ed Ricker, stop right here and he's about to throw his Mavic mini up in the air, plays video about Girl Scout cookies, cuz it's. So good, if you haven't watched Sean's video about Girl Scouts versus in abisco, oh wait. What pick it up real, quick it's super light! Oh oh it's, cute it's much smaller than it looks in videos, yeah and it's a little beast man I took a. I actually took a leaf blower to it and it held up just fine but Sean's gon na take me out Sean's gon na take me out to walk on walk on the frozen lake what's this lake called Lake Dylan. I have never walked on a frozen lake before so Sean's gon na. Take me out to do that. I have a little nervous. If I do fall through it'll be live, I mean it'll, be you know one of those youtubers dies doing something dumb kind of thing. Anyway and Jodie, if you're watching, I made it sorry, I haven't tasted, yet all right so we're gon na get me going alright wait. There is hear my name in my channels: D, world of Oz, that's, right, that's, right, no yeah, and so Sean Sean was the genesis of this. As a matter of fact, this is the coolest little town and we've only been here for what edie two hours. Yeah I'd say yeah, maybe now in half of two hours altitude hasn't hit us yet, but we hydrated and there's the Sean mobile over there check that thing out.

That is, that is pretty pretty cool. Alright let's walk out alright! Alright, here we go this, as I said, never walked on a frozen frozen lake before so. This is new for me and Sean says: I'll be okay, there's people out there ice fishing so I'm from Texas. I mean come on if folks, who are out there from Texas and by the way, don't don't, eat, yellow snow to go where the Huskies go, no need yellow snow. So what say yeah it feels like feels like we're in Alaska or something honestly so how's it going everybody out there. Sean didn't think I'd get a phone signal, but I seem to be doing okay, if, hopefully, everybody can still see in here and all that good stuff and we will be doing a live stream. Sean ed and I at some point this week we just arrived. Probably, tomorrow night or Monday night, because we leave on Tuesday whoo, this is deep all right at what point are we walking into water yeah? Okay, we are now hope we are now going from land to water – oh goodness, okay – never done this before. So this would be water right here. Water, okay, two people fishing, so I don't want to be yelling but see if this guy here, hey we've, got we've got about 50 people watching on YouTube right now you mind: if I get a shot of your fishing pole now this secret Paquito poquito poquito there's, The fish don't say Kelly: he uses this 20 feet so now I say Joe a hole through the ice, very cool.

Thank You gracias. Now we are 100 percent over what is water. This is not dryland. Normally, this is normally a lake and Shaun says. Even with my girth, I won't pop into it. By the way I want to give a shout out to Ororo, I haven't even turned their jacket on yet, but it's keeping me warm that's what I'm gon na wear snowboarding tomorrow with this guy. I swear this. This trip will either make me a hero or it'll kill me I've never gone out in tennis shoes in the snow. Yes, we got three feet all right, hey Chris hope, how's it going let's see who all's. In there we got Brandon. We got hey Thomas O'Sullivan good to see you buddy, thanks for just dropping in what's, so we are in Dillon Colorado I'm here with Sean oz and Ed Ricker who's flying his drone above us, I've never walked out on a I've, never walked out on a frozen Lake before, but we are standing on a frozen lake. This is a new experience for me, kid from Texas right and here's the hole where they were fishing see how long you know you know who them hafiz. Oh yeah, that's, cold. You know vim Hafiz, wim HOF, he's, a guy who says that if you get in cold water, it actually helps your health a lot. They had some cold water yeah, I mean like they jumped into water like this and stayed in it for ten minutes, that's crazy.

The damn road and landed an ice and, of course, that would've sucked the car would've gone, throw it through it. But even though it's three feet thick, you are, it would instantly form back over your car. So you'd be like this trying to get out of three feet: thick ice chunks. You die president yeah, so one of the things we're gon na do, I think Tuesday is supposed to be like five degrees in the morning or something okay supposed to be pretty cold. I want to take boiling water outside okay and throw it in the air and see if it turns to snow. Have you done that? I have done it and it works. Mm depends on how cold it is. I haven't gotten it to work. Work. Okay, we'll give it a try able to try that out down all right. Well, I just wanted to commemorate this amazing moment with Shaun here on this frozen lake, because I've never walked on a frozen lake before so I can check that off the bucket list. Thanks to everyone for tuning in, I don't hear the drone anymore. Does the battery I don't know if you had him charted that one that he had only had one dot, but when are we gon na livestream Monday night would be the night to do it after they've had some time to enjoy themselves, we can get some footage. Put it in OBS and show some of the stuff you did yeah yeah, perfect perfect.

So so we will. We will livestream on Monday night at 600 p.m. here 800 p.m. yeah, okay, okay, so we'll throw that up and we're looking forward to seeing you guys on that livestream it's gon na be a lot of fun. Thank you guys, hey Steve carpenter, how's! It going man, Eve nice to see ya, we're gon na be testing the sky do with Kelly yeah yeah, hopefully, because, if it's snowing you're not supposed to use it, oh really because of the little sensors on I do, is nest sky do snow. Do all right! Guys thanks everybody for tuning in, we will see you on Monday night.