Welcome back to the drone camps, channel, im, justin davis. Today we have a video for the beginners and the intermediate guys or, if youre, an expert pilot, you would have a lot of fun with this. This is the new firefly baby. Nano fr edition this one is the freestyle edition and whats freestyle about this one in comparison to the original version. This one has larger power system on here, and it has 19 000 kv motors on here, which also allows it to have a higher rpm, so well see how this one compares to the original firefly baby nano and well see. If this one can power loop. I know i had some late attempt power loops with the last one, but it was really fun and stable to fly indoors and outdoors im excited because i have tbs crossfire nano on this one uh. It is an x frame instead of more. You know more like the dead cat style frame. It came with the other one. You can also get a camera mount for the top of this and carry the insta 360 go to. It also has tpu covering over top of this dipole for the analog fpv, which is kind of cool little shark fin there and well see how the the power system does the vtx performance and how the camera looks in the dvr on my goggles and, most importantly, How does it fly for around a hundred dollars so lets go ahead and strap up a 1s 350 milliamp battery to this little bad boy and lets do some nano sized freestyle here we go guys lets have some fun okay, my friends lets go ahead and do A flight test together im going to ride along with you as your pro pilot in this review and were going to talk about the nano baby fr from flywoo and lets start out with some indoor flying because indoor flying is where a lot of us have been Flying lately its raining here, a lot in oregon and you want to have something to fly indoors and 1s – is a really good quad to fly indoors.

Now, if youre brand, new and youre flying this quad for the first time, i have some great advice for you. Try to do minimal stick movements, because this quad gets going extremely fast. It is meant to be a freestyle quad, so it does have hopped up motors higher kvs its going to make this thing fly faster and were running tri blade props, which is a lot of what race quads use as well. So youre going to get an extremely fast quad out of this indoors and for smaller houses. This would likely be uncontrollable at first for you, so dive way back on your stick. Movements and youll get a much better flying experience indoors for the full stick or half. Stick forward: i was almost like so fast that i was crashing into walls and things, and the next thing is that when it bumps something tiny whoops tend to have a little bit of flight control or freak out, and that will make the quad flip to the Ground, i notice that when i bump things with this particular flight controller, it doesnt do that so thats really good and im still able to slow down enough and keep enough altitude to do some kind of low angle. Flying and here i really wanted to get through there, but yeah i bumped and crashed, and the dog is not sure what to think about this thing. Yet shes about six months old, our little happy dog that we rescued is running around the house here somewhere and shes uh, really not sure what to think about this little 1s whoop shes.

I think shes hanging tight by her mommy over there, but im still having fun with this one. This battery is gon na sag out right around a little over the two minute mark its giving me a warning about 3.5 volt, which it seems to be in beta flight. It should be turned down to about 3.2, because thats gon na just start annoying. You early and you really dont need to land at 3.5 and there i bumped something again and it didnt flip to the ground thats great. So now, im at you know, im coming in for a landing and happy dogs coming in to say hello and just kind of curious about what. What is that alien ship all right lets go outside and do some outdoor flying with it now in the backyard and lets just rip a little freestyle? Shall we and this quad is good for mild, freestyle id, say mild freestyle? This is not a total ripper or a rip and dip like three inch or five inch style quad. It does still feel like a little quad, even though i can get big boost, um the recovery on the bottom end of a power loop. I needed high high throttle and i feel like its on par with the other one im, not seeing a huge performance increase between 16 500 kv on the original deck version, and the 19500 kv on this one um, so im just getting less flight time and and Thats, you know confusing to me im expecting to see much more performance, almost like a little miniature emax, like uh baby, hawk smart, three, five, the smart three five that came out.

I was expecting kind of like some juicy performance out of this and i just didnt. I didnt really see it here, but as far as cruising goes, when youre in stability mode, this quad is fun. I think the camera on both those quads, even though theyre not like um cadx cameras, i think that the camera its a proprietary flywheel camera. I think its actually pretty nice, you can swap it out to a cadx camera. If you want to and again i can, i can see decently down low to fly nice and fast and make gaps, and i think that the scraggle is a little bit hard to see with this camera, particularly if the leaves arent on a branch, its kind of Harder to see but low level flying is good and i think the durability factor is like, i would say its a four to five out of five. I think its pretty high for how lightweight it is and thats typical for lightweight quads. They just dont break themselves as much. The unibody seems to be tough enough. It does have a little bit of flex and i think, since it does have a little bit of flex, maybe its the tune or the frame. You do see a little bit of wobble when you come around from power loop with the squad, so on the the tune side of things the tune is like about 80 good. It could be a little bit better from flywheel, but this is out of the box.

