between to send the content to your video wall. I also like the fact that it does local loopback, which means i can actually enjoy the content here as im sending it to my video wall. So if thats far away from me, i can actually check the content here and make sure that its exactly what i want to be displayed on the wall. I also love the fact that its software controlled – i can connect the laptop up to it. I can make changes to the edit settings the resolution. I can change the way things are displayed on the actual larger wall. I can make it two by two or a complete four by four grid, so a lot of those controls are built into the unit. I also like the attention to detail that overrate built into the product. The fact that its a middle enclosure means youre going to have very little interference from outside signals, its not going to cause problems with the video resolution. They include a bracketing kit, so you can mount it up off the ground if it needs to be mounted permanently, and i also love the fact that they include all of the connection possibilities. Youll need to hook this up to your computer, to control it digitally. So pretty much everything you need to get started is included with the kit and with a few simple connections.