Flying and you dont see a lot of jello in the straight headline, which is good thats, a sign of a pretty good tune, so theres a direct crash again like right into a solid piece of furniture on the patio. So it is a durable quad. It can take a beating because its so light, so youre not going to be disappointed with this quad uh by any means, i think the the performance could be better for what it is. Um the durability factor. Good is good, and the fun factor is like a five out of five with it for me, as far as the indoor outdoor capability, but still which one which one would i rather go for. Well, talk a little bit more about that right now, as we go to the bench and lets just put this one on the bench and let me crash it one more time and well talk about this guy on the bench here we go all right, guys! Welcome! Back after the flight test and lets just go ahead and jump right into this review and lets get honest about the fr nano baby on the right hand, side and youre. Looking at the old school dead cat version, which only came out about six months ago now, six to eight months ago, this one was one of my faves. As far as a tiny little 1s 450 milliamp battery capable sort of uh, not a whoop, but micro, brushless style quad that you can fly indoors or outdoors, it will do mild freestyle, and i would also say that this one does mild freestyle now, whats the big Difference between the dead cat version here with this style frame, dead cat version and the truex version well, first and foremost, is the kv.

The kv on the motors the power system on the one on the right, the freestyle version is 19500 kv. We have 16500 kv on this one: zero, eight zero, two point, four motors, and these are robo by flywheel. They make great motors theyve theyve, made great motors for years; id love them now, this ones sitting on the left. They say its 21 grams and this ones 22 grams. You can tell this ones quite a bit bigger with extra tpu there across the top covering this. Maybe they figured out that this, maybe is a problem sticking out, but i havent had any problems with dipoles in the past, really its usually at the connection point where you have problems, but the little ufl connectors can pop off time to time. Also, if you see that youre getting horizontal lines in your video, you guys want to pop that ufl connector off of the main vtx right there and reconnect it and reroute it and get it away from the power source if its anywhere near this battery terminal. Right here it can cause interference or any type of horizontal lines in your analog, fpv feeds so thats one thing to consider: they both also have the same exact camera on there. It is the nano camera from flywheel its around 1.2 grams of tiny little pinhole camera and the camera looks decent. The vtx is running 250 milliwatt, which i also think is great theyre, both running around 40 millimeter props, try blade props on the freestyle version because they want you to have more power and lift at the bottom of those big loops, and things like that uh.

As far as both of these are concerned, flight time wise, i think that this one gets a much better flight time. I was getting real world flight time around say six to seven and if you really were conservative on the throttle, youd probably get eight minutes out of 1s 450 milliamp battery, and these are the ones i like. The all line or the gmbs ill put. Some links down to below to my favorite battery for both of these quads now what happened with the flight time for the fr nano baby on the right is that i got around three minutes to two minutes flight time on very good brand. New batteries, um and thats because of that higher end kv at 19500 kv were looking at kv on these motors that are getting close to 20 000 kv and ive talked about this before on micro brushless, especially these smaller, lighter ones. What happens? Is you end up? Getting battery sag on old batteries and you get much shorter flight times with that higher rpm. So if you can slow these down a little bit by putting say 15 000 kv on here, youre still going to get a decent performance, because i feel like both of these power loop about the same, i didnt see a huge performance increase between 16 500 and The 19500: why is that im really not sure the throttle value on my controller is the same for both of these quads.

Now this thing is: is the elephant in the room is? Is it? Is it worth it to go for the freestyle versus the dead cat, which one do i prefer? I prefer the original dead cap version mainly because im looking for a longer flight time and eating up the battery quicker with higher kv and a tri blade prop on here. That is um, not really what im looking for with a little backyard. Ripper – and you know we – we coined this one – the backyard ripper, because its just fun to fly, it does mild freestyle and i still say that the freestyle version its not that much different um honestly, because i feel like the power to weight ratio still is good. With this one, the dead cat version um, you have no props in view on this one and um yeah thats thats, going to be my honest, honest truth about both of these um. They can both carry an action camera on top. They can both carry the insta360. Go on top um why? You would do that with this one im, not sure, because you probably end up getting about a minute and a half flight time with the extra weight im an insta360 go to on here, and you would have to make some modifications here to put that. On top this one is ready to go. It has a mount on top that you can get which you can put right on there um and you can be recording like little mini cinema videos with that you still might get five minutes flight time with the insta360.

Go to on top of the dead cap version, so yeah thats, uh kind of an amazing, hopefully eye opening review, for you guys that this one has a longer flight time and still flies around the same style freestyle as the freestyle version, with higher kv motors and Honestly, i would just stick to around 15 to 16 000 kv for these types of micro, brushless quads little backyard, rippers honestly, and if you want the best charger for your 1s batteries, i prefer this eachine 6 and 1 charger. It has two different settings on here. You can turn the power charging rate up and down. You can also change it from lipo to hv, which most of the 1s batteries that are coming out now are are some hvs, so these are the ones i like the all line and the gmb ill put. Some links down below to the latest batteries that are in stock because a lot of stuffs out of stock right now and i will put a link down there below for this one as well as both of these, and you know, like my choice today, the original Dead cat version thats the one i would swing for if i were a subscriber on the drone cams channel, because that is my best experience out of both of these um – not to say that the freestyle is not good its just that this one is giving me Longer flight times – and i love these – buy blade mini 40 millimeter props.

These are sweet, so around 16 35 in size. I will uh definitely get you guys. Some links down below and also some links to some props use. Bg davis, 2021 down below that link, is still good for the code for eight percent off of your purchase so uh. I appreciate it. You guys, please check me out on patreon. If you really like honest reviews, please do that and support the channel guys. I appreciate it and again this one is my pick guys take care.